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HA Hydrating System Treatment by Bella Skincare

Another journey into skincare for my blogpost lol, lately I have been having so my problems with my skin due to unknown reasons till I’ve made an appointment to visit Bella Skincare Expert for a consultation and see what kind of treatment is needed to improve my skin condition.

Seeing a skin specialist is rather rare treat for me but after trying to so called “solve” my problems on my own using various skin care products but the results were just minor (but better than getting worst) during my consultation with one of Bella’s trained staff’s she gave me a full face scan to see how my skin condition is like from within – yes that huge space like machine with lights.

From the surface my skin may seem decent, but I really didn't know that over the past few months the amount of white and black heads has increased (just waiting to emerge), elasticity level has gone down which is rather worrying because I am only in my mid twenties! And not to mention the moisture level has also gone pretty low despite all those good quality moisturisers I have been using like Innisfree & Murad. And last but not least the appearances of discolouration and dark spots, which usually can be healed on its own as long your skin is producing enough collagen and moisture (but mine is NOT!)

Reason why my skin has stop absorbing all those necessary nutrients? Because it has somewhat went into “hibernation” or another term slowed down due to my current horrible lifestyle.
Strange and curious indeed.
The consultant recommended a treatment called HA HydratingSystem that uses Hyaluronic acid  to help me kick start/ boost my moisture absorption level from within so that it can start repairing whatever is needed for my skin. This enables my skin to retain levels of water as high as 1000 units, as a result more dewy, soft, supple and radiant skin.

This treatment also uses aromatic rose essential oil in the HA hydrating system to help invigorates all senses. I find this scent somewhat calming during the treatment, it wasn't too overpowering to the point of feeling sick. Actually it was that relaxing till I fell asleep lol!
 Hyaluronic acid is a long time, proven effective ingredient when it comes to moisturising in beauty products that’s why it is used in Bella’s HA Hydrating system treatment.

My beautician, Rachel was awesome as she helped me get comfortable and relax throughout the whole process while keeping me entertained with some interaction before I accidentally dozed off. I even gained some knowledge from her about some factors that may have contributed to my deteriorated skin condition with her just Q&A-ing me. Below my mouth, chin area breakouts it’s a sign that I have too much toxins stuck in my body despite going on a weekly detox program, lesson learnt when going through a detox program drink MORE water. It is to help flush out all the toxins if not it has nowhere else to go and ends up being absorbed back into your body.

Have to say she is pretty good at what she does! So next time you are visiting Bella Skincare centre, Mid Valley make sure to look out for Rachel, mention Arisa (Blogger) recommended. Best is to call & book in advanced to avoid disappointments ;-)
Results shown after my treatment was indeed amazing, noticeably flawless and more supple instead of the haggard dried skin I came in with. So if you have any skin problems, pay Bella Skincare Centre as visit as they are experts in skincare and solutions.


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