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BioTrue One Day Launch

Contact lens lovers, you prayers has been answered if you are looking for lenses that imitates the real eye for comfort. As a frequent contact lens user i do understand the pain and trouble constantly hunting for the right brand that suits our eyes especially on long hours.
But sometimes we gotta learn how to make do with what we have which is common for people to adapt, sometimes adapting to contact lens can be hard especially if it's not the right one.

Everyone was having a go with their"eye exercise" lol.

Just last month was invited to a soft launch or more of a "media session" where Baush+ Lomb introduced their latest innovative technology lens called the "BioTrue" which like it's name staying true to it's nature replicating the eye itself in terms of water content and comfort level.
Making this lens a natural layer on your eye, i won't even say "like a second skin" because Biotrue is claimed that it fits exactly like a glove till you don't even realized that you are actually having lenses on.

Sounds promising right?

Common cases among contact lens users consist of dryness which leads to blurring, tearing and all sorts of eye discomforts. Nothing is worst when your dry lens suddenly pops out of your eye and go missing when you are outdoors without any specs as a backup. *JENG JENG JENG*
Those who experience dryness are usually people who work in office like me under the aircond for more than 8 hours a day making contact lens wearing on day-to-day basis excruciating despite having eyedrops on standby and not to mention for those who face the computer screen long hours too.

Even when i do my sewing (morning to evening) with contact lens on, i also do get this discomfort and dryness, really...no matter what environment or activity i am doing my eyes will always get into the way making things so uncomfortable.

It's really invisible once you put'em in.

So after hearing about this contact lenses i've decided to give it a go since the promoters were handing out 5 day trials to shoppers in One Utama during their roadshow. Not really used to wearing clear lenses so it was an awkward process for me to put it in (can't see it lol) after removing it from their individual capsules. 
But I didn't get myself to use it again for the 2nd day after that because i didn't like the fact it's a clear lens when i am used to wearing the enlarging effect ones (14.5mm). It would be great if they had these Biotrue dailies with a ring enlargement effect because that would make life so much easier for travelling :)
If they do, i'll definitely buy it already, dailies are a traveler's best friend.

Why i don't like wearing clear lenses it's because my eyes are really REALLY small, making my face look out of proportion lol. But yea, personal preference anyway, so i can't say much :P
I prefer their lacelle designs because they have a perfect enlarging diameter that doesn't go overboard to the point of looking like an alien lol. The sizing is just perfect for those who needs a lil boost confidence on their eyes like me :)

For those who are fine with clear lenses and looking for dailies can consider trying biotrue as it's moisture level imitates the real cornea making it 78% water, it's designed o mimic the lipid layer of the tear film to prevent dehydration and delivering the right amount of oxygen the eye needs to stay comfortable.
Available at all optical shops near you today retailing at RM125 a box of 30pcs (15 pairs = 15 days)
Honestly, i like the idea of dailies as the are much more hygienic compared to monthlies which needs extra caring and effort.  

Also till end of this month Baush+ Lomb Malaysia will be having their "Care For your eyes campaign" which kickstarted mid August. If you have not participate come join by doing a simple eye exercise and posting it on facebook/instagram/snapchat/17.
Using the hashtag #BauschAndLombMalaysia & #Careforyoureyes.
For every uploaded video Bausch+ Lomb will be donating RM5 to the Malaysian Association for the Blind. So not only you get to exercise your eye muscle but also doing this for a good cause :)

Here is my entry! Now it's your turn to try :P

For more updates, make sure to follow them on their social media platforms:



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