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[Review] Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara & Giveaway

Ever heard of a natural alternatives to help you eyelashes grow? We all know that the only way to get them to grow is through strong growth chemicals that may risk eye irritation or best alternative are eyelash extensions but those are kind of tedious to me as you need to be at the saloon for about 2 hours just to get your falsies inserted strand by strand to make it look natural but eventually that all comes off in a about 3-4 weeks on average basis. Longer if you know how to care for them properly.

Though i've been blessed with considered "decent" amount of eyelashes but can't help wishing they were longer and thicker like my Indian friends XD
Ini panggil berlebih-lebihan liao ~ lol.
But really, who doesn't want luscious thick lashes that often people mistaken you for wearing falsies? It's like every girl's dream wei to own such thing. I myself have been using false lashes for the longest time as i find that the only way to make my eyes look dolly (big in photos).

But wearing falsies themselves also isn't easy nor cheap as one pair of good quality ones are usually prices at RM25 a pair, pasar malam ones can get cheaper la but the quality really sucks so better to invest in lashes like Kiss Me, Dolly Wink, Eyemazing and Diamond Lash lol all of them so happen to be Japanese brands because only Asians know what the Asian Beauty market demands :P
But to be frank, if we all have this option- natural is the way to go. Less hassle and maintenance fee compared to our so called "short cuts".

As you all have seen, that the recent rave in Malaysian bloggers beauty scene is about this all natural and paraben free beauty brand called skinsoul which also i obviously joined the bandwagon :P
You can read both my previous reviews HERE and HERE
Though their prices are above average but it's totally worth every single cent as it is proven effective as claimed by countless of women out there.

Upon reading the pamphlet for this Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara that day, i've decided to give this baby a try as the previous method i used was Realash serum which tend to sting my eyes like mad. Not doubt Realash is effective but not so gentle if you ask me >.<
So my next alternative on my quest to regrow my pathetic bottom lashes is obviously Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara since it's free from all those other strong chemicals and paraben.

Dare i say the results is slow but at least it shows REAL progress, upon using it on alternate days for the past 2 weeks there is indeed obvious growth for both top and bottom lashes.
The only qualms i have about this product is, it comes in a mascara form so even if i don't go out i gotta apply this mascara lol, Feel it is such a waste because i can't flaunt my nicely coated lashes outside XD
Also since it's considered make up, i would not recommend to use them to sleep as you might end up messing your pillows, best use during day time :)

On average feedback from users, most results are only obvious after 2 weeks, but more so within 4-6 weeks. These photos are taken after 14 days of usage but up till today i am still using it so i'll update my progress after 30 days of using this k?

Thought the lengthening and volumizing isn't up to what i expected but at least the performance isn't too bad. It's by default a lash enhancing serum in a form of a mascara.
One of the unique ingredients that actually helps our lashes to grow at the same time of applying your daily eye makeup is the Mulberry Root Extract.
I love eating mulberries, though they are sour but berries has many health benefits especially eye related. But never knew they could actually make the hair (lashes) grow @_@ So now we know lol.

These are my natural lashes after 15 days. No mascara or any extension done :D
So happy with the results!

As you can see  small lashes are starting to sprout at my bald areas, even Realash couldn't do much about my bald spots! Don't ask me why it's bald, long history on how i lost them when i was a kid lol which it never grew back ever since.

And another thing is this mascara isn't exactly waterproof, so if you are going to a sad movie or swim, my advice is to remove this first or you will have the mascara residues running down your cheeks lol, found out about this when i went to watch the movie "Inside Out", cried so much during the last of Bing Bong's scene :'(
Other than that it's quick drying and long lasting (up to 10 hours) without giving you panda eyes or black flakes underneath your eye.

This only happens if you cry lol. On the bright side removal process is easy and gentle so you don't have to use strength just to remove it. Most waterproof mascaras i know tend to be really solid, meaning it's close to impossible to remove them. Yes they do live up to their name but i find that really tedious having to spend extra time and care just to remove the mascara. But with Skinsoul mascara, removing becomes a breeze :D

5 Reasons why Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara is a MUST HAVE item.

  1.  A 2 in 1 product that beautifies your eyes and at the same time helps your lashes to grow. Who doesn't want that?
  2. Product free from harmful chemicals, suitable for everyone to use without causing any irritation.
  3. Decent curling and volumizing power with 3-4 applications (no clumping)
  4. Permanent results as it's your real lashes growing.
  5. Affordable investment compared to other methods.

Available at SkinSoul outlets priced at only RM 195 but with this purchase you are entitled to receive a complimentary SkinSoul Skin Shield set worth RM100. Remember to show this blogpost and quote my code:

"Just Quote this code: #ArisaC"

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*Readers who purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes will walk away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm.
**T&C Applied

More details and for consultation feel free to drop by SkinSoul's outlet in Mid Valley (beside Komugi)
Contact: 03-22019299
Official Website: http://www.skinsoul.com.my/
or if you are keen to purchase them online visit: http://www.drjoslab.com/, they do provide international shipping too.

Link to orginal posting: https://instagram.com/p/7VbZ3HMeeG/

And now to the best part of my blogpost, obviously a giveaway specially for my readers as i would really want you guys to experience this awesome product too. I'll be giving away a brand new Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara worth RM195 to 1 (one) lucky instagram follower.

All you have to do is follow me on instagram: @Arisa_Chow & @skin_soul_
Repost this photo & hashtag: #LoveMascara #LM
Deadline: 30th Sept 2015, 11.59pm (GMT +8)

Good Luck! :)



  1. The product looks good and nice. Such a great post

  2. Your eyes lashes look so beautiful now with the mascara. Wanna try it also to see whether it works on me too.

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  5. If you happen to cry.... This is really a very complete review.. :)


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  7. Beautiful eyes. Oh your eye lashes too. Long and curl up neatly.

  8. Looks like this is a life saver for those of us who depend heavily on false lashes. Hahaha!

  9. The results are amazing. Thank you for the awesome review. I can't wait to try mine soon. :)

  10. I am in the midst of reviewing mine.. Loving this review... Am so excited trying it out too

  11. the result is clearly seen. your eyelashes before and after is really so looong!! i feel like wanted to grab it now~~ okay, I gotta join the giveway!


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This is awesome ! Definitely a must-try. A salon was trying to get me to do lash extensions but I found it too fake. Better to let it grow naturally which I did not think was possible until now !

  14. I am also using this right now... and I love the result thus far. Looking forward to see the results after 2 months!

  15. Wow!!! Your results is super obviously!! Omg can't wait to see my results after 2 months

  16. Your results are amazing. haha. im still on my 1st week, i see it thickening on my lashes. AHH ultimate love!

  17. I know it was not waterproof too >.< Last time I just rub and immediately the mascara cause smudges on my eyes too! I don't know that this mascara was so expensive!

  18. The results are amazing babe! The lashes have been lengthened quite well too so that is very impressive :)

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    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com

  20. It's amazing how a mascara can help grow lashes. Would love to try this out someday, to give my sparse lashes a boost.

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