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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar Workshop

I get to be a professional sandwich maker for a day with O'briens :D
So now as a certified sandwich maker, who wants me to make them a sandwich? Booking in advance to avoid disappointments ya :P
Another talent to add in my resume aside from just designing, sewing and writing lol, but seriously everyone thinks it's easy to just dump everything on the bread and you'll get a sandwich.
But that's totally wrong as there is a ratio of "agak-agak" technique that you must muster in order to create a perfect sandwich lol.

Spot Jean's sandwich lol. She was hungry :P

So follow me as i tell you guys about my interesting journey of self development in the knowledge of sandwich making at Irish's top quality sandwich bar- O'Briens.
Gotta thank, O'briens Malaysia and seeties as well for this opportunity, if you are a social media influencer and blogger do sign up on seeties as they are a platform for opportunities :)
Wonder how do i start? Hmm..
Food topic has not always been my niche but when i do actually blog about food it's gotta be healthy related and diet friendly lol, sorry la no fattening food allowed on my blog unless it's a GOOD kind of sinful that is worth sacrificing my strict diet for :P
O'briens has been around for quite some time with more than just a few branches all around klang valley like KLCC, 1 Utama, Wisma UOA II, Publika, The Curve, KLIA2, Nu sentral just to name a few. To get a full list of their available outlets near you, visit here.

Hygiene is very important in O'briens!

But sadly i've only visited this place once as it mostly doesn't suit my budget, (but i love sandwiches!) so i'll go for the cheaper alternative which is subway. Truth be told, after this workshop, now i understand why people would rather add in an extra RM10 to get a REAL sandwich instead of the cheapo one from subway. 
First of all the quality in O'briens is beyond comparison, subway is totally out of it's league. The ingredients you get from O'briens is 100% fresher from the raw vegetables to the variety of meats.
Now i want to have O'briens for dinner lol, damn..but gotta wait till my pay is out before i can treat myself to this XD

Can successfully pass off as O'briens staff or not? lol :P

Learned how to slice the bread properly, filled it, toast'em and last but not least savour it after work was done. Phew! Making sandwiches is hard work XD
Thank you Reiko for helping get these lovely shots! Not only a pro model but also a pro artist and photographer (●♡∀♡)

During this whole session while i was waiting for my turn to make my own sandwich i basically took this opportunity to learn more about O'briens, sorry guys if you felt like i interrogated you XD
My intentions were purely harmless, just as a health conscious freak like me, i would actually like to know what kind of stuff i feed my body.

O'briens offer 6 type of wholesome bread variety, from the traditional white bread to wraps, catering to every customer's appetite.

List of breads
  • White bread
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Wholemeal Shambo (shaped like the irish leaf for good luck!)
  • Focaccia Shambo (for herb lovers, smells really nice!)
  • Ciabatta (soft italian recipe)
  • Multigrain Bread (high complex carbohydrates & protein, great for post workout meal) 
  • Tortilla wrap (low-fat option, but can't put much veg or meat)

One of my main concerns when it comes to eating out is the ingredients used to prepare their food, so i usually tend to ask like how it's cooked or kinds of oil used, etc.
So with O'brien it's no different, with the large variety of meat fillings offered like real chicken bits to processed ones, so if you are weight conscious like me here are some "Lean Meat" suggestions you can choose from their menu.
  •  Mild spicy herbs chicken (my fav!) 
  • smoked salmon
  • Piri-piri chicken
  • volcanic chicken. 
  • Classic boiled egg (not egg with mayo)
  • Plain Tuna in brine (not in mayo)

Made from real chicken meat and marinated with spices, no oil is used. It arrives from their distributor pre-cooked before being marinated by O'briens. For the egg and tuna there as also options for mayo if you don't like them plain like i do. 
For the cheese, less "heavy" options would be Cheddar or Mozzarella. But all cheeses are made pre salted, well at least this adds some flavour to your sandwich which in my opinion doesn't need anymore sauces to make it tasty lol.

Some might find it dry if they were to opt out the sauce but with the seasoned meats and cheese it's already really flavourful :) 
Also i can keep my sandwich longer without them getting soggy :P
Learn to savour the taste of every ingredient in your sandwich, don't really too heavily on sauces especially Caesar dressing or anything mayo based if you are watching those waistlines! 
If you really MUST have sauces on your sandwich trying choosing healthier options from the O'briens menu.
  • Basil Pesto (Olive oil base)
  • Guacamole (avocado)
  • Ballymaloe Relish (this is slightly on a heavier side but all fresh ingredients)
  • Houmous (chickpea)

I made my sandwich that day using Wholemeal Shambo, Mild spicy herbs chicken, Cheddar and mixture of fresh vegetables.
You won't believe how satisfying this meal was, i could only finish half my Shambo because that how real food should make you feel. FULL.
Junk food makes you want more as it doesn't satisfy your body's needs. If i were to do events next time, at least i know who to call up for catering :)

Thank you Fatin for agreeing to be my date for this workshop! :-*

Enjoyed my saturday making sandwiches with 3 gorgeous ladies <3
Had so much fun catching up over yummy sandwiches :D




Also i just found out how 'canggih' Obrien's juicing machines were making real fruit juices on the spot upon ordering so that the nutrients will not be compromised due to long outdoor exposure.
They also do make smoothies, and that's the first time i actually heard of it because many years ago that option wasn't available XD
To me O'briens is like you one stop healthy real food destination that everyone needs to visit once in awhile to treat themselves.

Each cup of freshly squeezed orange juice consists of 7-8 oranges.
It goes through the machine that skins them and separates the seeds in the oranges before slowly pressing them into juice. 

I am so never going back to subway lol, their quality has dropped tremendously since last year and how do i know? I previously eat subway almost 2-3 times a week especially their steak & cheese but now i can't even stomach that because the steak meat became 60% fats and 40% god knows what chewy substance :-/
That's my personal preference and opinion by the way, so if you don't agree please don't hate me k? :)

By the way O'briens has good news to share with you guys for the whole month of September, in conjuction of their 13th Anniversary they are having "Create your own Toastie for only RM13*!".

You will get an option of bread + filling + Cheese + Salads & sauce for only RM13.

*Extra filling is applicable with extra charge of RM4.30

Which is a totally big saving of RM7.30 for their wholesome goodness, in my head it's time to eat O'briens for lunch everyday now XD
Enjoy this once a year promo lol and with every RM13 spent you will stand a chance to participate in their lucky draw with attractive prizes to be won!

So if you have not tried O'briens before this is your chance to try it :P
For more details and promotions, follow them on their official pages.

Facebook: O'Briens Malaysia

Thank you O'briens team for having us!



  1. Aww...you looks so cute as always Arisa..I'm now drooling for the O'briens! I'm always a healthy food and sandwich person too btw! Really nice post! ^_^

    1. hehe, thanks sakura-chan <3
      Yes! we only have one body, so we gotta treasure it :)


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