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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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3D Acrylic Gel Nails by E NailsSpa

Gel Nails with 3D acrylic nail art too! Back when i was a nail & hair model, due to the fact my nails were always short and ugly, they had to do the nail art on crazy ass long fake nails before sticking them unto mine but who knew that i would be here today flaunting some really cute and classy looking nails right? :)
Never actually paid much attention to my nails because of all the work i have to do, didn't see the point giving them their much deserved pampering. Also one of the main reasons why i malas* to take care of my nails because they somehow always miraculously manage to break despite the effort put into caring for them -_-


Well, today i am going to be featuring my new gel nails and i do really hope they last as long as claimed (1 month on average), that includes the nail art not chipping lol. Sounds like a good challenge, so let's put them to the test shall we? :-P
If by end of August my nails are still good as new, then what they say about gel is true la lol, sorry i'm just skeptical as normal people's advises doesn't apply to me since my lifestyle is waaaaayyy different from an average person's daily life lol.

Cute, English set up & a hygienic environment

They have a whole wall of nail polishes with various shades to choose from, knock yourselves out ladies.

My nails were beautifully done at E Nailspa in Hartamas, great and convenient for those living around the area looking for a comfy place to get your pampering session done, i would recommend their place!
It's overall easy to find thanks to their accurate pin on the maps which you can find on their official Facebook page, just follow it and it will lead you directly to them. They have parking provided below basement of their salon, so you don't have to worry about looking for one around the area. Another option is you can park at the open space beside wisma rapid or souled out's parking area as they are less than 3 minutes walk from E Nailspa.

First impression of the place, it is really clean and well ventilated despite being in such a small enclosure, you won't get a wiff of those nasty nail polish smells upon entering as that is a NO.1 turn off for me with my current condition!
There's a reason why i always ask my manicurist if their product is safe to use on pregnant clients but for my case it wouldn't matter too much since i don't do these too frequently anyway but always better to be safe than sorry. I was assured by the owner of E Nailspa, Emanda that they have a couple of regular expecting clients who often get their gel nail fix here, so it is a relief to hear that lol i mean i do have a few friends who also did them frequently while they were pregnant but everything turned out fine.

I was given a face mask by Emanda as she understood my concern on the nail polish fumes, thumbs up for being so considerate!

It's usually the strong smell emitted by the nail polishes both normal and gel that tends to make me feel sick despite going pass the morning sickness stage, probably just my senses are extra heighten at this point and seriously who the heck likes the smell of those solvents??
In case you guys aren't aware what are nail polishes made off, please go google lel at least get yourself educated on stuff you'll be putting on your body. Not to make you guys paranoid freaks but it's always good to be knowledgeable than ignorant, all things can be done just in MODERATION.

My Manicurist & pedicurist works really fast and the outcome of it is perfect!
No edges missed, everything is well balanced. And the chairs were really comfy, lost count of how many times i nodded off during those 2 hours lol.

Here comes the hardest part when it comes to getting your hair or nails done, "WHAT COLOR?"
Spent a good whole 30 minutes (while they were prepping my nails) trying to decide that on the types of colors and designs i wanted for my mani & pedicure lol, it was seriously a tough question as all the designs and colors shown to me has its own unique attraction flare T.T
How i wish i had enough nails to paint every single color on lol but that would be freaky as i would be a monster filled with fingers nails all over my body *gross* lol wtf.
In the end i needed a lil bit of help deciding and think Emanda saw who perplexed i was trying to decide and she told me that i am able to mix the colors and designs, what they have shown on the tray are just examples which customers can customized the colors as pleased.
Another problem settled for fickle minded people like me lol.
So i have decided to mix both my favorite colors together, you guys could have guessed it by now lol thanks to my awesome hairstylists, i have somehow developed a liking towards pastel hues especially bubblegum pink & lilac (just like my Christmas 2015 hair!).

For the price of basic nail art (without gel base, for those includes additional charges), RM90 seems really reasonable! 

Now here comes the gross part of the whole experience lol, i first of all would like to apologize to my pedicurist who so happened to be doing my foot spa but it was cut short due to unexpected water shortage *dang it*, so she only washed my feet and gave it a very good filing to remove all those black dried skin around my soles. THAT sight alone was enough to make anyone puke, sorry dear!
It really hereditary, the thick dried cracked soles has been in my family since god knows which generation and it also could be from the fact it developed from those "kaki ayam kampung days", in order for our feet to be protected from the rocks & sand, our body naturally develops a thicker layer of skin to protect it. So no matter what i do, it's still going to have layers of dried cracked skin building on top of each other :-/

I mean, occasionally i do wear those foot mask that makes your feet peel like mad over the span of a week, but didn't have the time to do so lately as i am rarely at home, but after this scrubbing session with E Nailspa, think my feet is going to look this clean and smooth for the next couple of weeks!
Of course, have to be diligent in using lotion as well to prevent the skin from cracking la.

Washing ze dirty feet, even i am grossed out by them despite my efforts of scrubbing them daily with my hands :-/

Selecting the right shade for my toenails is rather crucial, as i know darker colors tend to make my feet look very "aged" thanks to the protruding veins and bones lol, but i did wanted to try their latest magnetic coated nail polish as it is the next upcoming nail trend according to the boss of E nailspa, i've seen many trend on instagram but never once i came across this cool coating which gives you nail a "marbling" like illusion when seen from different angles.
Plus the finishing is super glossy, most definitely to catch anyone's attention from a far lol, i did mine on top of blue nail polish but the effect looks much better on darker shades like black, brown, burgundy, etc as it seems to have a magnetic attraction towards those colors compared to lighter ones.

This special nail polish comes in 2 shades, silver & gold and both looks equally good on black base!
Such clean pretty feet!
Ignore the deformed looking feet structure, caused from wearing too much high heels for long periods of time lel.

This unique color on my toes are from their latest Mood changing magnetic 3D cat eye gel color

So have you guys stared enough at my feet yet? lol, hope no one here has feet fetish ya, if not i'll run far far away from freaking out :-P
Now moving on to my nails which i am sure all of you are dying to see the final outcome of my mix & match session with my manicurist. Since i was so curious to try out 3D nail art on my real nails for the very first time, so you can imagine my "jakun" feeling la. Oh, can't believe i forgot to mention something important! Remember that i mentioned above about breaking 3 nails?
It was just recently so they obviously needed time to grow back, but at that moment of time i was stuck with 3 really short nails that could easily ruin the whole nail art.
Thanks to Emanda's suggestion on getting extension to even out the nails was pure genius and it's my first time doing them too, to some this might be a common thing but to me i am constantly amused as i have been living under a rock for far too long lol!
Emanda was really helpful in answering my inquires, offering her professional advice and suggestions, so if you have tons of questions like me feel free to ask her.

My whole session took about 2 hours plus minus, didn't feel it was too long because of the comfy environment and by the time i left i was the last customer >.<
Honestly i do feel weird typing and doing stuff with my 3D nails getting in the way, makes me wonder how some people with longer nails do it lol, guess it takes time getting used to!

This is literally FOOL PROOF, i find it so hard to believe that my nails are actually fakes but it's so well done till i forget that they are just extensions lol
It only costs RM36 to add on 3 extensions.

The original colors were blue & white but i selected bubblegum pink & lilac to go with the rose design instead, thank you E Nailspa for being so accommodating to my special requests!
Reminds me of those English Vintage porcelain teacups :)
For those curious about the pricing, the basic Gel manicure base was RM 90 (lilac + pink) with 3D Nail Art was an additional RM 120 and the gel pedicure was RM 110+ 10 (Feet scrub).

The roses are so beautiful! Can't stop touching them (sounds like molester already lel), it's nice to have that 3D effect on top of your nails for a change than the usual glossy finishing. Just hoping that my nails would stay this pretty always!

Great News for E Nailspa customers, get 5% off your next treatment when you refer a friend to the salon.

So hope this review would spark your interest to try them out someday ladies, for appointments make sure to call them up beforehand to avoid walk in disappointments. They are opened 6 days a week from 11am - 8pm (last call at 6pm) on Tuesdays to Saturdays, meanwhile 11am - 6pm on Sundays.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/my.enailspa/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/e.nailspa/

E Nailspa
30-1 Jalan 30/70 A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
+603-61432288 / +016-9977232


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