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Welcome to my blog!

If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
For sponsorship, collaborations and engagements: arisa1443@gmail.com

PixaJoy Printing Services + Redeem FREE Photobook!

Bet some of you guys did not realized how stressful last month (May) was for me having to shoot, edit, process, find a reliable printer who can get the job done pronto! Which some of them was sold out during VAX 2016, thank you so much guys for supporting my very first photobook sales!

First time having sold outs! 
Want to do Harley Quinn 2.0 but my belly is getting too big for tight skimpy costumes T_T
Especially for the Suicide Squad version, can't wait for the movie next month.

Never in a million years did i expect to get a response as i am not so much of an "idol" material in the cosplay scene because i have a life outside that needs more focus than cosplay, those who can afford to only cosplay & don't need to work office jobs like us are really lucky lel. But overall at least i'm working full time to support myself entirely as i have been independent since i left home about close to 6 years already & lil parasite is on the way too. So thank you for giving me a chance to publish my work in hard copies, you guys know who you are! ;-)

But my endless gratitude goes to both my hardworking photographers Shin from MoonArt Studio & Joseph Low from JRice Photography he likes rice, hence the name "JRice" so make sure to feed him with onigiri (Japanese rice ball) during events k? lol.

Also this wouldn't have been possible due to my last minute printing request which was rejected by many printing services except Pixajoy & Picreo (will talk about them next week).

Was also recently featured in an article on Pixajoy's blog, thank you guys for interviewing me! :)
Read the interview here: fan-stories-malaysian-cosplayer-arisa-chow

Pixajoy basically saved my life when they agreed to proceed with my last minute orders and they were really helpful throughout the whole process despite me being easily flustered over small errors since i was pressing for time.  I would definitely give them a million thumbs up for the fast response from their team, speedy printing services, imagine about close to 50 pcs of photobooks (high quality) printed and delivered to my doorstep within 3 working days, doubt you'll find that elsewhere as SOME particular (supposedly renown) photobook printing website that practically ignored my email inquiries and i wasted money purchasing their photobook vouchers when they couldn't even deliver within 7 days, apparently they take more than 2 weeks just to ship out one order. How inefficient at all! But i'll save that rant for another post lel.

My babies arrived 3 days before VAX!

Today i am going to properly introduce one of my lifesavers for VAX2016, pretty sure most of you would like to tryout their services once you are done with this blogpost of mine, so do read till the end to unlock the "surprise" :-P

SURPRISE = FREE, because who doesn't like FREE stuff? lol.

I've actually stubble across Pixajoy services online not too long ago as i was sourcing for the best, yet affordable photobook printing services in town as normal photo shops charges you x100 more expensive & their templates are standardized & plain ugly D:
While this "famous" website called Photobook Malaysia services is TOO SLOW to be used as my previous batch of  photobook orders (now extras in my house no thanks to them) only arrived on VAX2016 itself wtf indeed. Wouldn't recommend such slow & meh service.

Ironically Pixajoy isn't even KL based, yet they can process & deliver my orders so quickly but their average speed is usually 5-7 working days unless you have an urgent request like mine which you can contact their customer service to inquire :)

I always though that getting things done in KL is less risky especially when you are pressing for time but guess i was proven wrong when i received my entire bulk order from Pixajoy in 4 working days upon submitting my orders. KL printing services, you are such a disappointment that other states can do a better job than you guys!
Also thank goodness for the digital era, you don't even need to go to the photo printing shop to get your photos printed anymore lol just submit them via online and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep. Convenience is everything these days as time is of the essence in this fast pace world and Pixajoy has proven themselves worthy.

Well binded together with stitches.

Those of you who have bought the photobooks, you would know how the quality is like compared to the usual photobooks sold in B4 size by other cosplayers :)
I didn't really like the quality of those B4 booklets because it reminded me of menus found in budget restaurants lol as most normal printing shop services do supply to them anyway but it is a cheaper option to mass print photo booklets (not photobooks lol) so one can earn more from it too.
Probably that's why i didn't get to sell over x100000 pcs like other cosplayers because the price is too high already XD

So get the difference now between PHOTOBOOKS & PHOTO BOOKLETS?

Booklets are held together by stapler binds while photobook has a more cleaner finishing like being sewn together which also lasts better on the longer run.
That's one of the reasons why you should get your photos printed by professional photobook companies rather than your average print shops as they do not have the materials to manufacture quality photobooks. Guess i am pretty anal about quality since to me it's always "getting your money's worth" rather than skimping on budget and end up with a crappy product right?

Here are some upclose shots on the preordered hard covered photobooks to get an idea how the actual product looks like if you were to order it in the future, definitely worth every single cent paid for all their prints (posters & photos as well).
Their photobooks have a standard & noob friendly template which makes you feel like a pro once you are done arranging all your photos lol. I am no graphic designer/ photographer, so i doubt i have the eye for arrangements of photos but since it's a fully guided template everything was easy peasy!

 Look at that luster!

There's still more of Mavis, Hotel Transylvania & Rize Tokyo Ghoul 6x6 softcover photobooks ready stock for sale, those intrested can contact me to order :)
Click on the "Contact Me" form on top of my blog header or directly message me on my public page- Arisa Chow

Overall i am really pleased with Pixajoy and would highly recommend their services to anyone, whether its cosplayers, photographers or normal people who just wants to get their memories immortalized in the form of photobooks as it's also always great to have a hard copy of your photos at hand in case anything happens to the soft copies (choi! touchwood lol).

I am sure some of you have lost precious photos before no thanks to faulty storage systems!

But really, that was my case a few years back and that's how i lost most of my old cosplay photos dated back in 2005, everything gone because the pendrive i saved it in died on me and back then i couldn't afford a harddisk as it was really expensive compared to now.
One thing i did learn is never to 100% trust tech stuff as they do have their loopholes that would eventually surface one day, so best to stick to the traditional hard copies and compared to earlier years of photo prints which tend to fade or turn yellow over time due to their ink, rest assured that it wouldn't happen with Pixajoy's prints as they are using fade resistant ink which can for a super duper long time if kept according to recommended storage guidelines (no direct sunlight, etc). Lesson learnt, and i'm never going to let that happen again so i do ENCOURAGE you guys to make a photobook of your holidays or photoshoots for keepsake purposes :)


Their website is really self explanatory lol, so navigating you way around should be a breeze and save me from explaining so long also because none of you are rajin enough to read my long blogpost haha! They do have a reward system that allows you to accumulate points  which can be used to redeem vouchers or prints of your choice, each time to use pixajoy services a certain amount of points will be credited to your account under "Reward Points".

I've redeem a cash voucher to be used to purchase more photo prints on Pixajoy :D

Guess i have finally reached the end of my long (well not so long) winded post lol, those who are patient enough to read till the end, allow me to applaud you guys haha but of course you will not be leaving empty handed! Pixajoy has been such a generous collaborator with my blog that they are deciding to give out FREE 6x6 photobooks when you sign up via my special link!

You can finally experience your first photobook service with Pixajoy, so do make sure to share with us your masterpiece once you have received them safely by tagging us on instagram or Facebook!
Pixajoy also has a monthly Instagram contest to win reward points, so don't leave out this hashtag- #ILovePixajoy #ArisaChow

Terms & Condition
  1. Newly registered members; or Existing members with no prior purchases
  2. Redemption of a free "Mini 6" x 6" Softcover, 36 pages" 
  3. Shipping fees applies- RM8 (WM) and RM12 (EM)
  4. Valid till 31st Dec 2016
That's not all! Thanks to the overwhelming demand on their FREE name card promotion, Pixajoy has decided to extend the redemption till 11th August 2015! Each customer (both new & old) are entitled to redeem it but 1 card redemption per account.

More details visit: www.pixajoy.com.my

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pixajoy
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pixajoy



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