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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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LilParasiteTales | Week 18 Progress & Rants

It's a milestone celebration for my lil parasite! YAY! *pops confetti*
Just earlier this week around Tuesday night it started giving out it's first few faint kicks, thought at first i thought it was my stomach rumbling from midnight hunger pangs lol but turns out it was actually a baby kick!
Didn't have anyone to share the good news with (everyone can't be bothered, so let me syiok sendiri on my blog)  so i thought of writing it down over here in case my kid would one day like to read about him/herself and all the shits it has put me through for 9 months lol! I am terrible mother, but i'll still love my parasite anyway since it's all i have left in this world to go on living for :')
I am off my cuckoo meds just for you child, so be grateful for it!

Expanding sideways indeed.

How does it feel?

Can't really express the feeling with words alone because if you ask every mother they will describe this feeling differently but in my words i'll say it's like a constant slight nudge in your tummy. Mine isn't too active yet during the day so i can't exactly count how many kicks it gives until much later but it does get quite restless whenever i am up past 2am doing work, it's like lil parasite is telling me to go sleep or else it won't stop kicking lol but what it didn't know that i can't sleep with my belly being constantly nudged from the inside XD
But it is kinda early to be showing all these kind of signs, guessing my baby is a fast growing one?
But of all things why you hide your gender from your mom? T.T 
Let me get you cute clothes but first i need to know which to get lol, don't want to end up buying wrong clothes for you.
During my last scan it was quite disheartening that my child likes to sit cross legged so it cover its private parts even after a few attempts to coax it *sobs* let's just hope the next upcoming monthly scan lil parasite will stop playing hide & seek lol.  

Towards the end of the 18 weeks, lil parasite's kicks are slowly getting stronger and weirder too, it's like both left & right side of my lower abdomen is being nudged, either it's doing SPLIT kicks (potential gymnast here just like it's mom!) or it started punching as well lol is that possible? How i wish i have those ultrasound scan at home to check on it everyday, now i understand how most mothers feel about their baby because both of them share a special bond.

Was told to slowly talk to my lil parasite everyday since its ears are already well developed and it can hear sounds/ voices but that ain't gonna stop me from being such a potty mouth, if my kid ends up cussing as a baby on the bright side i have a real life baby stewie from family guy, lol wtf! 
Glad to know at least it'll grow up to be an active one since kicking started so early, just hope i don't have my hands too full to catch up with it and need my stamina back lol.

Here's a question to mothers, how fast did you know your baby's gender & how accurate was your reading? :)

 Literally Mind Your Own Womb

It all starts with:
I have good intentions.
And all it takes to end it is "mind your own business"

"I've good intentions"

Oh rly?*inserts owl meme*
Does that give you the right to be such a smart ass budding into other people's matters especially when none of us asked for your "wisdom"? Heard of minding your own business before opening your mouth? Because that was the first thing my parents taught me as a kid.
UNLESS we ask for your opinions, then yes you may share them freely and it's up to us to take your advise into consideration or not. It's a free world after all and it's my body.
It is rather insulting when people ASSUME that you don't give a shit about your own health padahal you take care of it even better than "these" people who thinks they know what you eat everyday (Unless you instagram every single one of it la).
And to also assume one has not done their research is even more insulting than ever because the come back is going to be "your body or mine?"
Ever since i announced my pregnancy i've been flooded with tons of supportive & experience sharing messages (which i am grateful), some hateful ones (you guys need a chill pill & get a life) and the annoying smart ass wannabes who try to tell you "how you should live your life from now on since you are preggers".

Being Chinese is one of the most PAIN IN THE ASS things ever because their culture is total screwed up (no offense), so many non logical pantangs that makes you wonder how the heck do they even exists in the first place. 
Sorry guys, even if i am fair skin doesn't mean i have to practice your weird culture since i am free to choose anyways, i only practice what i think is logical and medically proven.
After all why has God given me a brain for, if i can't think for myself and always have to listen to others right?
It's my life and i do have the rights to choose however i want to live it, and some of you should probably do that too instead of prodding into other people's matters just because your life is such a bore. Yes, aiming specifically at haters too.


You'll be amazed how many foods the Chinese tell you to avoid in case your baby turns yellow or grows and extra limb (go creative on this one), but when you google about it or consult the doctor, they will tell you otherwise. Everything can be eaten in moderation as long it's properly cleaned but in Malaysia you look at our cleanliness level la, everything has to be cooked before consumed. Unlike in Japan where expecting mothers still eat sashimi, raw eggs because their food standards are really strict even for kombini food! Unlike here, even high class places tend to overlook their food standards till people bring it unto social media for a public fuss before they improve (look what has social media done to us). I have honestly no food restrictions because i wasn't brought up the traditional way where it's all herbs & bed rest till after your confinement and also who acn afford such luxurious life wei. My mom popped 5 kids, she was running up & down school staircases daily for classes till her 9th month and was back at work again soon after (that's how i end up spending most of my time at my aunt's place growing up). That is someone i look up to and take advises from, not the rich aunties who can hire a confinement lady and maids while sit at home & drink herbs all day.
Poultry & red meats are one of the few foods i am always cautious about to eat them fully cooked (well done) after the case of SARS, Bird flu & Mad cow disease that broke out during my primary school days, yes i am still paranoid about it so i never going to eat my meats semi cooked or raw, i also don't fancy the taste of blood that some people like *bleh*.
Mothers to be or breastfeeding mothers, if you are concern about foods you should & shouldn't consume best person to ask is your doctor, not your kepochi* aunties.


Nobody likes those TOXIC groups.


How you want to live your life is up to you, why bother letting others push their ridiculous ways of living unto you. I choose to be wild & free (not butt naked run in the jungle free lar) because that's how i am and have always been, not going to let anyone change me but myself. Just because i am an expecting mother doesn't mean i can't workout, here's a fun fact- young mothers are ENCOURAGED to workout during their pregnancy but not too vigorous of course as it is health to both the mother & child. Imagine how everyone's jaws drop when i tell them i still occasionally head to the gym but lesser these days because i'm tired & busy (in fact just lazy lol but the busy part is true!). Wearing high heels for events is fine with me but i know my limits of standing in them as prolong hours can put unnecessary strain on my lower back but now isn't too bad since my belly is still quite small for a 4 month old progress. But once it gets later into 2nd semester probably i might swear off heels till my feet stop swelling.

Couldn't agree more with this. Lol.

I don't mind people giving advises but do accept the fact that not everything you say will be taken into consideration under my account unless i find the logical or medically proven ;-)
So those who gets anal & butt-hurt when i slam them back with my own personal opinions, they get all so vexed up and defensive over their comments lol. Probably that's what i like to do, ruffle their feathers and drive them off my personal Facebook page because who needs more self entitled people in their lives when there is already so many shits to deal with.
Wait till you join these "mommy groups", which i call them Mommy Nazi extremists *shudders*
these are the kind of groups every modern mom should avoid unless you would like some entertainment la because their comments can get quite funny at times lol. You'll wonder at this age there are still some people with a village mindset, not to shame traditions here but come on! We are brought up to think and not just blindly follow because we ain't LEMMINGS!

"You jump of cliff, I also Jump off cliff" - lemming

Really.. here's a recent case scenario I've read- instead of immediately consulting a doctor for a potential lung infection on their child, first thing they do is ask the group what they should do. WTF?
What kind of parenting is that? Your child's life is at stake there and you consult a group filled with entitled moms. Come i slow clap for you and give you award for worst parent ever, pity the child suffering for so long just because your parents refuse to bring you to a doctor.


You guys know who you are, so i'll leave it as that. You can hate a person all you want but ask yourself this- "What do you gain from it?"
If you can answer me, please by all means drop me a comment below as i would love to know what's going on in that tiny head of yours.
When you come to terms and accept things, the faster you'll move on with life and be a more useful person that just a keyboard warrior. Yes CHILDREN, i am referring to some of you on my public page ;-)
Everyone has their ups & downs in life that they would like to share publicly (like me, sorry i'm an online whore), so it it doesn't affect you at all then why all the hate right? Makes no sense at all.


Think this taboo topic would need another blogpost for it as it somewhat feels like it's gonna take some time to compile all of it as well lol, if you know any weird "pantang larangs" please do share with me on the comment box so i can compile & post it up, don't worry i'll credit your names unless you would like to remain anonymous :)
Here's a few i've collected so far just talking to some friends and getting all these weird comments from "acquaintances" on my personal FB account. 

  1. Can't wash hair throughout confinement because afraid of  "wind" entering the body. Think what they meant is catching a cold -_-
  2. Can't wash hands unless in special herb water
  3. Can't do anything but lie in bed & breastfeed (wtf) during the confinement period
  4. Can't eat specific chicken genders (not sure it was male/ female)
  5. Must drink brewed herbs for 30 days straight (eww)
  6. Can't eat cold foods

The list is endless la, but please do share some with me if you have any! XD
All races have their own practices, please do state the reason behind the "pantang" as well okay so i can get them validated with professionals as well.

Feeling EXTREMELY amused

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