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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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CHOKI | Korean Inspired Fashion Bags

I understand purchasing products online can be a real feat sometimes especially on the quality and colors that may vary from different PC screens, i too was skeptical at first when i cam across Choki, but after receiving 2 bags from their website in June, gotta admit all my doubts has been cleared instantly!
It's exactly as photographed and posted on their website with no fake touch ups except for color variation might be a wee bit off depending on your PC setting but the difference isn't too vast to the point you'll want a refund for it lol.

If you can't put in more than 5 essential items in your bag, it's practically USELESS.

Been eyeing these 2 bags on their website for quite sometime but was telling myself enough spending as i have to save up for lil parasite but my current bags were showing signs of ageing and even some of them were beyond the point of salvaging anymore :(
Guess it's about time to put off the "later" excuse or i'll get another unpleasant surprise like bag strap breaking in the middle of the road D:
Was so upset whenever i need to save up, confirm out of the blue there is something that needs replacing *grrrr!* It's like the universe doesn't want me to save at all and all these are not small things that i can brush off as it's usually URGENT matters.

Well the universe has it's strange way of messing with us at the least ideal time (which is most of the time lel), so when it happens all we can do is sigh and pay (literally) for the damage done. Ouch indeed. Bored yet with my usual off topic ramblings lol sorry about that but i am not here to bore you guys with grandfather and grandmother stories today instead lets focus on my bags :-P

Choki Malaysia has been around since last year if i am not mistaken or earlier this year, either which they are considered quite a new home grown fashion bag brand with quality and designs that could easily put all those bigger online bag brands out there to shame thanks to its affordable pricing and superb quality!
They have an outlet based in Kepong which isn't too far away from Desa Park City area (all the doggies!) where customers who wants to save on postage can opt for self collection method with no additional charges :)
It's like online bag reservation where you place an order, pay for it and collect it yourself.

CHOKI Intoduction 
The fashion bag brand CHOKI was launched in 2015 by a group of fashion designer with the concept from Korea. Choki emphasis to provide customers with reasonable price, classical, basic design bags rather than luxury brand’s excessive price bags. With its elegant and decent concept, our bags are spreading its reputation throughout the most fashionable areas in Asia

Thank you Unkerruuu Reno for the nice shots during Kumamoto event last June!

Featuring Choki's Signature Bagpack which is also their best seller and it can be used 2 ways thanks to it's unique strap design- as a bagpack or a sling bag!  Either way both methods are comfortable to use without straining your shoulders.

One of the two bags i've gotten has 2 ways of using it, don't you just love bags that can be used and styled in various of ways to suit your needs? If your answer is "No" then you are probably missing out on the joy of using multipurpose stuff lol.
I wasn't planning so far ahead like hunting for diaper bags since i don't know how much space i would need till the time comes because who knows my lil parasite might not be as fussy as other babies so require less stuff except the essentials like fresh diapers :-P
So for now i just got what i needed and felt suited my style best as i don't like to change bags too frequently unlike some girls (aka my older sis lol) who can somehow do it effortlessly as they feel the bags they are using doesn't match their outfits *face palm*.

That is why i always emphasis on how crucial it is to get a versatile bag that can match ANYTHING you are wearing, from formal to casual -_-
Save you so much of time and money if you take up my advice wei!

Thank you Liyana for helping with the pictures! Talented sial you :) 

2nd bag i am featuring is a classic tote design made spacious but what makes it look "classy" is the gold finishing around it like the brand tag and studs, plus the gold isn't the usual yellow gold you fins in those pasar malam bags. Theirs look like actual gold despite it being plated. i find it looking so convincing!

This bag comes with a long sling strap as well, so you can either use it as a handbag or a sling on handbag.

Not only it has a timeless look, the space for this bag takes my breath away, i know that i always complain about having too many unnecessary stuff in my bag due to it's Mary Poppin capacity lol but i can't help liking spacious bags compared to small ones. At least this bag's size allows me to comfortably carry around my 14 inch laptop whenever i am on a go and no my straps are not showing any signs of tearing so soon as the workmanship and design of this bag is very well thought off!
And if you were to ask me which is my Favorited among these 2, i'll say it's a draw immediately lol.

This model is their Signature Basic Shoulder Bag
It's available in 4 versatile colors- Grey, light blue (mine), dark blue & brown

Dressing & styling ideas:

Casual weekend look

More girly looks and using the bag with the "sling" strap

Hope you guys enjoyed this simple fashion + review post on Choki Malaysia, they have tons of bags updated monthly and ongoing promotions, so visit their website today to create your own wishlist.
Mine is definitely never ending as i am already eyeing another couple of bags because the designs just looks too cute! >.<
Follow them on Facebook for new updates: www.facebook.com/chokimalaysia/

Do use my discount code "ARISA" to enjoy RM15 off your purchase on www.choki.com.my 
Minimal spending of RM75 to enjoy the discount! :)

My Wishlist:

I know that i hardly follow trends as they change too fast but can't help liking the Anello inspired design that's been trending around since it was such a huge hit in Japan!
In green please! Makes a good diaper bag for my lil parasite :D
Purchase this design here: choki-signature-korean-canvas-backpack

Think i have a "thing" for anything in Mint/ green/ turquoise lol
Been trying to hold myself back from getting the mint one since CNY >.<
Purchase this design here: choki-signature-drawstring-korean-sling


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