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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Ezbuy- Overseas Online Shopping Solution + Discount Codes

It's the time of the month again when you have extra dough after paying off what is needed, and you would like to pamper yourself with a little shopping but shopping locally can be quite expensive too these days after the GST and all that. My guilty treat is to shop from taobao (aka China) lol when i see a clothes or shoe designs i like locally, i will try to source them from taobao first since most of the items there are easily a fraction of the price we usually pay here and that's including shipping from China's warehouse to Malaysia ya :-P

Ezbuy used to be name 65Daigou by the way, in case you are wondering why the website looks so familiar lol.

Yes, i am browsing for pairing clothes sets lol

Been a taobao shopper as long as i could remember, back then online shopping wasn't such a big thing and there were many barriers like language, access to internet (now it's unlimited lol), payment methods and not much websites to shop form unless it's ebay or amazon and both these websites are priced in USD! Imagine the pain of getting a short cosplay wig for over RM100 after shipping and conversion D:

Those were the dark days i tell ya! So glad with china websites like taobao and alilbaba to name a few, we Malaysians have now access to almost everything we need with just the click of our fingers.
But before proxy sites like Ezbuy, wiwaa, etc came about all our taobao purchases had to go through an agent (middleman) who charges a fee to order, pay and consolidate our purchases before shipping it to us and that alone is quite expensive so batch order is needed to save costs.
I still remember that we needed to wait close to 2 months for our goods to arrive as air shipping wasn't a very popular option due to the high fares, so most of us would rather pay lesser and wait longer using sea shipping method. Today, we can enjoy fast shipping methods without having to wait too look (max 1 week) for our goods to arrive from China thanks to affordable shipping rates on Ezbuy!

Couldn't agree more, comparing prices for shipping fees, this is by far the most reasonable.
Even Singapore uses them!

All those problems are now the past as we have full authority to control and ship our purchases all by our own using websites like Ezbuy! Even without a China bank account, we can still pay for our goods by reloading into our account and paying it from there. 
For those who still rely on agents (through the hassle of emails/ chats), here is an alternate solution for you to also save costs by removing the middle man fees and get the satisfaction of being independent on your online purchases. But of course there is still an agent fee charged on Ezbuy, just that you don't have to go through the trouble of searching for a reliable one as i've heard cases of some agents running off with the money before D:
Ezbuy is 100% safe & reliable, so you can shop at ease.

No hassle to outsource for reliable proxy agents for your purchases, ezbuy provides them in a silver platter for you.
Unless of course you are very new to taobao and not sure how their shop rating systems work, i would suggest you get an agent or friend to help you navigate + translate the pages.
For old timers like me who are already familiar with the taobao, all we need to do is search get the link for the product we want and add it into Ezbuy's "search items/ paste product url" box on the top right corner of the page :)

See the search box? If you can read chinese, just type in the items you are searching for in that box, it will directly search taobao on your behalf and present the results. And these are some of the few websites you are able to purchase from as well if you want to purchase products from the US but don't have a local address to ship to over there.

Sadly that they only purchase and ship products from Taiwan, China & USA, lookking forward for them to expand to Japan purchases so i can finally shop all my Japanese products without troubling my friends every time they travel *sorry*.
Something to consider Ezbuy! :)

There's everything there, from fashion items to household goods.

Using economy air is faster and affordable now!


To enjoy their convenient services today, just sign up as a normal member or you can later upgrade to PRIME if you are a frequent ezbuy user, this membership allows you to save more on shipping fees and even get exclusive benefits. Prime membership is available for RM188 per year, with a FLAT RATE of shipping fees-RM8.80 for a whole year regardless of size and weight of your parcel shipped monthly. To try out their Prime service you must be an existing member first in order to upgrade, more details on Prime member can be found HERE.
More suitable for online business owners or shopaholics :-P
Casual shoppers like me would only need normal member services as i try not to give myself a reason to splurge lol!

Sign up on Ezbuy and immediately get RM15 cash voucher in your account:  http://bit.ly/EzbuyRM15

Also exclusive for dear my blog readers, save a total of 15% off your shipping fee when you use my code: " EZJUL15 "

Website: www.ezbuy.my
Facebook: Ezbuy Malaysia

Can't wait for my orders to arrive now, just done some clothes shopping for both lil parasite and i, so we can have matching outfits next time lol 
Baby clothes shopping can be quite a feat for me right now since lil parasite has yet to reveal its gender lol so guess not much shopping can be done till after it's out. So you can stop asking me what gender is my baby guys haha, it's going to remain a mystery till probably after i pop.
happy Shopping guys, since pay has already come in for most of you :-P

Ezbuy is also on Mobile!


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