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Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Series Review

It's raining make up these few weeks lol, just kidding! It's always nice to get back in touch with my beauty side after being away too long, getting kinda rusty also. Guess what?
Nudes are making the comeback again, not really again lar per say since nudes are classics and classics never dies! Look at Audrey Hepburn, people are still idolizing her till this very day lol.
Thank you Jude for sending these lovely babies over because of my last minute hectic work schedule, it's hard to catch up with people these days >.<
So the only way to talk to me is through virtually now, kinda turning into a rare unicorn as i hardly appear outside UNLESS special cases or coincidence.

Most make up junkies would be familiar with this drug store brand from the US, but i didn't know of it till my older sister whom is more familiar with western beauty brands (while my forte is Asian brands lol) was raving about it when it first hit our shores early last year if i am not mistaken la.
She kept going on and on about it, so i guess it's now time to see what's all the hype about.
If you are already a huge fan of Physician formula or a newbie looking to try out this brand do read till the bottom as i have a discount code for you guys to shop courtesy of Watsons Malaysia :)

Introducing their newest family to the Shimmer Strip series in Classic Nude 1 which is a more earth-ish tone compared to Warm Nude palette which has a more golden hues to resemble warmth.
And in my opinion (subjective la) girls should always have a series of nude eyeshadows to complete her collection as eyeshadows isn't just about bright colors but also having shades that enhances your natural beauty.

Swatches, not exactly the super pigmented kind of eyeshadows but really "natural' looking which is suitable for the "no make up, but got make up" look lol. They are all in Shimmery shades (duh!) so don't expect mattes, the shimmers isn't too drag queen glitter overwhelming kind but instead has the right amount of shine to make your eyes stand out.
Somehow i can't help feeling these shades are leaning more towards "ASH NUDES" than just "NUDE" lol, maybe it's just me.

Even i couldn't tell if i am wearing anything on lol

And i am totally fine with it being not so obvious as i tend to not wear heavy make up on weekdays (during work, who cares lol) so having something like this palette to just give my tired weary eyes a quick lil refreshing makeover and i am ready to face the day!
There's so many ways you can coordinate the colors according to your mood and even create smokey eyes with this but being a boring creature of habit i'll stick to these 3 favorite tones of mine :-P

The shimmer from the eyeshadow doesn't drop below your eye even after a few hours IF applied and blended in properly of course, try not to apply too much as the excess shimmer will make you look like Edward Cullen and no one wants to look like that century old skinny vampire right?
Tadaaaa~ My lazy "nude" combo

Of course not forgetting Physician Formula's Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio, gel pencil to be exact that doesn't smudge on my eyelids but i can't say the same for oily lids since i am blessed with non greasy ones >.< lasting power of these gel liners isn't exactly that long for people like me who constantly rubs their eyes out of habit (bad one, i know). But one thing i noticed is even after all that rubbing, i didn't get a messy black eye at all, it just comes off on its own lel.
Colors aren't super pigmented upon first lining, so you gotta go over it about 2-3 times to get a more vibrant outcome from these gel liners.
The purple shade makes a good compliment for nude eye make up, something different than the usual black and brown eyeliners.
Priced at RM80 a box of 3 liners but currently on Watsons website it is going for only RM72!

This Eyeliner Trio is available in 3 different color sets:

*right click to enlarge*

  •  Long-wearing, water-resistant and smudge-resistant formula for 24-Hour wear.
  •  Hypoallergenic 
  •  Fragrance free
  •  Paraben free
  •  Dermatologist approved
  •  Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  •  Gluten Free (WOW!)

Tried using all 3 colors at one go lol, the top lid is black & purple while the bottom lash line is using brown

Shimmer Strips EyeEnhancing Eyeliner Trio Brown
Quite light, these are drawn once, 

Well at least i can say I've finally tried this brand after wanting to for such a long time, you can find Physicians Formula in your nearest Watsons Pharmacy today or if you can't find it around you, there's always an online shopping option these days that conveniently delivers to your doorstep :)
I am pretty much neutral with the gel liners but can't help but to love the eyeshadows more, will be doing a mini giveaway soon, so do subscribe to my blog to be the first to get notified on my next Physician Formula post! 
Meanwhile get additional RM5 off Physician Formula products (no minimal purchase) by using this code upon checking out from Watsons.com.my: ACW5PF

  • *Term and Condition Apply & while stocks last. 
  • Valid 1 eCoupon per transaction.
  • Expiry date: 30 Sept 2016

Physician Formula Malaysia: www.facebook.com/PhysiciansFormulaMalaysia


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