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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Markets'19 Experience as a Vendor

I do wish time would slow down abit, with a blink of an eye it's already almost the weekend and i've yet to unpack my stuff from last weekend's markets'19 bazaar lol, not sure if i am just slow or time is messing around with me. How it's like to finally be a part of  the bazaar you have attended throughout the years, here's my take on being a vendor for 2 days in one of the biggest lifestyle bazaar in Klang Valley. It's totally a different experience from having a booth a ClosetStyles's bazaar last month but i did learn a thing or two from there, so during Markets i came prepared with cash change and packing my stuff into trolley luggage rather than boxes :)

After my previous struggle (until need 3 people to help out) transporting boxes of clothing from my car to the venue and back again, i know understand why vendors just used super huge luggage bags and dump everything in there, also at the end of the day it's easier to just close the bag, zip up and go home rather than folding one by one and putting them back into the boxes. So for those of you planning to participate in future events, just bring along a trolley luggage, at least that doesn't break your arm from lugging it around lol and i gotta learn that the hard way = =;;

My lil companion for both days, this is the cutest bag ever and it fits alot of stuff while acting as a mini pillow for my head too :-P
For those interested to purchase, you may visit Parallèle Paraíso to get'em. Or you can even drop by their booth during Animangaki 2016, Sunway end of this month to purchase directly and save on postage fees.

Observing the event from a total different point of view does give me a better insight on how bazaars like these works, and all i can say is how much i admire all the vendors there who attends one bazaar after another from weekend to weekend for the sake of getting their brand exposure especially those artisan/ handmade product brands. Mad respect for you guys wei, i alone can't even function properly after getting home from the first day but had to drag myself out of bed to cover for the 2nd day of Markets lol. 
But no doubt this whole experience as a person who don't usually do this kind of stuff as i prefer to attend these bazaars as a shopper so i can browse through all the booths and enjoy m
yself rather than stress out over making sales out of my booth (not meant to be sales person lol).

The crowd was unusually small this round compared to previous markets i've attended but still see some familiar vendors who have participated in almost every single Markets installment. And this year since Pokemon was released on the same weekend, not surprising if everyone went pokemon hunting instead of coming to the bazaar lol XD

It's funny though opening a second hand booth at the bazaar because all the vendors there are selling their own brands products or offering services but guess that's what makes the bloggers corner slightly more unique, call us the bargain bin area lol wtf.
Having friends in the same area, sharing your boredom misery during non peak hours of the bazaar sure is fun since we were busy updating each other on the pokemons near our booths, most people even come to our area is just to catch pokemon and not look at our stuff, sad man seeing everyone so glued to their phone screen lol

Oh well..if it weren't for the sudden release of pokemon, think sales performance would have been slightly much better since no one would be looking at their phones 24/7 while walking :)

Check out all the stuff i have to clear, price starting from RM1 onwards and nothing above RM50 for clothes & shoes.

The crowd attendance during the 1st day was definitely wayyyy better compared to the 2nd day as i didn't even have time to sit down nor eat till it was all over, but on the 2nd day i could still walk around while we (bloggers) took turns to go check out Markets & catch pokemons lol.
Funny that despite our prices are already so low, there are still people who insists on ridiculous price negotiation (basically asking FOC already la), makes me wonder how some sellers deal with these kind of people during bazaars.
I know that the corner i was in is made for bargain stuff, but that doesn't mean one have to throw away their logic and common sense to get stuff a dirt cheap prices right? Sometimes i question humans (technically Malaysians) where's their sense of dignity when it comes to sale or discounts.

It's nice meeting fellow mom-to-be as well! 
Thank you so much for dropping buy & purchasing :)

Okay, now let me tell you this facepalm story of this really "cina cina" type of auntie who would stop at nothing till she haggles things down to the very last cent. Sounds familiar? Or you have encountered a similar situation before?

Then read on:-

My purpose of even dragging my tired body out to sell at this bazaar is to collect funds for my lil parasite, so far i am grateful from all the earnings i've gotten from my hard work of trying to sell of most of my new and preloved items at low prices so selling more stuff is necessary here since the earning margin is low (more losses than earnings), or i won't be able to cover back certain costs.
I usually don't mind giving extra discounts to buyers who purchase 3 items and above,  on top of that i also hand out free beauty products to thank them for their purchases.

But on the first day there was this particular aunty (from far can see is the troublemaker type) who came by with her daughter, not wanting to judge the book by its cover i decided to treat them all the same with smiles and attend to every single inquiry they had. First i offered her to look through my beauty stash that priced only from RM1-5, even offered her my seat so she can browse comfortably but what i did not noticed till it was too late she opened up my new products damaging the new seals without even purchasing anything from that box, wtf lady? Is it necessary to do that, you are not a 5 year old who doesn't know any better!

That was while her daughter sheepishly browse through my clothes picking up a few that would fit her petite frame nicely, this aunty joined her daughter and rudely grabbed the clothes from her asking how much was the prices of each and immediately asked me to discount a RM25 new zalora skirt for RM10 (wtf again), i told her that the most i can give is extra RM5 off this skirt as it was still new, but guess when you are a haggler like her you'll find every reason to justify the pricing like a small yellow stain (happens to white clothes when stored & not used for couple of months) which can be easily washed off so fine, i gave the skirt to her at RM10 with a condition if she purchase more than 3 items above. Off she went to raid my other beauty boxes and came across my brand new Clinque moisturizer which was selling for RM100 instead of RM150 (original price), she then demanded again to sell that brand new product for RM70, i have patience but this lady was really testing me to the max. Hello, even as a customer who are you to demand so much? If you are such a cheapsakte please do the world a favor and don't shop outside all, make people hate your for your terrible practices only.
Tried to reasoned with her that this product is brand new and you can't even get that price for a brand new manufactured product unless its clearance sale (near expiry), and the most i could give was an extra RM10 off, so that makes the moisturizer RM90 (my loss from RM150 ya wtf).

In the end she took up bunch of items which totaled up to RM150 mixtures of clothes and beauty products so i told her that i'll offer her a huge discount for her purchases, instead of RM150, she only has to pay RM120 (fair enough don't you guys think?). As i am already loosing and not profiting from this sales, but at least i can lessen the amount of stuff in my house.
Guess what? Instead of being grateful, she told me she would only pay RM70 and no more, wtf lady where is your brain? First thing i did was ask her daughter what does she think of her mother's unreasonable request (in a nice way of course) the daughter just looked down at her feet and kept quiet. Pretty obvious even her own daughter is ASHAMED of having such a mother, if i had a mom like that i would immediately disown my own self than to learn her LOW ways. I'm dead serious about saying stuff like that.

At this point i just wanted to get this aunty away from my booth as her negative cheapskate aura is really bothering me alot and i was trying hard not to explode at her stupidity, so i offered RM100 for all and FINAL! Take it or leave it, at the price she was basically paying for only her moisturizer and getting all the clothes and other beauty products for free wtf man. And her comeback was a classic one, still insisted on her initial haggling price RM70, obviously i stood firm and said no because no one in the right mind would agree to such ridiculous amount. Heck she was so stubborn that she refused to budge from my booth a good whole 30 minutes thinking i would give in, and her last offer was RM95 (RM5 pun you mau discount ka aunty?) I immediately told her ok just to get rid of her (LIKE FINALLY!)
Everyone who was near my booth throughout this whole ordeal was even DISGUSTED with this aunty's actions.
Lets hope we have seen the last of her, and her daughter reads this post at least so she can one day build the courage to tell her mother to have some DIGNITY at least :-/

Well hope you guys find this rant entertaining, because if you do decide to one day venture into bazaars as vendors, please prepare yourself to deal with such people. Mighty proud of myself that i didn't kill anyone (especially her) as i know myself to be short tempered, but been trying to practice more self control these days because in the end no matter how angry we are, we can't do anything about it than to move on. But that doesn't stop me from ranting out because i find it helpful to pour it all out rather than to keep it bottled up inside. If not punching bag it is, but unfortunately i don't have a punching bag nor the kickboxing gyms are going to allow me to use their facilities with my whale condition lol.

That was just 1 horrible experience for the 1st day of Markets'19, thank goodness i met more lovely customers who came by to chat, exchange contacts which made the day so much bearable after that nightmare. My 2nd day, crowd was really slow and there wasn't much people who came by to browse, but the few who did (earlier that morning) was another violent, unreasonable bunch. First they violently raided the RM5 bin, ripping off the plastics of new clothes and digging like wild animals (sorry to say that but that's how animals behaves), so i asked them if there was anything particular they are looking for so i can assist them to search before any further damages are done. They held up 3 t-shirts from the RM5 bin and asked for further discount, that dumbfounded me man.. it's only RM15 for 3 brand new t-shirts -_-
Fine, told them that they can have 3 shirts for RM10 but instead they asked RM5 for all 3-tshirts (ꐦ ಠ_ಠ ) Tell me God, how not to kill myself having to deal with these type of people *pulls hair*

So think i don't have the rights to rage post right now? Lol.

Anyway those who don't like my rants, it's not like i am forcing you guys to read also, if you click this link, it's at your own free will (no such thing as force click) :)
Don't like it, just close the page and forget about it rather than creating trouble like inserting your "self entitled opinion" about my rants. Nobody gives a shit about what you think, so don't go looking for trouble when there is none to begin with.
Surrounded by so many of these kind of people, makes me wonder if this is the price to pay for being "famous" (*perasan* ohoho~) lol so hence haters gotta hate and this is my own personal blog for me to write my thoughts/ opinions. At least i have a life, unlike SOMEBODY lol.

I managed to catch a "Pikachu" XD

Even Wunderbath had pokemon bath bombs at 20% off if you manage to catch a pokemon at their booth (confirm can catch! lol).

Found Pidgey at Wunderbath!

These tarts might be abit pricey RM12 for 6 small pcs but at least they taste good.

So will i be a vendor again next time? Why not? Just because i had to deal with a few pain in the ass people that doesn't mean it's going to stop me from participating in future bazaars as a vendor :)
It can be fun when you brush off these pests, tiring but it's worth it at the end of the day when you make new friends and earn abit from it. 

Look out for Markets'20 announcement on their Facebook: www.facebook.com/themrkts


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