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Maybelline Lip Flush Review- Sheer Goodness

Please don't hate me (certain someone) for the long delayed post lol, but it's alright i'll love you guys no matter what XD
Another lip related post, i know that my lips looks so kissable (cheh! perasan lol) in photos that's why i end up reviewing tons of lip related products haha, on the bright side my lil parasite will be showered with endless amount of kisses everyday from his vain pot mom!
So I am constantly on a lookout for good colored lipsticks that isn't too sticky so that i can "kiss", actually eat & drink more because who else to kiss at the moment without having to worry about stained bottled and cups. Today, we'll be testing out Maybelline's Lip Flush series, initially was eyeing their latest 3 tone bar lipsticks, but probably another time since i have this first :)

So what's special about this lipsticks?
They aren't exactly your average pigmented lipsticks, feels more like tinted lipbalm in my opinion compared to lipsticks as the colors are sheer with the right amount of shine to make one's lips looks extra plummer than usual, and if you lipsticks don't makes your lips look kissable then please throw that thing away. It's practically useless lol.

The whole point of lipsticks is to define and accentuate your lip shape to make them look more fuller like the queen of bee stung lips- Angelina Jolie.
Everyone wants her lips, except me of course because i personally feel her lips might swallow an entire face whenever she's trying to kiss someone lol, sorry i sound so mean but that's how it looks like to me! XD
I am happy with my small Asian lips and wouldn't trade anything in the world for them.
But one of my problems is having too pale complexion, as a result i look haggard (not enough sleep of course la!) and lifeless like a corpse. My main reason of wearing make up isn't to exactly cover my flaws but to give some "life" into it or else people will ask me if i am sick or not lol.

Got them in these 3 colors! 
But it's available in 6 beautiful shades actually.

Lip flush series's formula contains shea butter which moisturizers your lips the whole day and with the faint hues, you can top up the color on top of each other without worrying about it looking too heavy on your lips. It's made to give your lips a natural finishing touch of color while you go wild on your eyeshadows (eye make up), plus the colors are made using food pigment instead of the usual cosmetic grade color pigments and food pigment colors are known to attract people due to their "delicious" looking shades that triggers the mind of consumers (law of attraction) lol. 

Since it's already so moisturizing enough, i find myself using this without the aid of a lipbalm base since my chapped lips is immediately smoothen out whenever i apply this on to complete my simple everyday look!
But it does stain my cups and bottles slightly whenever i drink, the colors are sheer so don't expect it to last on your lips the whole day like those lip stains lol as i've been stressing this isn't your average thick lipstick formula but a tinted lipbalm.

From Left: Pink, Red & Coral
My pick would be the pink (PK04) because it' gives my lips a natural hint of pink and barely looks like i am having any lipstick on yet my lips looks so "juicy". Somehow the shades between red & orange there isn't much difference probably one is just lighter than the other but i am definitely convinced this is more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick lol.

It's available at your nearest drugstore (Guardian/ Watsons/ Caring/ Aeon Wellness) price at only RM24.90 each. 
Maybelline is always so affordable and the amount of variety they provide is endless! That's what i love about this drugstore brand, if you are a make up beginner and on a budget, i would recommened you try this brand first before exploring further! :)
My first make up product back in 2006 was also from Maybelline, gosh..can't believe I've been a faithful user of their products for 10 years already!

For more Maybelline updates follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaybellineMalaysia

Next target are these babies!
They are the next generation of LIP FLUSH series called "Bitten Lips" Lipstick (smells like watermelon too), it creates an immediate ombre (gradient) effect like those Korean/ Japanese make up trends!

So pretty! *v*


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