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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Plushie Invasion from Rukia Plush Heaven!

Remember this fat fella, Tubbs from Neko Atsume? It's been awhile since I've paid Rukia Plush Heaven a visit to avoid all temptations , and trust me that alone takes ALOT of effort already especially when you see their Facebook page updates everyday on their new arrivals and exclusive one of a kind merchandises. Have to claw my screen and go "WHYYOUDOTHISSSS" lol.

So if you have a severe shopaholic or can't resist cute stuff syndrome please proceed this post with caution, you have been WARNED!

Don't blame me afterwards for all the damage you have done to your bank account ya, it's not my job to tempt you (tauke Audrey's job lol) as mine is just to share about interesting stuff around me, because that's what my blog is for but in the same time unintentionally poison you guys into buying as well *sinister laughter*
Rukia Plush Heaven is not exactly a new store per say, they have been operating for quite some time and impressively expanded over the years and now you'll even see them actively participating in various ACG events all over Malaysia as vendors complete with an army of plushies invading their entire booth and display racks.
Just a heads up they will be at Animangaki end of this month in Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, so do drop by their booth to get your plushie needs :)


Those of you who don't know about Rukia Plush Heaven or just briefly heard of her through word of mouth or accidentally came across her Facebook page before, let me share abit more about her plush services.

Many TYPICAL CHEAPSKATE MALAYSIANS would first ask- "Why so expensive wan? I can get same thing for RMxx at another shop".
Here's why:-

The Plushies sold by Rukia Plush Heaven are ORIGINALS unless stated of course, hence the pricing, which is actually quite reasonable for imported goods already when you take into consideration the shipping, tax, and import fees that needs to be covered as well. Yes there are many bootlegs (fakes) you can get out there for the fraction of the cost but please bear in mind that supporting originals are always recommended unless of course budget wise doesn't allow you to have that kind of luxury. So don't be an ass and comment as above just because you are ignorant -_-
If you can't afford, my advice is please don't spend unnecessarily unless you have some to spare at the end of the month. Be an adult and practice priorities lol,  shop wisely and if you really want something work hard and save up for it!

According to Rukia, founder of Rukia Plush Heaven she once had a customer whom ordered a bootleg from some random website and got a shock of his life when the parcel he recieved constain a used sanitary pad. How disgusting is that? Gross sial.
So buying from here, you can rest assured that your plushies are in good condition and properly packaged before being sent out to you.

Lol, sounded like a rant blogpost pulak *opps* but really kids (even those above 20s) these days (Millennials) deserves a good smacking on the head for not using their God given brains even though they have one. We need more smarter people in this world as it's over populated with ignorant (+ idiotic) ones and you don't need to be Einstein to be smart, having common sense is already a first step.

Pokeball, available in 20 designs.

Okay. rant over and back to focusing on the adorable plushies, Rukia Plush heaven's main attraction are their Pokemon plushies as they do have a huge collection of it with even rare ones to boot, shipped in from Japan as most limited edition ones can only be sourced from the land of the Rising Sun lol. Lucky them, well they created pokemon in the first place anyway.
But they also do have other plushies from different series and genres but equally famous ones like Neko Atsume (my fav' cuz i am sucker for cats), How to Train Your Dragon, Pusheen, Gudetama (kyaaa!), LOL, Digimon and even Dota 2!
More hipster ones like Don't Starve is their latest addition to their plush family, but surely you'll see pokemon first before all these lol.

With the current ongoing hype of Pokemon ever since PokemonGo was launched but sadly it's still not in Malaysia, but at least you can get into the trend by owning your very own pokemon for your bedroom, makes a good sleeping companion at night too!

 Bulbasaur - RM55

It's funny how trend waves goes, i used to be a huge fan of pokemon back in the 2000s before it became so mainstream, so i am guessing that's one of the reasons why i am not too overly hyped about PokemonGo. Not saying that i don't want to play it, i mean if it's available, why not right? Not something i would rave or go all out to get as i believe a true fan wouldn't ride on the hype created by the public as deep down inside of us, Pokemon has a special place in our hearts. I still feel that oddish doesn't get enough love at all =_= yes, i once had a pokemon assigned to me by my seniors and that was an Oddish a.k.a radish pokemon lol.
Very old school generation of pokemon but i still love him regardless of how everyone hates how it evolves.

Say hello the chef who "cooks"(i wish lol) for me! 
Yes, i am prepping #mylilparasite 's room with all the cat plushies i can find at the moment lol.

For now, i am going nuts over Rukia's Neko Atsume and Gudetama collection, looking forward to more designs to be brought in so i can scream "TAKE MY MONIESSSSS" XD
Aside from plushies, you can also get other merchandises like apparel, household items and cosmetics which you can't find them elsewehere.

What are you waiting for everyone, get them while they are in stock as not all of them lasts very long due to the high demand. But if a particular design is sold out, you can always request for a pre-order which takes an average of 2 weeks to arrive :)
Please read the terms and conditions before asking stupid questions ya, no one likes to deal with situations like these. So put yourself in the shoes of others before doing or saying something stupid, "How would you react?".

Get your plushies today from www.rukiaplushheaven.com
More updates on new arrivals, do follow them on their official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/rukiaplushheaven


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