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Achieving Fresh Juicy Skin & Lips + Miss Hana Anniversary Giveaway

We girls always want to look our best every time we go out but don't you ever have days when your skin and lips starts to have flaky bits out of the blue basically ruining your base to start your make up and no matter what you do it will still be there unless you have the time to take tweezers to pull off those pesky dried skin piece by piece -__- sorry i don't have the patience or time to do that lol.
What better way to avoid it than to keep your skin hydrated at all times and for those who tend to be forgetful like me- tendency to forgo skincare routine before dozing off 
Facial mask is the instant solution for supple skin, but take note that not every face mask brand has the same effect or texture but it depends on your preference as well.

Say Hello to my latest haul from BeautyStall!
More stuff test and share with you guys :)

Some might like thick and rich sticky kind of face mask which makes sense to use it at night since you wouldn't need to apply make up on afterwards but as for me i prefer to keep them as lightweight and quick absorption as possible.
Of course non sticky, two of my beauty pet peeves is skincare products that leaves your skin extra oily (konon "moisturized") like there's a layer of butter cream on your face and the ones that leaves your skin feeling like double sided tape lel. So i am VERY particular about the skincare brands i use, so far for Taiwan brands of face masks they tend to be very lightweight, generous with the serum that dries almost instantly upon touching the skin and after using it you don't feel like washing your face :-P

Korean face masks tends to be heavy & sticky, definitely not my cup of tea lol, like i said i wouldn't want the feeling of "washing it off" as it defeats the purpose of putting on that mask in the first place.
So if you are looking for non sticky type hydration masks i would highly recommend Hanaka brand, and i am not the only one to support this claim. Even a few of my readers swear by this brand and recommended me which range to try, which i am grateful for the suggestions!
So without anymore delays, i'll be introducing my new favorite dry skin and lips life-savers from Hanaka! Please beware that there is so many pink going on in this post so i do apologize if you are getting diabetes from the sweetness of this post lol.

Today's featured facial mask for my simple 3 step preparation for Fresh Juicy Skin & Lips Tutorial is Hanaka's Botanic Treatment Reviving Mask- Cherry Blossom

Comes in a pack of 5 with a free cute Velcro to hold up your fringe 

Just follow these 3 simple steps before your big event, your make up will last longer in no time!
Say goodbye to crack flaky skin and lips in just less than 15 minutes and hello juicy fresh ones :)
Usually people would use face mask before they sleep but there is no rule stating that you shouldn't use it for day time lol, for a quick intense hydration fix just apply one of  Hanaka's Botanic Treatment Reviving Mask for 10-15 minutes to save time on make up i would usually draw on my eyebrows and apply on mascara first since both of them are waterproof anyway.

STEP 1: Face Mask

Does it smell like sakura? 
Not too sure because i've never smelt a real one before lol
But this mask is supposed to make your skin soft like the Sakura petals!

Hanaka's Botanic Treatment Reviving Mask Review: 

What i love about Hanaka's sheet facial masks is that they might come in thin sheets but the effect from it afterwards is amazing, my skin feels instantly soft and much more radiant in less than 15 minutes! The amount of serum in each packet is quite generous, make sure to use every last drop of it on your neck and shoulder blades, don't worry about it drying up being sticky as Hanaka's serum formulas are made non sticky and quick drying too.

What about me?? *lips screaming*

Hydrating your skin is most definitely the first thing anyone would do, but how about your lips? Doesn't it need attention too? o.O
Come to think of it, i never asked myself that question till today because i never see the importance of doing so till recently.

Just a question out of curiosity, how often do you girls exfoliate your lips? Only when needed or never at all?
For our face we are recommended to exfoliate the dead skin away at least 1- 2 times a week and for oilier skin probably 3 times a week would be better, as for sensitive skin people like me once a week would do or our skin will start looking like some dandruff infested face *eww*.
But funny though, despite me not exfoliating my skin much it still tends to flake on its own from time to time, that's what i call "bad skin days" same thing as "bad hair days" lol.
This applies to my lips as well, some people just has naturally chapped lips no matter how much lip balm they use daily or the amount of water drank the end result would still be very badly cracked lips. Sounds pretty annoying right?

I have a friend who had that problem with his lips and he uses lip balm daily by the way, but the cracks doesn't seem to show any signs of subsiding at all in fact it just bleeds whenever he smiles or does any activities that stretches his lips. This is a guy, imagine if you are a girl having this kind of problem, wearing lipsticks or lip glosses would be a distant memory already D:

But ever since my discovery of BeautyStall Malaysia, having access to the complete range of Miss Hana & Hanaka products isn't a problem anymore, which i am so glad that i can finally try out all the products that i have been eyeing previously but couldn't get them because none of the websites i browse through sends to Malaysia and it's all in Chinese (banana hear lol) :(
Thank goodness BeautyStall is bilingual, one the top right corner of their website you can select the language you want to view the website in. 

STEP 2: Exfoliate Lips

Hanaka Chu chu lip scrub
My next holy grail now, because of this i can apply on matte lipsticks with ease!

Hanaka Chu chu lip scrub Review:

This is definitely made from sugar because it smells and tastes (accidentally went in my mouth lol) sweet! If you are on a diet but craving sweet stuff, think this lip scrub would be super helpful in curbing those cravings haha!

It has essential oils to moisturize lips as it exfoliates, take note that only a small amount is needed t achieve supple kissable lips, too much would make your entire chin area oily as well during the rinse.
The smell is definitely a huge bonus because it reminds me very much of cotton candy & strawberries unlike the usual scrubs i've used that usually smells of lemongrass (bleh).
The scrub isn't too harsh, it's strong to remove dead hanging skin off your cracked lips yet mild enough to not do any damage to the lips like making it raw and pain :)

  • Gently exfoliates
  • Reduces the appearance of lip wrinkle lines
  • Prevents Lip skin peeling

After using the scrub my lips has definitely lesser lines which makes it a good base to work for matte lipsticks as most of those tend to bleed into the cracks and resulting an ugly finishing.

How to prepare your lips for "KISSING" XD
Just joking! But this is a good practice everytime before applying on any lippies.

Honestly this is the first time i know of Hanaka carrying lip care products as i always assumed with was only facial stuff, guess Hanaka delivers top to bottom skincare solution.
So my first time trying out their scrub and lip balm, both of the has scents that strongly resembles real fruits so it can be rather tempting to "eat" it once its on your lips lol but please refrain from doing so!

STEP 3: Apply lip balm to lock in lip Moisture!

Apparently this is the new packaging for HANAKA Juicy-Q Lip Balm, released just only last year and comparing this design to their first edition one, this seems more user and travel friendly.
I was kinda caught off guard with the pleasant mint feeling from the lip balm as it smells strongly of peaches (available in 4 different flavors) lol, it's non tinted and has a glossy finishing of it own.
If you are applying this before your lipstick, go easy and don't squeeze out too much or your lips would be too wet to apply lipsticks on :)

Now that we are done preparing our skin and lips for make up, go ahead and paint your canvas my dear artistic sisters and brothers!
Always remember to MOISTURIZE your base before starting anything.

The lip gloss i am using for this tutorial is from Miss Hana, think most of my make up stuff from Taiwan is from Miss Hana right now, my collection of cosmetic brands throughout Asia consists of Japan, Korea and Taiwan lol. One day i should maybe show you guys my entire collection stash and how i organize them on  a budget :-P

I honestly love lip glosses as they give the illusion of having plummer lips that makes one look "chio" lol but having to reapply them after each meal or drink can sometimes be tedious. That's a give and take la :-P
So far the make up industry has YET to create 24 hour lip glosses while they have successfully made 24 hour lip tattoos. 

Miss Hana Bonjour Lip Plumping Gloss Duo Review:

It's considered a new arrival in Miss Hana collection and i got mine in sexy red as my lips are already naturally pale and i prefer to have a lil color on them to make'em look more alive instead of a drained looking vampire lips lol. This lip gloss comes in 2 other subtle shades like Coral Pink & Sweet Pink, definitely a MUST HAVE to complete your "dolly look" 

The red isn't too dark in fact just nice for my liking since i love red lipsticks but on a daily basis i prefer to use a more sheer tone, so going for gloss is a good option.
It also duo head so it depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve, i usually like using the darker shades on the inner corner of my lips while finishing off with the transparent gloss on the outer layer, not much of an ombre effect just my method of getting extra chio lips lol.
Nah..chio enough or not? lol but i feel so naked without my fringe. 

Now to complete your entire look with a blusher, some people like applying blusher first before the lip color to balance out the amount of colors on the face but some prefers the other way around. Rest assured there is no "right" or "wrong" way, just pick a method that suits you best and stick to it despite what others say about it :)

Gosh..everytime i browse through Miss Hana's album on BeautyStall, i can't help falling in love with the entire packaging! Yes, i am one of those who actually buys products by factoring in their packaging design as well lol well, if you are going to use it everyday might as well be something beautiful right? :-P
My 2nd blusher from Miss Hana is their Apple Cheek Powder Blush, this was a generation before the Gradient blusher i used on my last review/ tutorial which you can find the post HERE

Miss Hana Apple Cheek Powder Blush (in Margaret) & Dandelion Blush Brush Review:

A dolly pink shade that i am usually scared to try but gotta get out of my comfort zone once in a while as a beauty junkie lol, not regretting my decision at all!
Not to mention the matching blusher brush that goes with it, the bristles are soft and the brush tip is designed to give a precise and smooth blush application without leaving any powdery bits.
This blusher tone might shock one at first glance as it does look "WOW" and close to borderline neon-ish pink lol but rest assured that it's actually a sweet pink shade as you can see from my photo this is th result of 2 applications but think 1 time is actually enough for a natural look.

But this definitely goes very well for all the dolly make up i usually do that requires a strong pink shade to fill in the apples of my cheeks.
Silky smooth finishing, doesn't give out the cake-y look, would go for the rest of the other shades as well but for now only this shade and a highlighter is available on BeautyStall as the rest have been sold out (bestseller hor!).

We have now come to the end of my blog post, do you still remember the 3 simple steps lol? :-P
It's just a tip that i find useful, so i hope you guys find it beneficial too and it isn't something complicated to do as well, all you need is to be "rajin" to take care of yourself to avoid unwanted problems like dry flaky skin before you head out of the house.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below!
More from Miss Hana & Hanaka, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/misshanamsia

Last but not least, heard that BeautyStall will be celebrating their 9th Anniversary this month, so there will be tons of exciting promotions and sales on their website- www.beautystall.com/en! Make sure to wish them on their official Facebook Page and get ready to shop till you drop :)
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Win cash prizes worth up to  RM1,000,000
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Finally the news that I have been dying to share with all my readers, i know you guys love giveaways because who doesn't like being showered with gifts right? I've been already quite blessed to be in this life, so giving back is the least i can do so that you'll have a chance to experience the joy as well!
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