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Mamonde FINALLY in Malaysia!

Might be a few weeks late to announce this lol but i am going to include a major news in this post as well, so do read on to find out what's the surprise i have in store for you Korean fans!
Just earlier this month Mamonde, a Korean beauty brand under Amore Pacific that all of us beauty enthusiast has been waiting for has finally opened its doors to Malaysians.
Nothing makes our country's birthday month more special with endless arrays of good news like this launch, PokemonGo finally in Malaysia and the recent Rio Olympics!
Fruitful month for Malaysia indeed, despite 2016 didn't start off too great but at least progress shown over the past few months seems promising, so can't wait till end of the year now :D

Those of you who missed my previous post on Mamonde, feel free to read about it here: CLICK ME!
It has swatches that you girls might find useful especially if you can't decide on which make up product to get!

This is Mamonde's first ever outlet in Malaysia, and of course they are looking to expand very soon as their recent Facebook update there's been hints written all over it lol.
Do hope it would be their flagship store next, so we can see x2 times more product range than you find in their current outlet inside AEON, One Utama.
Not complaining about anything, it's just nice to see more stuff being introduced, giving us an opportunity to explore Mamonde further especially on what it has to offer us :)

But they do have quite a handful of their star products in their Aeon counter, so if you are new to this brand, please do head over to give them a try and mark my word when i say that you'll fall in love with their quick absorbing, non sticky and faintly flower scented skincare range!
After all this brand is indeed inspired by flowers, so in every product you'll find that each of them has nature Incorporated its formula making it the first ever skincare brand that uses only flowers as its key ingredient.

Was waiting patiently for those yellow drapes to go down lol!

Finally it's OFFICIAL!

Not gonna say much about it as the photos are already self explanatory lol, but here is some info that might send you running down to Mamonde counter immediately (if you haven't just yet), from the day they launched till 31st August 2016, Mamonde is giving out tons of freebies daily like skincare samples, facial masks and these doesn't even require purchase! All you gotta do is get your Facebook ready by liking their official page: www.facebook.com/Mamonde.MY to redeem your freebies.

For purchases you will be rewarded even more, with every purchase of RM180, you'll be entitled ro redeem a 25ml lotus micro cleansing oil & a limited edition mamonde coin purse. For purchases above RM350, you'll be getting a full 5pcs trial kit set alongside with a Mamonde floral recycle bag.

Get the cushion! Highly recommended :D 

They are also having special prices for their skincare sets with rewards to meet their Mamonde ambassador, Korean actress- Park Shin Hye in October!
YES!! This was the good news mentioned at the start of this post, we actually thought that she would be here to grace the launch but was disappointed when we found out she isn't in Malaysia that day. But that didn't dampen our hopes on meeting her as they are saving her appearance for October during their next store launch!
So to stand a chance to meet Park Shin Hye in person, just purchase any of their exclusive beauty sets and get a try in their lucky draw box, for more info please do visit their counter.
  • First energy lucky box
  • Floral power of 5 skincare set
  • Floral Power of 5 Make up set
Wishing all customers good luck and thank you Mamonde Malaysia for inviting me!

To learn more about Mamonde, you can also read about it on their website: www.mamondegarden.my

I've got this set, but haven't had time to try it out yet so no reviews from my side lol but heard from my other blogger friends who already used it, that this Honeysuckle is really good! It's function is for Revitalizing as the plant has the ability to absorb and distribute nutrients to vital parts of the skin.


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