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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Autumn Hair & New Japanese Eyelash Extension Service by Daisuke Salon

Since i went back black it' abit hard to imagine myself with colorful hair again, yes i do miss it very much because it was apart of me for like 1.5 years?
Before i gave all of it up to look like a person that you wouldn't even glance at twice on the street lol.
Any regrets? So far none except the fact that my previously bleached hair can't hold unto any dark colors too long and i have been asked tons of questions of how i upkeep my grass hair so i'm gonna be answering them here in this post :)

1. What Treatment do you always do?

Keratin treatment because my hair is lacking of it, so that's why it's constantly frizzy especially at the ends despite cutting off the split ends already. This works best for people who frequently bleach, dye and expose their hair to heated styling tools. 

2. Does your hair colour runs and stain your towels/ pillows?

Never had that problem of staining pillows at all (seriously) even with blue and green hair lol never go to sleep with wet hair, however with darker colors like black yes the color does run during washing for the first 1-2 weeks but after that it will gradually stop running and even if it does stain my towels, all i had to do is throw it in the washing machine like normal and it comes out good as new. Freshly dyed hair is bound to bleed a little during each wash so it's not something "unusual" at all.

3. How do you keep your hair well styled all the time?

Guess you haven't seen me with bad hair day lol, whenever i'm lazy i'll just tie my hair up into a ponytail. Other days it takes me an average of an hour to style my hair with curler or straightener, it isn't easy to be honest but having nice hair does complete your look. No point having nice make up with awful looking hair lol, a real waste.
I do wish that i can wake up with ready hair everyday but at the moment i can't do any temperament perms or straightening because my hair is previously bleached, gotta wait till it grows out first.

4. How often do you wash your hair?

Once every 2 days including gym days, it might sound gross but my scalp doesn't stink and secrete as much oil like most people because it's healthy! With a well balanced healthy scalp you will experience lesser hair falls and doesn't look flat even after a whole day. 

5. What Shampoo are you currently using to cope with your postpartum hair loss?

Previously i was shedding so much that i need to sweep my floor everyday or else it would be covered in a layer of hair, and i was obviously balding because my bald spots were noticeable, it was really freaky sial. And after that i switch back to using Tansan Magic shampoo and tonic, over 3 months the results were significant. I now sweep my floor once a week, shed 90% lesser than before and tons of baby hair can be seen now. Even during my recent hair consultation with a professional, they commented that my scalp is surprisingly healthy! It might be abit costly for this bottle of medical grade Japanese shampoo but it helps alot, so i don't mind buying it lol it's also cheaper than going for hair loss treatments.
You can email me to purchase: arisa1443@gmail.com

6. How much is it overall?

I can't really give you an exact price as individual hair length and condition will determine the overall pricing. But you can expect it to range around RM280- 500 (for cut, color and treatment) and if you are new to Daisuke Salon just quote my name "ARISA" to get 20% off your total bill :)

7. Which Stylist does your current hair?

This year senior stylist Rene does my hair, so you can request for her!
Call to book ahead to avoid disappointments 

8. What time does Daisuke Salon Operates?

It's already stated on their Facebook page but i know some people are just lazy to search for it so i'll leave it here.

Monday- Closed
Tuesday to Saturday : 10am- 8pm
Sunday : 10am-6pm

Done by senior stylist : Rene

Camera why you make my neck distorted??


Also that week after i did my hair, i finally caved in an got my lashes done for the very first time!
Daisuke Salon's new service- Japanese Eyelash Extensions!

The thought of doing eyelash extensions can be quite scary since there are so many scary cases circulating around the net like people being allergic to the glue, bad job done, lashes all falling out, etc.
But when you think of it, all those cases happen in dodgy salons with questionable materials, so i would rather go to a place who uses quality materials and is not afraid to answer my inquires regarding my concerns.

Though this service is new with only 2 eyelash stylist available, i found it rather good! It's not a bias review ya, coming from a first timer here i have no past experiences to compare to but i honestly found the whole session decent, got to catch up on my 2 hour nap while Ai did my lashes.
They are both trained and certified in Japan, so you can rest at ease about their qualifications :)
Also their materials are all imported from Japan as well, nothing beat their quality. Enough said.

Comfortable and Natural

Most people i've met so far commented that my lashes looks so natural that it looks exactly like my current ones but enhanced extra 100% lol, doesn't look fake and heavy. I've asked some friends who had their lashes done outside often complained about it being somewhat heavy and hoods the vision abit like you are wearing those fake lashes but i never had all problems with that except having to be EXTRA careful around my eye area now lol.
Having eyelash extensions made me realized how rough i was with my face, scrubbing, rubbing and wiping but now i've toned down about 80% because i don't want to ruin my lashes.

However i am planning to go for a more dramatic effect one next before i head back to Japan.

It's been a week + already since i had them done, it does save me time from applying mascara (10 mins) or false lashes on a daily basis however i can't comment on how long it lasts but give or take since it's not much probably 1.5 months.
Yes lashes do fall off from time to time if you have not noticed even with or without your eyelash extensions, so don't freak out. Lol.

Now they are having their promotional opening price RM208 (unlimited lashes), there are a few designs to choose from depending on your preference.



  1. These are some really interesting questions. As a guy, I know many guys are getting many kind of treatments for their hair, but I have never had anything except a haircut.

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