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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Viege by Lebel

Everything ages, doesn't matter how much a person tries everything in their power to reverse ageing, it's something inevitable. Like your sagging skin, boobs, butt, what used to be your 6 pack abs is nothing but a pouch of flabs in front of your belly. Sounds rather horrible to age no?
And with age, our skin also starts to dry up though we are not yet a corpse, that's how all the wrinkles start becoming more prominent and so does the pigmentation on the skin.
I've stressed many times before on the importance of keeping our body well hydrated or else problems will start to surface like pimples and hair loss but when it comes to ageing that can no longer be helped by just drinking water or using moisturizers.

Hair loss are one of the main problems suffered by older people, these days premature hair fall is rather common actually because i have tons of friends complaining about their bald spots. I'll usually advise people to watch their diet because our current generation isn't exactly the healthiest bunch from eating out too almost 80% of the time.

Though it's ageing isn't something we can't reverse (unless they have Yzma's youth potion la), however there are things we can do to make the ageing process much more graceful. Call it a prevention process or whatever you want, it is actually the first step everyone SHOULD take to ensure that they won't suffer from drastic changes.

No, i'm not suffering from any hair loss (anymore) after i switched back to my Tansan shampoo & tonic, my scalp has been behaving quite well.
And during my scalp and hair consultation at Aki Hair Studio last week, they too were amazed that my scalp isn't as oily as a normal person's scalp in Malaysia (we live in a humid country) especially when i told them i did not wash for 2 days because that's my usual procedure before i visit a salon to do my hair 😅

That was when i was introduced to Viege series by Lebel, it's scalp and hair supplement made for anti ageing purposes. In our daily life we usually consume some supplements like calcium, fish oil or multivitamins pills for health purposes but what if i told you that your scalp and hair needs them too?
How are they supposed to get it since we can't exactly control which part of our body we want the vitamins to go to lol?
The answer is you can't, that's why they created products like Viege to target specific areas.
First of all Viege by Lebel products and treatment can be done at Aki Hair Studio, it's a brand originated from Japan and as you guys know i mostly use and trust Japanese products :-P

Targeted for matured scalp (starting 30s onwards) but those who are young can also use it as an early prevention step.

After doing the treatment myself, i did notice some significant results which was rather impressive.

  • Hair felt really clean and light, smells nice too 
  • volume has returned 
  • Frizzy ends of my hair became smooth and manageable 
  • Scalp stayed fresh longer than usual (could last up to 3 days before i washed again) and even after washing my hair still stayed smooth. 
  • Results were immediate after usage 



Really smooth!

Viege's ingredients are all natural, consists or various types of vegetables that gives your hair the rejuvenation it deserves from within. Each vegetable has it's own vitamin group, some even has extras like antibacterial and inflammatory properties. Feels like you are washing your head in a salad bowl here lol, but just minus the salad dressing.

Using these products on the long run does minimize the risks of premature hair fall, so do treat your scalp and hair to a healthy feast with Veige's product menu, there's shampoos, medicated essence, rrot care mist, oil and various supplements.
Depending on your needs which you can go to Aki Hair studio for a consultation before you proceed with the treatment or purchase, they'll recommend a suitable a suitable product for you.
You may consult them for pricing as well, salon treatments varies according hair type and length.

Shampoo & treatment for home usage, they have for "soft" and "volume"

I might consider to start using Viege's hair treatment at home especially for my frizzy blenched ends that needs extra care especially when i don't have time to visit the salon.
So if you are in your mid twenties, feeling that it's about time you should pay more attention to yourselves especially your crowning glory then try out Aki Hair studio's latest hair supplements from Viege, you won't regret it! :)
Plus their staffs are really well trained, so you are in good hands, thank you for the wonderful experience Aki-san and team and Nerderx family!

With Aki-san

Thank you for the invitation and the delicious strawberry tart Cain!

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