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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Game of Survival at Eagle Ranch Resort (No murdering involved)

Been including lots of Game of Thrones references in my postings lately lol, guess that's because i'm not happy at the fact i gotta wait about almost 2 years before the next season is out :-/ *rage*
Well today's GOT edition doesn't involve people killing each other (how i wish there was, because i just want to watch the world burn just like Westeros lol). It’s time to put your courage, teamwork, friendship and cooperation to the ultimate test! 
Also another way of see whether your colleague or friends willing to die for you or not 😏

Rip away your corporate shirts (like Clark Kent), coats, blazers and skirts (let's see some undies please!). Lose the clean-cut hair and sophisticated make-up because It’s time to suit up, gear up and ready yourself to have fun since i've found something fun for you guys to try out and i'm gonna be sharing here today. Gonna be doing more holiday and activity posts now because it's year end yo! Time to get your suitcases out and if you can't go far (due to tight schedule/ kids) there's always other places you can travel and stay at locally that's family and friends friendly (aren't they all lol).

The eagle ranch resort at port dickson have all the facilities needed to pull off a grandeur team building activities and today’s entry is ALL ABOUT THAT. Since it’s pretty easy booking hotel online nowadays, to book eagle ranch resort online is as simple as Googling. You only have to Google any online travel agency you can think of, say, Traveloka Malaysia for instance, then voila! You and your teams can start the engine and be off to a new adventure ahead.

No one likes to be managed in the office really, and i will definitely like to spend my holidays away from my coworkers because i' see them almost 200 days a year, but when it involves activities with me getting back at them for some sweet revenge, who am i to deny it? hoho~
I'm really evil haha but really just a joke guys, don't take me too seriously. Sometimes all we need is some time off from office to build a stronger relationship with our colleagues and bosses, that's why it's always important to have a company outing.

Management Games

Test your management skills with their never-ending list of management games. These types of games will put your wits and smarts to ensure your team get through the obstacle alive. Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating there, but, hey, it made it sound all cool and suspense, right? Such activities including what is called, Bridge Over Trouble Water, Crossing River Kway, Square Rope, Spider Web and Toxic Waste. Here’s a quick snippet of what the games are all about:

Bridge Over Trouble Water: 

You and your team are being put on an imaginative river, equipped with just two planks and rope, you and your team have to cross the river while carrying a ping pong ball in a container filled with water without any spill along the way.

Crossing River Kway: 
With the same situation as the above, but here’s the twist, you’ll be given only two long ropes, one piece of short rope and a drum. Points will be cut off if each of the participants falls into the deathly river (again, just to add effect).

Square Rope: 
The leader will be a crucial key to this game. Other team members excluding the leader will be blindfolded and holding a rope in a figure of 8. Just with the instructions of the leader, they will have to move about to turn the rope into a perfect square.

Spider Web: 
The whole team have to go through the man-made spider web one at a time. The web cannot be touched by the team members and once a hole is used by one team member, it cannot be used again by other team members.

Toxic Waste: 
Team members will be given a bungee cord and a rope. With it, they will have to work out a way to transport a bucket of “Toxic Waste” and tip it into the “Neutralization Bucket”.

Let your management skills shine, who knows you might be able to impress and convince your boss to give you a raise! :-P

Night Activities

Night activities are to test the limit of your bravery to venture the forest alone in the pitch of black and camp for the whole night and feed tons of mosquitoes or maybe some cat size rats (i've seen those before, ugh)

Nah, just kidding!

There are three kinds of activities provided under this package; the Map Reading/Compass March, Jungle Trekking and Night Trekking. If you’re taking on these Night Activities packages, you have to be sure to wear proper trekking attire. You don’t want to go trekking in your skirts and blazers, do you? As usual, snippets!

Map Reading/Compass March: 
All participants will be taught to read directions using a compass. With this knowledge, participants will be asked to follow a set of compass bearings to various locations. They will provide with two torches for each team.

Jungle Trekking: 
The trekking will take place through the secondary jungle. The distance is about 3km to 5km. The trail will take you through various sites.

Night Trekking: 
It is basically the same thing as the Jungle Trekking, except it is done at night.
Better make sure you are not afraid of the dark and have tons of mosquito repellent at hand before venturing off into the night!

I'm starting to love Ygritte's Gifs now lol

Obstacle Course

Obstacle Courses will definitely test your strength and endurance, but at the same time - teamwork. Nobody gets left behind, as what they always say. Obstacle courses activities including the 2ft Single Bar, 6ft Double Bar, Swinging Bridge, Tyre King, Crab Walk, Loft Tunnel, Staggered Ladder, Jump Over Ditch, Barb Wire 3ft and Log Riding. It takes you back to those school camp, doesn’t it? Nostalgic coming through...

Ultimate Team Building Games
There is two main event under this category. It is unique, special and definitely needs all brains and brawns in it. They are called:

Seawater Rafting: 
Team members are taught on how to build a workable raft with bamboo and drums. This raft will be tested to sail on the sea and able to take up to 20 people. Each team member will be provided with paddles and life jackets each. The objective of the activity is to retrieve a flag located in the middle of the sea and teams that complete the task first is crowned the winner.

F1 Go Kart:
It is literally as it is called. Team members will be put head to head in a race to become the winner, but WAIT, there’s a twist. At the end of the third lap, they will exchange drivers, and before they can make the exchange, they have to solve a jigsaw puzzle. I bet Jigsaw from SAW will be proud of this.

So, what do you think? Have what it takes for the challenges?
You can thank me later for this suggestion proposal when your boss approves of this plan for your next company outing lol.


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