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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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LilParasiteTales| September Ends

Dear my lil parasite,

How have you been? Mama has been busy as always, sounding more like a deranged person each day as the restless thoughts endlessly floods my mind. But i'll like to make it a habit of reporting to you about the events of mama's life, though they might not all be interesting, just thought you'll like to know.
You'll never guessed what happened, mama has finally met her idol- Anna Tsuchiya at work, for the longest time ever i felt this happy again till the point i cried also it's because she also cried for you my darling. Only mothers can understand each other's grievance because they have went through the journey of bringing life to this world and it wasn't easy.

One and only picture with her
Had to contain myself from squealing like a high school girl.

When i was left alone with you, not knowing of how the future would be like as a single mother i turned to music and writing to calm myself down despite the constant heartache and worries. Guess what songs i listened to and sang to you :)

Yep, they were songs sang by Anna Tsuchiya- "Kuroi Namida" & "Stand By Me".

It gave me relief during times of struggles because the lyrics resonates into my soul and just hearing her voice made me calm, so imagine how excited i was when i heard she was coming down to Malaysia for the very first time to perform.
And she's extremely beautiful and nice in real life, doesn't hesitate to take pictures with her fans nor give out autographs and even heard your aunt bumped into her as she was checking out of the hotel the next morning lol what a coincidence siaa!
Mama would have brought you along to meet Anna-san as well if you were still around because that was what i promised, to have you with me during work whenever possible but i'm sorry that i couldn't fulfill that promise, but i will bring you back to Kyoto on your birthday.

One of those dreams marked off my bucket list, i really thought i was one of those people who are just gonna die without ever seeing their idols in person but since now with the limited time i have might as well make the most out of it, you'll never know if tomorrow is your last.

You guys can read my report on Malaysia Magazine & Fuyoo Japan website:

English version:

Japanese Version:

I feel so blessed indeed and would like to thank Fumiko-san, Kyoko-san & Toybox Productions for this once in a lifetime opportunity. This totally brings back tons of memories when i started off writing about entertainment (was always at press conferences) before i discovered my niche in beauty & Japan related topics which my blog now focuses on. This was the only moment i didn't feel exhausted at all when by right i couldn't last more than a day outside anymore, in fact my body was pumping with adrenaline for the concert!

If it wasn't for this friendship concert i wouldn't have know about FAZZ and charishma.com, now i'm hooked to their songs lol, you guys should seriously check them out!
FAZZ band is a great combination of soul, jazz and theatrical all mashed up and delivered beautifully through their performances, especially their song Valhalla (the rest are also nice ok!). I'm so glad i managed to record abit of it, so you guys can go check it out below and you'll understand why.

I'm hoping they will release an album soon so i can go buy one and loop their songs as i work :)

"I saw them"

I saw your father, with hands around the girl's waist at the concert standing in front of me (Literally! Nana you could have picked a better spot man why behind them siaa). That was a heart shattering moment over again, i tried many times to not think about it but guess old scars are hard to fade and time has never healed anything instead it thought me to be patient regardless of my raging whirlpool of emotions.

It's alright, not like i could slap him as much i've been holding back for so long because i was here for work and i can't jeopardize it by creating a scene and running away or hiding is not an option here. Should give myself a pat on the back for that effort man, but i eventually broke down behind stage anyway, oh well. Luckily mama's old friend came to the rescue though she was tired from work, well at least she got to fangirl over Anna backstage as well lol, see? It was worth choosing this concert over fried chicken kan? :-P

Life of Arisa, constantly crying from heartache and pain (both physical and mentally).

But all those pain so far has turned into motivation to be a better person for myself, i learned to be more understanding, patient and hardworking in order to reach my goals as well (slowly but surely).
Despite the appalling sight of them, i have no regrets being at the event that night because at the end of the concert i managed to thank Anna for her songs for it has helped me every single time and hug her goodbye, do hope we can meet in Tokyo someday. 

And i will take your advice to heart, ”頑張りますください”.
Thank you again Anna for crying for Mariko.
I know this blog post might not reach her but who knows if she might read it right?:)

Okay, i did TRIED to be strong and still went back to your grandma's home to continue crying till the next morning anyways, sometimes i wonder how can humans cry that much. It's been almost 2 years and i'm still miserable as ever, will it ever end? At this rate probably not.



  1. Fml.... If only I was around I would block off nasty things all over u instead... Hang in there Arisa.... Emotions wont let us going anywhere .There must be a reason why we still survive after everything happened . We get stronger day by day of course , to make us more wise...

    .....I hope I also would be stronger for everything...

  2. It's really hard to get over things unless we get a replacement.. stay strong and rainbows will come your way ^^



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