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EMAJINY Color Wax Review

Last day of September, let's make it count.
Loving my Harley Quinn PVC Jacket, thank you for helping me get it done via Parallèle Paraíso Banana! Seriously don't mind wearing it everywhere because it's so wasted just to use it once for cosplay.

Lately i've been seeing tons of ads featuring these colored waxes on my Facebook and Instagram, guess they always feature things that are currently "trending" in the market lol but to be honest colored wax has been around for quite some time just that all of a sudden it got hyped up. I'm familiar with all these products because you know me, always with the weird colored hair and wigs since i was 12 and back then another alternate for temporary hair color we used for cosplay are colored hair sprays. Those make your hair stiff as heck, colors not too vibrant especially against our Asian black hair but what to do because wigs were so expensive and our only source was ebay before taobao became common. Gosh, now everything can easily ship from China, so easy to get access to wigs and costumes.

Speaking about colored hairspray about 2 years ago when i made my costume for Eliza (Tekken 6) i bought some red colored hair spray just to get the black hair extension tips colored but turned out to be a fatal mistake because it was so stiff (silly me forgot about that kns), color wasn't even 30% visible and i couldn't wash it out without tangling the extension till the point it's beyond salvation.
Ended up throwing away 2 extensions, heartbroken die me siaa because it was such a waste :-/
So that's my bad experience with colored hair sprays, so if anyone asks me if it works or would i recommend it? Most definitely a big fat NO, it might be cheap but it's hard to come off and on real hair it becomes extra dry.

My suggestion for temporary colors is to either get those semi permanent dye work at the hair salon or if you really just need it for 1 event (like Halloween) then you guys can try out EMAJINY Colored Wax which i got it shipped over from Japan. Totally worth it because after using it, all my doubts and concerns about it seem to have lifted lol.
When one mentions wax, it's those gross sticky/ rubbery hair styling goop that keeps your hair up but at the same time stiffens it as well, not to mention even harder to wash off completely compared to hair spray so i avoided it for the longest time ever until this!

Also saw some of my friends having fun with different colors everyday with her colored wax, so might as well give it a try but of course i have to make sure that it's from a reputable source and not simply buy it off the net just for safety sake. For those who saw my insta stories and DM to asked where it, I bought my EMAJINY Colored Wax through Zenmarket (Japan proxy site), very reliable that's why i keep using back their services :)

Out of all the colors available i've picked Blue & Red, if i could try them all i would lol

To get purple i mixed the red and blue together :-P
There are 5 colors to select from - Blue, Red, Bronze, Gold & Silver

My Thoughts on the Wax

Surprising enough though it's called wax, the finishing was rather on the "moist" side but once it dries up it just looks like normal dye work lol but take note that people with bleached hair will obviously obtain more obvious results compared to those who are unbleached. 
But from my photos you can see how vibrant the colors are despite having dark brown base to work on so on black hair you'll probably get similar results as well.

Spread very well throughout my hair without giving any patchy problems but you gotta warm it up on your palms (rub it together) first before applying to your hair, that way it will only spread out evenly and you don't need alot to get a bright outcome, of course unless your hair is dark then probably you might want to do 2 layers for the color to be much more obvious compared to mine and don't worry it's buildable.

It Doesn't Stain or Damages your Hair

The texture somehow reminds me of water based products so that it's easily removed once it comes in contact with water (warm/ cold is best, please avoid using hot).
Also remembered how i had very nice manicures done about a week and a half ago at Enchanted Siblings? I totally forgot about my nails when i dipped my fingers into the wax and apply it on my hair lol but to my amazement, it washes off very easily even without soap and didn't stain my fingers at all (hallelujah). Probably other colored waxes do but i'm glad EMAJINY's does't!

I left my hair like this for almost 12 hours, went to gym and my daily stuff before washing off just to see if it stains my hair or not but i didn't!
Washed off so easily and after 1 round of shampooing, all of it came off so now i have normal hair color again lol. No dry straw hair feeling caused by the wax (my hair is originally dry to begin with but it didn't get any worse- caused by heated styling tools not bleach).
Now that i discovered colored wax, gonna bid goodbye to hair spray and chalk versions.

Definitely a product i would recommend my hairstylist friends who's customers just want temporary funky colors for special occasions, Japan stuff is good lol (not bias, a fact yo!).

Compared to Colored Spray, Chalk & Wax Which is better?

My opinion? Definitely the WAX because it's easy to control the amount of color vibrancy you want and doesn't spoil your hair like spray and chalk, those 2 leave your hair feeling extra dry even after washing off.

Also i learned not to wear white next time lol because when you sweat the color might run abit but if you are doing just a small portion of your hair, or tying it up then it shouldn't be a problem but to be safer just wear dark colored clothing instead.

I really missed my bright colored hair alot and because i can no longer bleach it, this is the best next alternative for me to get in touch with my unicorn side.
Still waiting for my hair to grow out so i chop off the ends and perm it next time, for those of you who don't know that in order to do perming your hair can't be bleached, it's has be natural or else the curls won't be able to stick and your hair might break even more. It's okay even if i can't dye it funky colors at least there is colored waxes, hopefully there are more colors released near future :)

Overall Verdict? This product got my seal of approval!

You guys can purchase it here on Zenmarket (Yebisu)
Price: ¥2,700

Brand: Emajiny
Made in Japan

The result of mixing red & blue wax, you get a nice shade of purple that's not available in the market lol, no limits just get creative!

This size can probably last you a couple of usage, don't underestimate it's petite sphere

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  1. simply love the harley quinn outfit... not everyone can wear it with style and attitude! but you can!

  2. The color pay off so well on your hair and it complement your Harley Quinn look so well!
    Should totally use this for Halloween.


  3. Your hair colour matches your jacket. Can't help wonder what would happen if the person gets caught in the rain after waxing hair.

  4. Wow I like the colour and is easy to apply on hair. The best part, it does not spoil the hair. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. The color looks so chio on you! I love how we can always change hair color according to our mood of the day! Definitely a better option for who that loves to play with hair color change.

  6. Wow~~~ Those colors are striking. It looks easy to apply, but now sure if I know how to apply.. Hahah... Need style it only look nice leh..

  7. I am so envious... you made it all seem so effortless and look so good with it....

  8. This is so cool, now i can have different shades of colour on different days without damaging my hair.

  9. wow ! lovely photographs, it makes me want to go japan as right now, what a wonder ful place to visit, thanks for sharing your experience and tour tips , i would definitely go there.


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