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Smelling Nice [Hygiene Talk] - Dettol Deep Cleanse

I remember the days when i used to take public transport and people would randomly come up to me (all genders) and tell me that i smell nice. Wtf indeed especially when you are out the whole day sweating and all, i highly doubt that would smell anywhere near alluring. Not sure if it's my pheromones doing the work or maybe it's something i use to keep my BO in check lol. Definitely not talking about my pits because my deodorant ball from Japan has no scent and i do not use any perfume since i'm somewhat allergic to them (sensitive nose).

But i did recently noticed that MAYBE it could have been my body wash all along, and it might probably not be present to my nose when i sniff myself but it could be for others. Makes tons of sense now because each human registers scents differently and some may pick them up better compared to others too.
What kind of soap i use ah?
Remember those old school bar soaps we all grew up with? Same old ones lor except over the years (started in 2014) i've been a big fan of dettol's latest scented range that's when i switched over to using their body wash products and till today still the same except switch flavors la, at least ada variety sikit.

Bar soaps last the longest.

Whenever one mentions the brand "Dettol" what would immediately register to their mind is antiseptic wound dressing or floor wash lol and of course the signature scent that one can't forget. Pungent you might add, but that's the smell of hospitals ya'll. 
Everytime my mom dumps a cap full of it into the pail before mopping the floor imagine my agony for the next couple of hours till the scent fades off and i can resume rolling on the floor again.

But i definitely don't smell like a walking antiseptic dressing la of course, siao ah!
Over the years they have introduced to us new scents in their body wash range aside from their usual "anti bacterial" identity, Dettol slowly ventured into the skincare and beauty line giving us their PH Balancing series and this year Deep Cleanse Series featuring one my favorite stone fruits.


I have a serious obsession with stone fruits from peaches, apricots to cherries, i love them all so it might sound a little bias but trust me on this review, it really does make your skin smell super nice without needing any perfume.
Actually pick any of Dettol's scented bodywash, you are guaranteed to feel super clean and smelling good the whole day (can't say after workouts though).

As a kid my mom would use her facial scrub to give us a once a month bath scrub and it's really scratchy all over, makes me wonder how they actually use it on their face lol.
But as i grew, reading more about beauty products and how they are made, it does make me as a consumer more wiser when it comes to selecting products from the market shelf.

100% Eco-friendly

This deep cleanse series from dettol might raise some concerns to some of us who are eco friendly people whether its microbeads will harm the eco system (common ones are made from plastic in case you don't know) but rest assured because these microbeads are actually made from the apricot's pits itself meaning it's 100% natural.
So you can get a decent skin exfoliating bath without worrying you are harming any marine life out there, plus it's also beneficial for you to exfoliate weekly!

Why Exfoliate?

If you are wondering why do we humans need to even scrub ourselves anyway?
We are somewhat like reptiles despite being labels as mammals just because we can regulated body heat from within and give birth to a baby rather than lay eggs lol. We do shed skin just like snakes, except our amount of shedding is daily and can't be seen with the naked eye and it takes us a couple of years before we completely shed all over.
That's why it's important for us to exfoliate to remove not only the dead cells but also the dirt picked up from our daily activities and trust me, we are all actually a shade brighter than what we think we are it's just because we are covered with so much dirt lol.


I love using this new range now only for it's health benefits it gives my skin, but how it makes me smell fresh like apricots even after a whole day, highly recommended!
But please don't go up to me and sniff k, that's just plain weird lol wtf.
And i can't believe i'm actually recommending body washes on my blog now haha, maybe it's a way for me to tell the world please be mindful of your overall hygiene! Because nobody likes a person with poor hygiene especially when taking public transport during rush hour, and investing on something small like a bar of soap goes a long way (on smelling decent).

The Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash is now available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets. The size choices include 225ml at RM6.90 and 850ml at RM20.25. The 800ml refill pack is priced at RM15.67. Alternatively, the Dettol Deep Cleanse Bar Soap retails at RM10.45 for 105g (comes in packs of 3+1).

Disclaimer: Products are sent for reviewing purposes but that does not affect my thoughts on it.


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  1. I love the products of dettol be it our skin care product or related to toiletries. They have a wide range of such product which make us germs free.


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