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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Be Waso, Be You

It's not easy being yourself, many times you look in the mirror wishing you could be someone else like your favorite famous influencer who's living the life you wanted or a much thinner/ fatter version of yourself but at the end of the day all these things we wish for isn't going to drop in front of us whether we like it or not. That's life, it's not about always getting what we want and it isn't fair that some don't even need to lift their finger and yet they are showered with rewards while the rest of us spend of lives slaving away.

Just last month when i attended Shiseido's latest sub brand launch- WASO 
which was a rave party in the middle of the morning, seems rather an odd hour to be having a rave party no? But their concept is to be original, go against the social stigma if needed because what do you have to lose in life especially while you are young.
But walking around passing people like a ghost while the music blast in the background, and everyone looking like an awkward potato trying to fit in with the cool kids (influencers) including myself made me kinda "snapped" inside.

"What am i doing here?" 

Yes i was invited to one of the coolest morning rave parties of the year with so many of my cool friends all around which i'm tremendously grateful for the opportunity but why do i feel so empty? Because this isn't my natural habitat, i belong in a realm of pillows, books and solitary. 
This wasn't myself, t'was my past life that i left behind when i decided to grow up so it feels all so unfamiliar anymore.

Yes i became a socially awkward person over the years, i do my travel projects alone whenever possible so i don't have to make awkward conversations with others or having to answer for my harmless but weird habits. 
But i am very comfortable with it, in fact i do enjoy these times alone because i have learned to embrace the fact that i am a weird tiny potato in this world. I'm at peace with myself so i shouldn't do things that makes me uncomfortable just for the sake of "living up to others expectations".

Look created for the event


Just like how i got to learn abit more about WASO by Shiseido's story 

" The name WASO is drenched in authentic, Japanese heritage. It originates from a combination of two words, “WA” meaning a Japanese sense of peaceful, harmony, and “SO” meaning inspiration, idea and thought. "- Shiseido

A skincare line designed for Millennials. It stands for individuality, creativity and empowerment.
Be fearless, break boundaries if you have to, because we are a generation of people where the rules of the old doesn't apply anymore and we create the rules now.
At the end of the day, this is your life you are taking control of, and it's not for others to reign in. 

Sounds "powder-ful" no?

So yea i'm just gonna do that and be a hermit under the mountain because that makes me happy :)

Okay, back to WASO
It's Japanese heritage and aesthetics uses nature as its number one source of inspiration and of course ingredients as well. This range contains 5 main key ingredients designed for young adults skin type, it's kept simple and at the same time meeting all the requirements of the skin.

  • Ninjin (carrot) - the moisturizers infused with the power of carrots nourishes skin, and keeps it feeling soft and plump.
  • Biwa no ha (loquat leaf) - the moisturizers infused with the power of loquat leaves, hydrate and mattify skin so it has less visible pores and suppresses shine. 
  • Tofu - the skin smoother infused with the power of soy lecithin, refreshes skin so you can feel its smoothness immediately. 
  • Shiro-Kikurage (white jelly mushroom) - the lotion infused with the power of white jelly mushroom delivers hydration to plump skin from within*. *epidermis
  • Hachimitsu (honey) - the cleanser infused with the power of honey removes impurities and refreshes skin, without stripping away essential moisture.

Sounds like an ingredient list for yummy"nabe" (hot pot) right? lol
Well, it's technically food for your skin but you can go shop for the fresh ingredients and make dinner out of it for tonight lol. Except don't throw the honey into the soup, that's for you to make a refreshing cold honey drink 😂
Just kidding really!


So i gave their range a test run to see how they fair, whether it's worth the hype or not but when it comes to shiseido products rarely anything can go wrong from my experience because it's from Japan anyways, everything is designed into perfection :-P
There's a total of 7 products altogether covering the basic skincare to color correction sunblock which so happens to be my favorite (YASSSSS) because for my lazy days i can just slap that on, draw my eyebrows and viola i my skin tone is already even out by the sunblock. There's no need for foundation liao.

And really hor..they know us millennials so well that they basically design a lazy range for us lol, everything is cut short because it's like an all in 1 kind of concept so if you use the whole range there's only like 4 products to use compared to a usual skincare regime that requires alot more.
But i have no complaints, size wise is also perfect for traveling and did i mention that their sunblock's cap can be hooked on to your bag like a keychain? (YASSSSSS)
Omg, think i'm playing favorites here already lol but i really can't help stressing enough on how much i love their sunblock to bits!
Kasi send a couple more please Waso Malaysia, sekian dan terima kasih lolol.

Here is a breakdown review on each product i got:

My skin type: Sensitive and Combination (oily T-zone) 
Skin Condition : hormonal & temperamental so you'll never know when a whole cluster f*ck is going to appear.

Waso Quick Gentle Cleanser

This baby is a real life saver for lazy people like me who just wants to wash all the make up off after a long day out, using make up remover sounds like a tedious process but why do so when there is a powerful yet gentle cleanser like this to get the job done while you are in the shower.
It has easily removed my waterproof eyeliner with just a gentle massage and after that a rinse would do, leaving your skin fresh in a jiffy! 
It's alcohol and oil free honey-gel cleanser, safe and suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones

Price: RM105 (150ml)

Waso Fresh Jelly Lotion

Followed by this Jelly lotion that works as a moisturizer that's quick in absorption, locking in moisture and mattifying the skin so that pores appear smaller. It has a lightweight jelly (duh!) texture formulated with white jelly mushroom.

Price: RM120 (150ml)

Waso Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream

And this is the 2nd last step, for extra hydration especially since i'm always out close to 12 hours with make up on, it's crucial for me to prep my skin properly or else the make up is going to crack in after 1-2 hours in. It's a 24 hour moisturizing clear cream that hydrates and reduces the visibility of pores and fine lines, it's basically your meitu skin blurring filter in a real life jar :)
And does it work? Yes, it does! The fine lines around the corners of my nose and under my eyes appear minimal compared to not using it at all.

Price: RM160 (50ml)

Waso Color-Smart Day Moisturizer

Last but not least my all time favorite of the whole range, a moisturizing sunblock that evens out my skin tone, brightens and doesn't clog my pores, in fact it feels more like a perfect make up base rather than a sunblock lol, it blends rather easily too. 
You know how most sunblock leave that thick, oily layer on your skin? 
I can confidently assure you that you won't get that feeling with Waso's Color smart day moisturizer, it's available in 2 types (moisture & oil control) mine is the moisture range because i have very dry skin by default.
Protects the skin from UV rays while keeping the oil secretion in check, this baby is a must have with you at all times!

Price: RM150 (50ml)


Is it worth spending on this range?

I consider WASO to be a mid to high end brand and for that price it's actually rather decent, compared to other brands at similar positioning .
Most definitely, to me as long a skincare range doesn't require me to put on 10-20 over products on my face or makes me break out, i'll most definitely say YES to it.
A modern skincare range designed specially for us, so why not give it a try and you'll understand why i love WASO even though i've just tried them for only a week. It has potential, and if they ever do expand into cosmetics as well, i can foresee it having more earth-like tones, all the nude shades :-P

WASO range is available at all Shiseido counters throughout Malaysia, it's even selling in Sephora and hermo online

Website: https://www.shiseido.com.my/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waso_official/



  1. Forever introvert you are :) I feel you... Lol u using pasar languange your entire blog posts feels so like home 😂😂

  2. lol i'm comfortable being an introvert. Haha, bahasa pasar indeed because it's the same way i speak everyday and writing is no different


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