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Momohime | Halal Japanese Skincare

First post for September and we'll be saying hello to my favorite month soon- Autumn!
Also i have great news for all my Muslim beauty enthusiast readers, I've finally found a certified halal Japanese skincare product for you guys! Coming across them was sheer luck on Instagram (random suggestions) and never did i expect to have this opportunity to test this brand out and share my experience here with you guys. Thank you so much Momohime team! :)

Not everyday you'll come across a beauty product from Japan with a halal logo on it, more common for food and restaurants especially in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. As far as i know when you google "halal Japanese cosmetics or skincare" sold in Japan or Malaysia there's only 3 brands that would appear on google search engine and that is Momohime (skincare), Black Paint (skincare from Kyoto) and ZA cosmetics (bet you guys didn't know that lol, it's under Shiseido umbrella by the way).

For a fact i know that majority of my blog readers are Malaysias (top readers, thank you) who follow me for the latest beauty updates and you guys are aware that i do not usually touch religion sensitive topics unless it is a beneficial information for my readers like this recent finding!

I'll try my best to continue sharing more about Japan whether it's about travel, food, fashion or beauty.

Today i'll be introducing to you guys the skincare brand that i've been testing out for the past 1 week after Mdmmd, the amount of different skincare brands every week tested on my face just for you guys lol. 
The brand name Momohime might sound familiar to some of you because it was featured on this article earlier this year. It's still quite new, but i do hope after this post you guys will give it a try as well.
It's available for online purchases via their website (shipped directly from Japan) , and for retail outlets AEON wellness pharmacy, KL will only be available from mid September onwards, shall update more when it arrives!

About Momohime

So here's an introduction about the brand, from It's name in romanji- "Momohime" which means "peach princess" named after the skincare's core ingredient (obviously) "Peaches". 
The origin of this brand goes way back to 1930 when they were first a vegetable and fruit store in Kitasenjyu that has expanded all the way throughout Japan and other countries like Jakarta before finally tapping into the beauty industry in 2016 to develop a halal skincare brand and that's the same year they opened an office here in Malaysia too!

Momohime received the Halal certification from Japan Islamic Trust (JIT), a religious institution that's part of the World Halal Concil recognized by UAE and other countries since 2008.

So all of Momohime products are certified 5 FREE in terms of:
  1. Pork-derived ingredients free
  2. Mineral Oil Free
  3. Alcohol Free
  4. Colorant Free
  5. Ethylene Oxide Free (Oil based Surfactant Free)

An all natural high quality moisturizing and brightening skincare brand made from Japan's latest technology, proven to penetrate into the skin better allowing for more effective results. For those of you who are not so familiar about what "halal" means, it's just basically an ethical method of conducting everyday life practiced by our Muslim brothers and sisters. More beauty brands should start adapting this practice, since it's not only limited to one religion's beliefs it's also beneficial for the rest, and for some circumstances more humane as well.

They do not condone testing on animals so it's definitely cruelty free.

Of all fruits "why peaches?"

We've seen tons of other fruits being used like oranges, lemon, tomatoes but not so much of peaches unless it's a facial scrub like other stone fruits (apricots especially).
Okay you guys might say i sound rather bias here just because i love peaches (especially Japan ones) alot and had tons of cravings for it when i was pregnant last year but there are scientific proof about the benefits of this fuzzy, juicy, sweet and fragrant fruit

This fruit is not only good to be eaten in fact it also does wonders for the skin because it contains high amounts of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that's only only beneficial for consuming but also for the skin as well, yes your skin needs to "eat" too.

Benefits of Peach
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Regenerate your skin tissue (protein)
  • Lessens dark circles & blemishes 
  • Removes wrinkles  (known for anti-ageing)
  • Rejuvenates tired skin
  • Protection against UV rays, preventing radical damages 

Momohime's products are made from every part of the peach from it's leaves, flesh, skin to it's pit, everything has a vital role in creating the perfect formulation for a simple, gentle and effective skincare range.
See? Toldja my obsession with this fruit is not a random one but in fact a healthy choice by default :P
Also the soft fuzzy skin reminds me of Mariko's hair to be honest and she smells like peaches to me lol. 

So moving on the the review, and i'm gonna put a disclaimer here that regardless the product are bought or sponsored, my reviews and opinions shall remain unbiased.

How Effective Are the Products?

Staying true to it's claim, it does have a subtle brightening effect on the skin and this isn't the work of the usual skin grade bleach as it does not contain whitening agents. I believe the whitening is caused from having all dead cells removed effectively yet gently revealing the new layer of your skin. We shed tons of dead skin cells everyday, just that it's not visible to the naked eye lol you guys can go read up on it. 
Here's a proof done on my hand as a demo, after washing, applying toner, moisturizer and gel cream.

I personally have very obvious dull skin due to insufficient rest and water, though i do try to get more of those whenever i can but it's sometimes inevitable especially when you have so much on your plate that needs to be cleared before your brain even allows you to think about sleep. #workaholiclife

The scent is really calming and subtly sweet exactly like slattering a real peach fruit pulp on your face minus the stickiness la of course lol, it's because the skincare contains peach juice as one of it's active ingredients (not artificial scents). Where have you guys been all these years?
Previously i had a Japanese brand facial scrub made from peach extracts that i love using because the scent is so calming but of course we can't use scrubs everyday or our skin will end up too dry and now i have a whole skincare set that smells of it, seriously couldn't ask for anything more.
We can bid goodbye to all those harsh chemical scented skincare brands and convert to these instead, because using natural products is also much better for the skin in the long run.

The texture is very light, just perfect in my books so it absorbs quite quickly into the skin and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and supply every time without fail!
I definitely do feel my skin regaining back it's elasticity within just a week of usage, people do comment on how i look younger every year guess using the right beauty products really does pays off lol also i'm noticeably more fairer on my face compared to other parts of my body that's constantly exposed to the sun (arms/ legs).

Here is the full set i'm currently using:

1. Step 1 - Peach Foam Face Wash

Abit goes a long way, this facewash lathers up quite easily so you don't need to squeeze much out every time. It gives a deep cleanse kind of feel, especially if you have worn make up the whole day and even after make up remover your skin still feels "heavy" for some reason, washing it with this foam wash will immediately relieve your skin of that lingering burden. Doesn't dry up the skin as well, so it's good!

2. Step 2 - Peach Moisture Lotion

Followed by toning, i love this because it helps me to remove any extra dead skin lingering around that i missed (neck area especially) without any sticky after feel. It's main function is to hydrate the skin from within.

My personal pick, followed by their gel cream

3. Step 3 - Peach White Essence (optional/ alternate days)

This is their newest addition to the whole skincare set and even earned it's title as Moscow's best halal product! Made with the latest technology of liquid crystallization that's claimed to boost spreadability and delivers high penetration over it's other peers (basically super serum la lol). Liquid crystallization mimics the skin's intercellular lipid (the layer that retains the skin's water retention).
Contains active brightening ingredients like Arbutin extracted from Cowberry and Mandarine Orange Reed extract. One pump is enough for the whole face.

No oily or sticky residues

4. Step 4 - Peach Moisture Gel Cream

Though i've never been a fan of creams due to it's namesake texture, Momohime's moisture cream breaks away from that stereotypical texture, creating a more highly absorbent and humectant* face cream. It's really light, dries relatively quickly and smells faintly of peaches. Despite the amount of peach scent piling on top of each other, you won't feel it's too overpowering (coming from a girl who can't stand perfumes and other artificial scents). I found the sizing pot just perfect actually, not too big, not too small and it should last roughly around 2 months with daily usage.
Personally prefer to use finish and open a new one rather than allowing one to "ferment" in a pot for over 12 months and it's still not even 50% through :-/

*retains moisture

No allergy reaction or breakouts on my sensitive skin, so it's all good! My skin is definitely getting more translucent each passing day and make up stays on very well too whether there's primer or not.
Overall my verdict of this product is highly recommendable for those looking for gentle halal skincare from Japan :)

You can get the complete set packaged and ready for gifting purposes, comes with a very cute yukata shaped bag!
Price range : RM93 - RM103


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