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Slinky Touch Hair Removal | Review

Smooth legssss

Depilatory products are one of the essentials of every woman (unless you are born hairless, lucky you) & man as part of their grooming routine. Of late most people would just either walk to a wax parlour or sign up for IPL treatments to make life easier, this also makes depilatory products go slowly obsolete in the market and there aren’t much brand options out there to begin with anyway (just a handful, literally you can count with 5 fingers only). Like VEET, everyone knows this brand because it’s considered as Malaysia’s no.1 depilatory brand but if you have extra sensitive skin condition even Veet’s blue (sensitive series) tube won’t be able to prevent rashes from breaking out after each session, for me this is the case. I grew up using Veet and over the years my skin somehow came to reject their product, not sure if it’s their new formulation that my skin disagrees with or my hormones is out of whack, could be both but I can’t exactly pin point the exact cause.

That is why I turned to waxing instead, also the hair growth comes back much slower and I wax once every 3 months, about 4 times a year! Meanwhile if I were to use hair removal cream I’ll need to do it every month, for shaving (not recommended unless URGENT) every 3-5 days. So if can I would highly recommend waxing or IPL, these treatments on long term basis can reduce your hair growth significantly and I know because I did IPL for my underarms, Brazilian wax for my down under (TMI) and normal wax for full body lol. Being a woman is so much hard work but it makes me happy to know that everything is fuzz free and I also find it more hygienic, I do this for myself not for a guy!

As I was saying, though the hair around my body isn’t as thick as it used to be but there are some traces of it especially when it wear skirts (one of my pet peeves is seeing girls wearing nice dress/ skirt with tons of leg hair, babe please groom yourself!)

What made me turn back to depilatory products was because I moved to Japan and I couldn’t go to my usual wax parlour in KL (Bubblegum Wax is the best!) to get my usual session done so I’ve decided to try these Japanese branded depilatory products out as an alternative. Oh, also I’ve seen them selling in Malaysia (online & offline) before so you guys can go check them out if you are interested! If not mistaken in-stores like SASA, and it’s actually brought it by this famous Japanese beauty website –Tokyoniki; not surprising it’s on Hermo as well (they are slowly dominating the industry as KL’s no.1 beauty website for Korean & Japanese products) for around RM50+ per tube.

Compared to Veet and other brands in Malaysia, Slinky Touch (not “silky”, lol I initially thought it’s the usual English spelling error from Japan’s side) it’s definitely almost triple the cost of an average Malaysian depilatory product and was it really worth paying RM50 for a tube that lasts probably less than 5-6 uses? I’m here to confirm that doubt because I too was in the same situation, even in Japan seeing one tube of Slinky Touch’s cost like 1200 yen I’m already thinking twice about purchasing it because Veet is only like 600 yen lol.

It’s definitely very gentle to the skin, to test this theory further (yes, I’m very the extra & extreme) I applied some on my upper lips to remove my fine facial hair. It’s actually not recommended because the skin on our face is thinner, for normal kinds of depilatory brands it would have easily burned my skin upon application but for Slinky Touch, I wiped it off with no discomfort no burns and yes my fine hairs came off and hor they actually have a separate product for facial hair removal, just that I didn’t buy that one to test out lol.

I like using this on my leg because it makes it super smooth & fair after each session, and the hair doesn’t come back till like 3 weeks later! No usual rashes, and I can’t stop touching my legs it’s really silky (I mean slinky lol). It’s a great choice for those with extra sensitive skin but also try not to leave in on longer than the recommended timing to avoid potential irritations. The formulation is made mild so the average waiting time is 5-10 minutes where as normal depilatory creams only need 2-3 mins max before washing off or else you’ll get chemical burns. Also best results if you wash off using a gentle body sponge, don’t scrub just wipe through with running cold water to close the pores.

Slinky Touch’s formulation consists of natural plant extracts (for skin’s nourishment), soy bean protein (moisturizing) and hyaluronic acid (hydration & protection). You can use it anytime either before or after shower, either way doesn’t affect the product’s performance.

Moving on to their wax, this packet was also gotten out of curiosity but I don’t think it’s available in Malaysia (yet). One thing I hate about self-waxing is having to clean up all those wax residues all over your body later and I seriously cannot brain all of the depilatory brand’s logic you give us a packet of like 10 pcs of wax strips and only 2 freaking small oil wipes to remove the waxy residue after our waxing session. Why not just give 10 packet of wipes to balance it out? Do you know how hard it is to remove those stubborn wax on the skin? By the time we are done cleaning one section of the body, the oil paper already “hamchoi”* max sia.

Please don’t give “save budget” as an excuse, it’s a no brainer situation here.

*salty layu vegetable 

This again is why I rather go to the wax parlor; they do the cleaning up for you as well so no need to worry about missing wax bits on your skin!!

Okay OOT again lol, back to Slinky Touch’s wax strips which I’ve bought from The Loft for about 1000 yen (RM38), on the box it stated “10 strips” sounds like the usual and upon opening it I found there was only 5 strips lol, so in Japan they actually calculate the strip as “INDIVIDUAL” pieces so front & back stuck together in considered 2 strips, in Malaysia means 10 strips actually 20 trips already lo. Shocking discovery indeed, thought I got cheated lol then it all made sense like the “2 ply tissues”.

See all that hair, before pregnancy they are non existent the minute your belly swells all these hairs become more prominent :(

Okay for “5 pairs of strips” it’s definitely expensive, and after testing it out one box can only last you ONE USAGE and not even full body. Every pregnancy my belly is plague by pesky hair growth making me look like a Chewbacca sia, so I got the wax to clean it off and usually it stays hair free for about 2 months. Slinky Touch’s wax strip’s performance is no doubt quite good and gentle to the skin, and the best part about it is that it hardly leaves behind any waxy residue so there is less mess to clean up after!
So for them to put in only 2 large cleaning (yes it’s bigger than Veet’s) oil sheets makes perfect sense!

Not bad, super clean results

But for my entire pregnant belly all the way down to my bikini line & a small part of the danna’s chest (he was curious so I humored him lol he ended up screaming haha!) All 5 pairs of strips were quickly used up! I haven’t even reach my arms or legs yet lol wtf, if I were to use the wax think I need like 1 box for each part of my body wei but smooth results assured.

So that’s the downside of their wax strips, quantity is too little for the price, I would rather get their depilatory cream instead with that at least I can get a couple of uses out of a 110ml tube for the same price. 


This brand is definitely gentler (yet effective) compared the usual depilatory brands out there, also a quick home solution (rather than shave) if you can’t make a trip down to your usual wax parlor, quite worth the price knowing I don’t have to deal with itchiness and chemical burns after. Hope you guys find this review useful, make sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss out on my latest updates :D

To buy the product online in Malaysia here are some of the website links:

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