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By EdwinGoh Photography

My Name is Arisa
 Here is an old photoshoot done earlier this year which i forgot to upload!>_< forgetful me oTL *slaps self*
Just started going to the gym back then, so body wasn't that toned yet :-P lol!
Looking back, I'm starting to miss my long black hair now ・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.

This was my first time working with  EdwinGoh Photography for a lingerie shoot
It was a rather short and brief shoot before i had to rush off some where >_<
Thanks for having me over Edwin! ;-)
Photo credits to  EdwinGoh Photography , minor editing by me :-P
Lingerie : La Senza [don't we all just adore their comfy bras? :3]



psyconutss said...

im falling in love ^_^

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