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AES Expo 2013

The month of October KLCC seems to be heavily packed with events over the past 2  weeks, this isn't the first time for us Malaysians because beauty related expo is the one and only time in the year where we can get more information, source for variety of products with good bargain prices and join beauty workshops.

AES Expo, short for Asia’s Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition 2013 is one of the most prestigious event of the year in Beauty industry where experts from different regions gather together for this exclusive by-invitation-only event. Featuring top-notch global brands, elites and beauty industry people all gather to exhibit their latest products, concepts and innovation, together they help inspire one another through this exposition.

Live demo during the official launch

Esthetic is no stranger to our community, in fact it is currently one of the fast growing hype in the beauty industry now. It used to be popular among elderly women who wants to maintain her youthfulness through the non-surgical way and I am not talking about "botox" because that kind of method was used looooong time ago. With our current advanced technology we are able to achieve many things that was not possible to create 10 years ago.
So not only you get elderly patients flocking the local esthetic clinics that has been sprouting like mushrooms recently, also young people around my age would go for certain treatments. 

I describe this as an new era of "facial reconstruction" without going under the knife. Literally taking the word" Beauty is Only Skin Deep" to the next level. Great option if you are not happy with certain facial features of yours.

This expo focuses more for young starting companies to branch out more into the industry, looking for potential business partners/clients and distributors. 

  • Showcasing and building awareness for their elitist brands, services and
  • Products to keep ahead of an ever-evolving competitive industry
  • Reaching out to the global beauty industry within a single location
  • Establishing product and service brand names, developing potential
  • Partnerships, and launching innovative and new products and services
  • Working with key industry professionals in an interactive environment
  • Benefiting from the AES Expo’s marketing, public relations and branding

Visitors were allowed to browse through the hall on the 2nd day onwards till the 4th Oct before they set up Beauty Expo 2013 on the 5th.

Activities they have prepared for the visitors we particularly unique because most of them had hands-on demonstration for the   latest treatments such as full-body spas, face and hand mapping, steaming and massages, as well as testing and analytical services into the latest beauty techniques such as tackling seasonal skin health issues, beauty regimens, as well as full body treatments and care. 

A great platform for our growing country, can't thank the organizers enough for inviting me to such an exclusive event to witness how things work in the business beauty industry.

Disclaimer: Photos are courtesy of AES organizers.


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