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Experience to LWOT (Food Galore & Relaxation)- Part 2

Continuing the 2nd part of my Tambun trip in this blogpost, gonna keep it short and sweet so that you guys don't get bored of my crap talk lol.
My sleeping problem has been a real problem for me since i was young, the reason why i get such horrible migraine and heavy eye bags oftern. But fortunately it's just a phrase, and it only comes when I am so restless (thinking alot as usual)

You can't miss this HUGE glowing signboard from your hotel room lol. Just follow the light, sure won't get lost one no matter how dark XD unless power failure la *choi!!Touchwood*

Headache on last minute packing for work and this trip, room looked like a nuclear bomb just dropped because i hadn't had time (procrastinator is my middle name).
So imagine almost a week of tossing and turning with enduring the hot humid night weather while sleeping on the floor definitely will get a terrible backache and lack of sleep.

Hallelujah for spas.

Seriously, how i envy Japanese people being able to visit the onsen on a regular basis ;_; why la our country so limited hot springs?*sobs*
That's final once I am done with my degree overseas, I am so gonna either migrate to Japan, UK or France. Maybe Japan because I love the culture and food there more XD depends which language i can pick up fast.
Any affordable language tuition centers in KL to recommend for Japanese and French classes?  

Oh, the tiny person ahead is Jean, we are glued together throughout the whole trip ohoho~ hope you don't mind my annoying company ya~ (T▽T)

This whole trip i brought Shiro (WB150F) along but he has been quite cranky lately and corrupted both my memory cards :-( Gonna send him to the hospital again soon. So ended up relying on 2 of my faithful samsung phones (Note 2 and Galaxy S4), the flash somehow gave the bridge a very "eerie" effect like those haunted bridges in ghost movies XD

Just a lil tourist "F.Y.I" at the entrance for those who don't know the amazing benefits of a Hot Spring Spa.
Here comes the exciting part, our dinner was held by the hot spring area!!! Imaging having a relaxing hot dip while having something to savor the moment. Woo~~super classy, like those Ancient Romans public baths where they have their grapes and wine while the soak.

Like this 8D *kena slapped*

First time having a BBQ dinner by the poolside (Not your ordinary pool some more), though I've been invited to many BBQ parties in the past due to my transportation and curfew i had to turn down all of it :-(

o getting to experience this was sure something new, from a far we could already smell the awesome food grilling with dinner tables laid out nicely for us bloggers to enjoy our dinner.

The food was great, and coming from a fussy paranoid eater like me it's something rare. Wide variety of food, so whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater their buffet style caters to all kinds.

Loads of yummy Malaysian delicacies available for this dinner session. This is only part of the main course lol haven't include salad counter, BBQ counter, soup counter and dessert counter. Eat until meletup lo~

Being me, i would always target the raw vegetables first (normal people would avoid it at all cost XD) and the salad counter always no queue AHAHA #truestory.

Fresh vegetables make me happy :D 

I would really REALLY love to thank the people in LWOT who took care of us bloggers during this short getaway, caring to our every needs. Friendly and talkative as well, didn't expect to make so many friends at such a short period of time :-)

Somewhat i was surprised with a specially prepared vegetarian meal by their chef since they knew i had a particular eating problem which everyone usually mistakes it with me being "VEGETARIAN" lols.
Just to keep it simple, i do eat meat/fish/eggs it's just I'm not mentally well :D 
Paranoid sial.

Specially prepared. So touched (╥_╥)

Nearly moved to tears with their thoughtfulness, you guys seriously didn't have to do this for me ;_;  I can easily adapt to my surroundings. But nonetheless you guys really deserve full score of 10/10 for your services. 

First time seeing Sago upclose, as much as i come from a kampung believe it or not this is one of the things i never tried till today HAHA! Pure sago with gula melaka and coconut milk. Lesson learnt in buffet, always leave room for dessert.

Fortune telling counter was there, didn't get to try it out though. But i do believe the future is meant to be a surprise for us, if not where is the fun in living when you can predict things that are gonna happen next. Worst part is you know it's bad, but you can't avoid it lol. Totally GG.com wei~

I proceeded directly to the massaging and scrub counters instead, that 30 mins spent at that area was totally bliss. Being scrubbed, massaging my tense weary muscles sure leave me feeling totally refreshed before I headed towards the pool for my hot dip. Seriously never been the kind that goes for monthly pampering sessions in spas because i can't afford it lol, but when i do get an opportunity like this it's really rare.

Thanks Jean for helping me take this photo  (‘∀’●)♡

Not to mention the heavenly smell of coffee aroma filled the entire scrub station, it's one of LWOT spa specialty. The Coffee Scrub, you can't get it anywhere else but in Lost World of Tambun itself.
And i do personally recommend trying this service at least once when you visit LWOT, not saying this just for promotional purposes but my very own genuine opinion.   

Not only the smell calms you mind, it literally removes all the dead skin cells leaving your skin fairer and smoother. They even demonstrated on our arms to see the difference ourselves, very shocking indeed. Most of us decided to do both arms to balance out the fairness lolz if not one side is fairer than the other XD
Little stuff we fuss about, memang mengada-gada :-P

Photo credits to I Am Studio, our official photographer for this trip.

Next stop was the foot hot spring for warm ups first, need to get adjusted to the temperature before going full body. Wasn't too hot, about 40°C which felt almost the same as me having a hot shower at home with the heater full blast.

Wasn't long before Jean and I migrated to the full length pool area for a full dip, upon jumping in makes you feel like you have just fell into a cauldron of boiling soup XD
*Bugs Bunny in the cooking pot from Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt scene*

Please pardon my annoying "V" pose in every photo lol

Believe it or not, was having my make up on the whole day since 5am in the morning. Travelled, Sweat, swim and bathe in it but still no signs of smudging (i only touch up powder) XD awesomest to the max!
I seriously won't be able to take any photos at all if i didn't have basic make up, no kidding about my vanity.
Especially my EYEBROWS @_@ barely have anything there, if i don't fill them in i would look weird.
Well, the only trusted cosmetic brands i would use is KISS ME and J POP Corner (๑・ω-)~♥”
Proven to last throughout the whole day despite my activities and full schedule, these two brands are the only ones i rely on 100% to make me look presentable (the very least even when I am lazy)

Yep, make up still on over here lol.
Last photo to end this awesome blissful relaxing night! 
Bikini from Pink N' Proper

Crashing to bed that night wasn't a problem for me, slept like a baby and woke up feeling super  duper refreshed.
Not much of a morning person, but this getaway was something everyone needs once in a while to unwind :-) Will continue this part of the story on my next blogpost (part 3).

Ipoh isn't far yet it's away from the heavy city traffic, filled with good food (Ipoh chicken rice & taufufa), got hot springs and spas for adults meanwhile theme park for kids.

P/S: So sleepy doing this post, please pardon the grammatical errors..etc. Will correct them when I'm more alert lolz.



  1. Looks like a fun escape, especially the massage section!


  2. miss the hotspring!!!! when it's only for the VIP (us!!).. =p

    1. hahaha next time we go again ;D bring reiko and fatin along!


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