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Welcome to my blog!

If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Blast From the Past: 100 Plus Advertisement

It must be AEONS ago since I did my last commercial lol, think i was 18 back then? My first featured role on 100 plus TVC, though the scene was only 1 second in the clip but in reality we did this commercial shoot almost the whole day. Afternoon to the next morning, really feel like dying after that @_@

Reason given why i stop doing commercials and going for casting? Here is a true fact, local clients approach all these agencies with expectation of a potential caucasian/ pan-asian or anyone with mix blood who has unique facial features.
Sad case right? They don't want our own locals, but what to do? It's the demand of the market :-(
So not many locals manage make it big in the showbiz industry, well not that I mind lol. Would rather work behind the camera than in front of it :-P 

Was so jakun back then at the sight of all these things that happens behinds the scene. That is why i love what i am doing right now, aside from giving me new experiences it also gives me a chance to meet more people.

First time going for wardrobe fitting for 100 plus TVC.

Found tons of old pictures that was taken from my old slide up Samsung phone (dad brought it back from Dubai & died 2 years ago lol it broke into half, don't ask me how -_-;;). Back then android smart phones wasn't that famous yet till later that year when Apple and Samsung started bombarding the market with their newest phone models.

Was seriously difficult for me to adapt from a keypad to a touch screen, when touch screens first came out i swear the sensitivity level can make you go insane  ಠ_ಠ
Swore to myself never to get a touch screen phone till I got my very first Samsung Galaxy Y for Christmas 2011.

Couldn't really do much with it because it was just an android phone designed for simple usage. In other words, BEGINNER level lolz.

This is what we talents get for lunch, nasi goreng XD 

Back then i wasn't so health conscious as i am today, so i will just eat anything as long it's edible. Now, no way. I rather pack my own food if i know I am going to be shooting the whole day, healthier and lesser calories too. Yes, the production house provide meals for the talents but how many of them can stomach the same kind of food? (eg: spicy, food allergies)
They are not gonna go up yo every single talent and ask what they can or can't eat, just mass order the cheapest meal and make sure it comes on time:-P

That is life behind the camera, ain't so glam eh? It's the same for both the production team and talents.

Drinks, obviously 100 plus free flow XD

Arrived at the shooting location for make up and hairdo almost 6 hours before the actual shooting takes place, my gawd...so much time to waste la last time. Now can't afford to do that anymore lol, extra time is something i desperately need daily.

Wasn't allowed to post these pictures until the commercial was out, by then i thought I've lost the photos since my previous laptop was stolen last year: http://www.arisachow.com/2013/01/my-home-was-burglarized.html

Make up and hairdo trailer! 
Love these vehicles even though it's small and cramped, maybe watches too must BTS for movie sets kot~ XD Always dream on working as a costume designer for theaters and movies. 

Big and long from the outside but super narrow on the inside. Troll appearance. Cheat my feelings 

Dinner, typical mix rice :D 

2 years ago there wasn't any instagram for us to post about our "foodie updates" and access via 3G was super expensive. So take photos of this was kinda for "syok sendiri" moments but no one to share with unlike today XD 
Even taking photos as crappy as these, i was actually kinda happy it looks" decent" enough for a nighttime shot lol given it's an old school camera phone.

Watch the commercial here :D At least get to meet our National Football player, Safee Sali in person!

But evolution has begun *plays dramatic music*~
Now we are living is such a high relied technology world and imagine if the whole world blacks out one day I think none of us could survive.
Eg: Can't update FB/ Twitter status every minute <---- lol, don't deny it people!

I carry my Galaxy S4 everywhere despite having a Note 2 that i bought earlier this year now it's gone *sobs* (please don't ask me how, don't want to recall that awful incident).
And if you were to ask me which phone i would use more my answer would be same amount actually.

This was the best night ever! Arthur's day is definitely something i would love to share about but unfortunately the post is still pending in my drafts :-P Owe Manoah a HUGE thank you & endless hugs for the invites and Sandy for helping me collect the tickets on my behalf :-)
Now i can take night time clear shots too~ Can't wait to see how the Galaxy Camera works for night time since i heard tons of good reviews about it. 
Seeing this picture just gives me chills of that night when Tyson started singing "It Ends Tonight" *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!* ♥(ノ´∀`)♥(ノ´∀`)

But overall performance wise, S4 has never failed to help me capture such spectacular moments and preserving it because my goldfish brain has only a 5 sec memory slot :-P

For a phone cameras despite being high resolution unfortunately their ISO still can't comprehen the dim lighting during night time. But when it came to my S4...it amazed me when I zoomed in half way (i was standing behind) to take a picture of the concert and it came out lovely, without the help of camera flash some more ∑(;°Д°)
Even my Note 2 couldn't take clear zoom in pictures without pixelating!

First time exploring the function during my tambun trip:

Bunch of really great singers as i was walking through Bukit Bintang 2 days ago, wanted to record but i accidentally hit the animated button instead of  *slaps self* but nonetheless looking at this is enough to trigger my memory of their melodious songs they sang.

My conclusion, once a samsung user always a samsung user :-P
Can't imagine myself playing with other brands because i am just so used to Samsung's android system.
Trust me I tried Sony and i nearly flipped the phone because it's designed so complicated.


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