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In Memory of Giberto

Coming home last saturday night after a tiring long week away from home due to work, i never thought 2 weeks ago was the last time i got to see or cuddle my dear fluffy Saber Tooth cat, Gilbert.
I hate getting pets because they always leave us unexpectedly and heart broken, of all the years of having so many cats..none of them manage to live past the age of 2 years old before they meet their end. #Sigh.

One of the most recent photo i took with Gilbert because he no likey to pose for photo. Over here he is winking! :D

Even though we already know this is the normal cycle of life just waiting to happen, but i just can't accept it. And I never will.
Things come and go. Like us too, a walking time bomb just waiting to go off any minute not knowing when.

Left: 8kg ball of fur (dog) and Right: 5kg ball of fur (cat)

Told my old man, "No More". I can't bear to lose another pet and go through the whirlpool of emotions every single time i find out my cat has died.
Though I'm not so attached to Gilbert like I was to my previous cat, Fluffy. I can't help crying especially when i had to see his crushed skull and mangled body just to verify it's my cat.

I still remember the day when Gilbert was first brought home, he was this gray tiny ball of fur that you can accidentally mistaken for a dust ball lol.   
My mom who never approve of pets because having to take care of them is such a chore when she already has 5 kids of her own to care for. But unexpectedly, my mom approved of this fluff ball when my old man brought him home. 

The 1st week of Gilbert's arrival.

March 2011

The sight every dinner time, 2 animals waiting for food to fall lol.

Latte was unusually quiet last Sunday, guess he could tell that his best friend is already gone :'(

Upon arriving home late last saturday night, was hoping to be greeted by the usual bunch Gilbert, Casper & Latte but not surprising it was only the dog there that night because both cats tend to go for their usual night walks before coming home.

Then after coming home from Morning Church Service, somebody came to inform us about a dead cat. My younger sister went first (as usual, kepoh queen) and came back to inform the rest of us about the news. None of us wanted to believe her nor go to even see the mangled body.
Gawd...I swear what i saw gave me nightmares...eyeball hanging out from it's sockets. The pungent rotting smell overwhelmed all of us.
He was killed less than 100m away from our house. Guess he was making his way home before a bastard driver ran him over earlier on Sunday morning.

Spent the whole afternoon with my siblings digging a grave for poor Gilbert. Well at the very least he deserves a proper burial after such a brutal death. Yes, i'm holding an umbrella while digging, call me "Puteri Lilin". lol wtf.

R.I.P Gilberto, see you in Cat heaven!  :'(

 The only cat i ever had who never touched cat food, odd ball but oh well. He ate dog food since he was a kitten, adores chinese sausages (pork) and beef that is usually my portion during dinner time but i don't eat pork lol so the cat gets my share. One hell of a Lucky bastard, lol.

Sleeps in such horrible ways, especially on my mom's exam papers XD So kids of SMKTD if you previously found fur on your accounts paper, you know who is the culprit.

Makes the cutest sour face whenever you bug him.

Love headbanging against anything during his sleep.

Note to whoever ran him over: I do hope you crash your car and die you sick bastard.  

Okay, enough negativity for today :-/
A friend shared with me a cute video from youtube today, enjoy!



  1. awww babe :'( So sorry to hear about your loss...your little grey furball was so cute!! I know I would definitely feel devastated if something happened to my cat Glen :(

  2. i'm sorry for your loss. may it rest in peace. cheer up. i'm sure your cat was happy with u by your care,your kindness & your love for it~


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