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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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September's Favs

Seems to be trending among beauty bloggers to have their monthly picks of beauty products, so i also kepoh join the bandwagon ohoho~ :-P
Honestly, I am amazed by the tons of stuff most of my girlfriend bloggers have and shared on their blogs. Like almost every month they have a new favourite product to talk about, to be honest maybe because I'm not so adventurous when it comes to beauty products aside from cosmetics lol. 

But it's already 13 days into October but it's  never too late to post about last month no?
Oh, and i was asleep the whole September hence the delayed blogpost lol, like that song from Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends. 

The season of Autumn is one of my favorite seasons of the year because the leaves are just so pretty ♥ though by end of October most of them would have withered away :-(

Two (2) things that i would never live without especially when I'm out is at least a decent smooth protect face and mascara. I can live without an eyeliner anyday, but mascara a big "NO".
At least this way, i can prepare faster than my usual make up time which usually accumulates up to 30 minutes before heading out to events @_@ 

Before my foundation, it is a MUST to apply sunblock, with our crazy ass weather in Malaysia walking under the sun is asking for a direct cancer lol. Even though i carry an  umbrella on a daily basis, it's better to be protected from the unseen UV rays.
My favourite lightweight facial sunblock would be SuhadaFit UV Face Essence , not only it works as a sunblock, it also becomes my moisturizer leaving my skin supple and protected.

They also have more range of sunblocks here: http://www.arisachow.com/2013/09/bask-in-sunlight-with-suhadafit.html

Moving on to my cheeks, found a new favorite blusher color from EYEMAZING series by J Pop Corner.
Called "Miracle Orange" but to me it's more of a pretty peach blush rather than "carrot orange" the one Canmake & Dolly Wink has. Suitable for a natural all healthy glow after applying your foundation and setting powder so you don't look so pale.

Next my eyebrows, one thing that i MUST draw because i barely have any eyebrows left due to the constant shaving during my modeling days ;_; *sobs*
I used to have thick eyebrows, but now it's just 2 pathetic hair strands across my forehead, funny was i usually have more neutral hair colors so that i don't have to constantly wear make up to look presentable but ever since I've decided to be more adventurous with my hair color, i do understand how you girls feel. Waking up looking more haggard than ever if your hair color is particularly very light, so i pretty kesian those girls who have silver, pastel lilac, or platinum blonde hair >.<

I was suppose to do pastel lilac, but unfortunately my hair stylist didn't have that color :-( So we settled for the normal lilac and brown which then faded into pink-ish (?)
But since my hair was that color, i couldn't fill my eyebrows in with my usual dark brown eyebrow pencil. I can imagine it looking super weird like that girl from Mortal Instruments, Clary Fray

Like this, Clary is a redhead but had super bushy black eyebrows ಠ_ಠ which was kinda a turn off to look at throughout that 2 hour movie. I mean we all know Lily Collins has natural beautiful thick dark eyebrows that matches her raven hair color but in this show the character is REDHEAD -_-;;

Never had much use for lighter eyebrow color shades (unless it's cosplay) till today, boy..I'm glad i have them all thanks to Mandom Malaysia! :-)
Unlike your usual eyebrow pencil which you need a separate brush to blend the color in, this one comes with color+brush. All you have to do is gently trace them along your eyebrows to get a complete neater looking eyebrows.

Currently been using EYEMAZING eyebrow color in Natural Maroon. They also have it in Milk Tea Gold for those who dye their hair close to light brown or a lighter shade.

Finally the finishing part of my look is the eyelash, I have no idea why i always do my eyelashes the second last before my lips. It's been a weird habit of mine since i started learning how to do makeup @_@
But guess somethings just remains a mystery lol.

Ever since I attended the BCL workshop last month and received a goodie bag containing their best seller 130° Browlash EX Lash Sculpture LS Mascara, been using it everyday because not only it's waterproof but it can be easily removed with lukewarm water. And it also gives the same effect like all my other favorite mascaras like Kiss Me, Heavy Rotation and Ishizawa Lovedrops. Realised that all of them are Japanese brands, once my first love always my first love :-P 

So that's all my fav's for last month, looking forward to see what else catches my eye this month since I am going to do more experiments for Halloween, look out for my step by step post~ :-)

Previously, I've been modifying my features to look similar to movie characters, i wonder f i should do that again this year or something "inspired" instead?
Oh well....I am fickle as usual :-/

Just found this picture cute while browsing for Autumn themed pictures *random* XD 



  1. love the BCL mascara!!!!i like comb like that easy to apply!!!!!!1


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