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Experience to LWOT (Hotel Bliss & Goodbyes)- Part 3

Holla, here comes the final part of my Tambun trip with The Butterfly Project! 
At the end of the day i was really lucky to be one of the 30 bloggers to be selected to join this wonderful relaxing getaway and I am sure to make another trip to Tambun for the hot springs :-P

Haven't managed to share about my beauty sleep in LWOT's hotel, which was more comfortable than i expected. Not to mention how cooling the room it is already without the air conditioner. Yep despite being so close to the hot springs, during the night it is actually quite cooling because Ipoh is near the mountain area.

Me & Jean's room,  and no..we were too tired to stay up for girlie talk or pillow fight that night. maybe next round lol :-D
Great view of the themepark from our room which is located directly opposite of the hotel.

First thing we did upon checking-in after an exciting long day from KL to Tambun was crash on the bed. How not to? Doesn't it look so inviting :D lol

I always love hotel toilets XD because it's so spacious and their mirrors are so HUGE

Another view of the room's end, pretty big for just two people, and on the bright side is some of the rooms are conjoined with a door.  Great for having a slumber party planned in LOWT since there is a spa, hot spring and great food.

After feeling really crappy the night before due to the exhaustion from the travelling and activities, a hot spring soak and a good night sleep was what i need to get me back again.
You can ask every one of the girls who saw me the day before and the next morning, was waaaaay much livelier :-P

The room was inclusive of a complimentary breakfast at their Garden Terrace, buffet style. But you might need to wake up early because breakfast hours are only from 8am-11am :) After that they will clean up for lunchtime. OH! Nearly missed out one most important info, since it's buffet style-
So forget about the diet and calories..one day of indulgence won't kill you lol. 

Not your average hotel buffet style where there is only the western kind of breakfast served (sausage/ham, toast, egg..etc) this one has if i am not mistaken has almost all the western and local cuisines.

To list them all out seems alot but all i can conclude from this feast is there, whatever you feel like having that morning whether it's western or Asian..fret not. LOWT Garden Terrace got your hungry cravings covered.

To make this experience a little more interesting (or to get your saliva drooling) I am gonna list down a few foods served in the menu. For Western, they have usual- English breakfast set served with coffee/tea, cereal with milk, fruit juice. For Malaysian dishes they have nasi lemak, porridge, bihun soup and many more.   

Everything was taken with my awesome Galaxy S4, the macro shot details leave me breathless~

Breakfast with the swat team & mama-san. 
From left: Ayna, Illy and Tammy

For those who don't eat heavy breakfast like me, can enjoy some perfectly made half boiled eggs (too perfect liao) and local fresh fruits that were cut on the spot at the fruit counter.

From left: Ayna, Illy, Tammy and sakai(me)

Having breakfast with a garden view and close friends company, life couldn't be more relaxing as this *bliss*
Left: Tammy, Sakai (me) and Jean

But sadly our relaxing trip in Tambun has come to an end at 12pm when we departed for our ETS train ride back to KL.
Went to Ipoh looking dead, came back to KL like an energizing bunny lol.
At least now i know whenever i am super stressed out with work, i should just hop on the train and head over to LWOT for a short getaway.

Group photo time!! 
Really enjoyed this experience because i hardly get to travel in big groups or participate in activities since i left high school especially with girls who share the same passion for beauty as me. It was great getting to know you girls and hopefully to see you more in The Butterfly Project future events.

"Thank you for the lovely memories, friendship and experience Lost World of Tambun, The Butterfly Project, ETS and especially our mama-san, Tammy and her S.W.A.T team who worked hard to make this trip come true."
Whoever you are reading this review and have yet to visit Tambun, i do hope I've made this small exciting town a "Must Visit" destination on your travel/ holiday list. It could be foreigners or locals, who cares? Not many people know about these hidden beauties that is just waiting to be discovered and sharing on my blog is what i love to do best.
It also reminds me of the reason why I first started blogging.
"To share my experience with others."
P/S: I do apologize if i seem so quiet and unfriendly on the first day *sobs* ;_; shall be more gila and talkative next time. Love ya'll *hugs*

The Buttefly Project: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysiaLWOT Official Website - http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/


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