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Philips Innovation Contest: Your IDEAS Matters!

Ever gave your ideas or thoughts a go in making this world a better place to live in?
Heard of this phrase: Small Changes, can make a Big Difference.

Health seems to be the current hype in society right now, you can see everyone is sharing on social media on their #eatingclean routine or  #exercising #bikinibody #diet hashtags on facebook/instagram and twitter.

But at the end of the day, it's just people wanting to join the bandwagon so they don't feel left out but sooner or later that phrase would just die down. Pretty much like fashion trends lol but Phillips isn't like that because they really want a change for our country and they are taking the first step by starting this innovative awareness campaign to not only allow people from different perspectives to contribute their thoughts, but to also educate those who are currently ignorant to the fact of our unhealthy lifestyle.

Malaysia is indeed taking a huge step into the future, catching up with other first countries in the world ( UK, Japan..etc) who already practice this quality lifestyle a looooooooooong time ago. Even though our development is considered slow, but better late than NEVER right? :-)

Now here is the question for myself and you guys.. 
P/S: Sorry, i couldn't resist putting Mr.Bean's meme because he face expression seem to suit this caption so well..haha!

Yes Mr Bean, in fact I do.

Before i start vomiting out all my ideas let me highlight the main problem we Malaysians encounter here today is our lack of knowledge when it comes to health related issues. We never bother to find out about them because we never think these problems are ever related to us since he have tons of good food here.

Don't underestimate me, the scrawny anorexic blogger who is trying to change her lifestyle but our local society finds me methods weird.

Good food and huge variety here in Malaysia, TRUE. But that doesn't mean we can still stay ignorant health facts as long we are still alive and kicking. When it comes to health, i truly believe in investment for a better future (ironically coming from a person who knows nothing about business) but after all my research on health & nutrition facts for the past 1 year I have came to conclusion about one thing.

We are too "kedekut"* to spend a little bit more to make for things that doesn't provide instant results.
Everything here is about convenience and getting your money's worth to the very last penny, it's a great way to save but on the long run you saving cash isn't worth risking your health. At the end of the day, you will just end up spending all those savings on medical bills :-/


Aside from just consuming healthy food, sleep also plays a very huge role in our lives (to those of you who have yet to realise that). What's the point of eating so healthily but not getting sufficient amount of sleep for your body to regenerate and flush out daily toxins?

My idea for a healthier home would be the "SMART ELECTRIC SYSTEM DETECTOR" made and designed specially by Philips. A small convenient micro chip that is installed in the fuse box and controls all electricity usage/wastage. 

Where it ensures lights are off before a certain time to ensure you get at least a minimal of 5-6 hours of good night's rest and it auto on's back the light when it is time to wake up (inclusive with morning alarm). It works by detecting your body heat as you walk in the room and immediately switches off as you leave it, no more "forgetting to turn of the lights habit":-P 

And best part about this invention is, we don't have to install switches on the walls to control the "OFF & ON" buttons as it runs on solar energy stored during the day on a solar panel. No worries about rainy seasons,  there is always a backup storage in case we do encounter problems like these. The internal clock is set to according to our general Malaysian timing.

 The efforts of eating organic food, which is less processed and exercising daily those efforts are pretty much futile without sleep. Trust me, I've been there and done all those when i was so desperate to lose a few kilos last time -_- Doesn't work until i started pledging to focus on living a healthier lifestyle rather than just achieving weight loss.
"When you eat and sleep well, weight and health issues is the least of your worries."

And I ain't kidding about that, seriously.

Research has also proven that getting enough sleep, improves brain productivity and enables us to maximized our time usage rather than just fighting be half awake (yawning 90% of the time) or sluggish due to an hour's sleep the night before.
For children, this helps improves their academic performance because they can stay focus for early morning classes.

All these ideas might sound a little bit too unrealistic for us huh? But anything is possible, it is just a matter of time before all these things do come true and most of all are you as Malaysia's citizen ready to take a step forward in improving our lifestyle for the better?

What i really really admire most about one of Phillips latest products is the "Air Fryer", since as a food paranoid as me who literally has a phobia in deep fried stuff like- KFC, Fried Kiuh and other more delicious oil soaked food that i can't deny do taste really good when it is deep fried. But imagine consuming that much amount of oil, giving our body all the unnecessary unsaturated fats just increases our obesity and heart problems. 

Been avoiding deep fried food as long as i can remember, almost 3 years i think? But ever since I found out about this cool invention, it has changed my perspective of fried food. There is indeed a better and healthier way to fried enjoy food!
I am putting it on my "To Get/ Christmas" list for 2013, then i can finally say hello homemade spiced fried chicken and homemade potato french fries that i missed so dearly.

Interesting device no? :D Imagine is all our fast food outlets invested in these,i can predict the obesity rate of Malaysia dropping about more than 70% of the average population. Not to encourage us to eat fast food, but sometimes we just can't help it when we are lacking of time on our side. 

The 3 factors we look for during our lunch/dinner break: 
  1. Fast 
  2. Filling & Yummy 
  3. Cheap
I am gonna end my long post here in case you guys have already fell asleep while reading halfway lol, but here is some news that would definitely catch your attention. After reading all my nonsense and interesting Philips product features doesn't it get your brainstorming for more interesting ideas on how you can improve Malaysian lifestyle?

Don't be afraid to share it because who knows, Philips might just like your idea and consider it as part of their future projects. You will be like "Benjamin Franklin"(inventor of electricity) or real life Jimmy Neutron, The Boy Genius <--- my fav cartoon when i was a kid ohoho~ 

And not only that, you will also be rewarded for your efforts! Check out the awesome prizes Philips has below for our winners. Don't you feel motivated now?

Grand Prize for Winning Idea:1 unit of Philips Viva Collection Airfryer (worth RM1199.00)
1 unit of Philips Viva Collection ME Computerized Electric Pressure Cooker (worth RM499.00)
5 Consolation Prizes for Shortlisted Entries:1 unit of Philips Living Colors Bloom Black (worth RM499.00)
1 unit of Philips RaGa MP3 Player (worth RM169.00)
And now you shall call me... The Nutty Catfessor. lol.

So what other ideas can you contribute to make Malaysia a better and healthier country to live in ? Send in your ideas to philips and stand a chance to see your dream become reality, i mean who wouldn't? I have tons of ideas that i would love to share but i'll only share this my main concern for now :-P
To find out more about this exciting contest or to submit your creative ideas here: http://philips.to/innovationMY

Join them on their daily conversations on twitter @PhilipsMY  and make sure to hashtag  #meaningfulinnovation when you have any ideas to share via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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