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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Star Driver: 2nd Anniversary Photoshoot

Finally this shoot came true with my fabulous Mabushii group! Thank you so much Taichou Summer for being ever patient with all of us and constantly burning with KIRABOSHI fire *Kiraboshi*.
The group that was formed 2 years ago finally had a proper full group shoot though some of the original members are not there due to other commitments.

Cast | Glittering Crux Brigade

Marina You : Cappy Phreakyfish
Reiji Miyabi : Andros Hay
Takeo Takumi : Fujiwara Kazuko
Nichi Keito : Mintos
Watanabe Kanoko : Kuro Dai
Takashi Dai: Natsu Pi
Shinada Benio: Summer Tan
Gouda Tetsuya: Hara Takumi
George Honda: Gemsy Gemsicles
Okamoto Midori: Arisa Chow

Thank you Raz for the group photo :-)

I apologize that i wasn't able to join the first group shoot due to studies but i'm thankful that is done with *phew*.
There is so many people i would love to personally thank, especially our dear saikang team that was there with us until 3am (yep, we shoot from 9pm to 3am lol).
Blur for sending me home after that even though he must be dead tired from the photoshoot, heard he even attended an event a few hours later without any sleep. Your dedication to photography scares me sometimes blur lolzz.

Nonetheless got to meet up with some old friends like Kazuko, Mintos, Cappy, Gems and Dai. First time working together with Hara, Natsu and more, nice meeting you guys *bows*

Photographer Team 

Taichou even made this cake ^.^ 

As J Pop Corner is my current favourite Japanese brand brought in by the same company as Kiss Me
My dressing table is only filled with Japanese cosmetic brands lol, been an avid user of their stuff since I've gotten into cosplay 8 years ago. After so many years of trials and errors I guess only Asian cosmetic products seem to be the only one that is suitable for my sensitive skin. Sorry, no Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown or MAC in my collection :-P

J Pop Corner carries in a few sub brands under their wing such as Eyemazing, Kimori Jun and more to come.

The same concept how Kiss Me carries in Heavy Rotation and Suhadafit.

I always thought that Japanese make up is mostly suitable for a natural sweet, dolly look but it really depends on your makeup skills and ability to experiment with it. Instead of using my usual cheapo pasar malam lashes for cosplay, I've decided to give this Kimori Jun eyelash series a test. It may look very natural but nonetheless in photos it does make a huge difference :D

All of the cosmetics came is such compact/ travel friendly sizes that i didn't even feel any extra weight in my handbag. But i do wish the designs on the casing would be much cuter to attract people though, as most girls are suckers for cute stuff *guilty as charged*.
I noticed even people would go crazy and buy a normal packet of pasta just because the packaging is Hello Kitty #truestory.lol. 
Just my 2 cents :-P

Since the characters in Star Driver are normal people with secret underground identities, so there is nothing too extreme about their looks. Mostly just natural and for the adults..they look like adults (?), so i can't act "MOE" (cute) here XDDD. Everyone knows I have tiny sepet eyes, because I am Asian lols, but with the power of make up. Hurhur...magic happens *troll face*

Big thank you to our awesome saikang team (Narukids, May, Amano, who was there to help us out with everything. I think none of us could have survived that photoshoot without an extra pair of hands >.< Especially May, my superwoman saikang  who helped bandaged, double sided taped and pin me all over lololol. An epic moment we shall never forget.

Some photos of the Star Driver shoot, this is the first and the last time I am ever gonna do this version of Prof.Green XD
So don't ever ask me to cosplay this in events or do another shoot @_@ 
Anyone who walks to events in this costume must be INSANE wei!

Maybe next time, I'll do the school nurse or kid version.

This costume was made on the spot and was thrown away after the shoot, consider this one of my last "body baring" shoots as I am not particularly fond of cosplaying characters with little clothes as i want to challenge myself to make more elaborate costumes for Halloween and Comicfiesta 2013.
Lol don't believe photos you see online, sure sudah kena photoshop one XD *runs*

Credits to JRice Photography

Till then.. *KIRABOSHI* 8D



  1. cool!!!! u made all that yourself right? I always think cosplayers are super cool ppl!

    1. yep, most of us self made the costumes. Thank you *blush* ^////^


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