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Cerro Qreen Cleansing Brush

Finally writing about my fuwa fuwa brush after so long lol XD sorry for the wait especially those been asking about it, i too had a hard time considering on getting this brush as there were no reviews (not even a single one!) on this particular brush from Cerro Qreen.
As you all know i've been a faithful fan of Cerro Qreen's makeup brushes ever since Natta Cosme first introduced them to me back in 2013, till today i am still using them!

Thought why not give their other other brushes a try as well since i am already in love with their make up brushes? Do take note that for the small set (7pcs) of make up brushes i had in 2013 were synthetic soft bristles and the current brush i reviewed (10pcs) were made with high quality animal hair (not sure goat or horse).
As for this cleansing brush it's thousand over tiny and fine bristles are obviously made from synthetic fibre, because no hair on earth (except a newborn baby's) hair is that soft XD
So for those worried about animal hair, you can rest assure that this brush is free from it and less likely those with uber sensitive skin will have a problem using this because i am one of those kind lol.

It surprises me, no matter how sensitive my skin is and yet i still put on on the line to try out new skincare and cosmetic products to review.
Most people would be extra caution but i somehow give it more than a little leeway lol.
YOLO man, but yea i do believe the more we test ourselves the more our body will learn to adapt rather than just protecting it which ends up weakening yourself even more.
It's like fever, is you get it often enough you body learns to tolerate, if you get it once a year it tends to be so bad to the point you might end up being hospitalized.

This brush may not replace things like those "clarisonic" facial cleansers which costs RM500++ but at least to me this does the job of cleansing your skin in the most gentle form, plus this is like RM52 bucks lol only 10% of what you are paying for clarisonic.

Trust me have you seen how i lather facial cleanser on my face? Looks like i might just rub my face off and with this Cerro Qreen cleansing brush at least i can gently foam my cleanser and massage it deep into my pores making sure not only the surface of my skin is clean but also inner.

I don't use this daily is because it's compact bristles all bunched up like that makes drying properly very difficult. That's the only "cons" i had with this product. Other than that, it works great especially after a facial mask (like my Innisfree pore volcanic clay) session, all i have to do is dampen the brush lightly and massage it all over my face to remove the mask.
The super clean feeling afterwards is priceless because the tiny scoria & volcano bits from the clay mask is being massaged onto your skin cleaning away dead skins & unwanted blackheads, leaving your face feeling tight afterwards.

Facial Masks (helps maximizes your mask's functionality)
Facial Cleanser (easy lathering & massaging)

Facial Scrubs with larger scrub bits (tends to eat your scrub bits with it's thick hairs & cleaning it out later is a real b*tch)

Are the brush bristle harsh for my skin?
Nope, it's really REALLY soft and gentle on the skin, doesn't scratch or irritates.

How do i dry it?
Best hung upside down for air drying methods like for all brushes.

Does it lose it's shape after a while?
Haven't encountered that yet, because i always squeeze my brush bristles back into it's circular shape while it's still damp before hanging it to dry.

After using this brush a couple of times it's softness isn't as fuwa fuwa as when i first got it (oh well, it's normal) but still works as how it should.
And please don't get any silly ideas of using this to spread your facial masks on because this isn't the right brush to do so lol, you might end up wasting more of your facial mask then you should because like i mention with its thick density it tends to swallow more.
Use a smaller wide & flat paint like nylon brush, that works better to apply on your masks :)
This is use for cleansing purposes only.

Overall nothing out of the ordinary result, just feels extra cleaner i guess lol. My skin feels more lighter everytime i use this maybe it's because actually removing all the dirt and makeup.
So if you do wear makeup daily and looking for a cheaper alternative to clarisonic, you might want to give this a try :)
But really, wish there is a better way to dry it properly so that it isn't too damp as bacteria tends to manifest in damp places. Maybe i should use a hair dryer lol, i dunno.

Can't take pictures in my bathroom lol so i had to run infront of the window to take shots XD

Hope this review is useful, couldn't find any when i wanted to purchase it and thought of making one for google's reference sake if anyone else wants to purchase this brush near future.
Save you guys the trouble & headache looking for other reviews, seems that this brush is new hence no reviews yet and it isn't something cerro qreen resellers push aside from their make up brushes.

Where to buy?
Now selling at RM52 instead of it's original price RM65 (i bought this at RM65 *sobs*)

My next target would be this brush, Multifunctional Foundation Cosmetic Brush sadly don't have the budget to get anymore for my curiosity sake, yes we bloggers do BUY stuff to review too ya'know. It's not always "sponsored" =.=


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