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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Korean Film Festival 2015

How many Korean fans over here because i have some good news to share with you guys!
Korean Film festival is back again this year with more screening locations and the best part it is,  admission is FREE for all shows! 
Korean films has always played a part in my life especially "Please Teach Me English!" and "200 Pound Beauty" till today these 2 movies are my favorites despite me not watching any K-drama or following any K-pop bands.
Once thing Koreans are good at making is comedy based movies lol, they love to exaggerate :P

The purpose of this film festival is for the Embassy of republic of Korea to introduce Korean culture and tradition to Malaysians but little did they know that most malaysians are already head over heels for their Country making Korean their no.1 travel destinations aside from Japan :P
Come on..if i could travel multiple countries in a year i would definitely include Korea into my travel list, dear embassy of republic of korea can please send me there? *puppy eyes* :D
Always loved korea for their make up styles & fashion sense and not to mention their food!

Mr Seo Ki Won, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia (on the left) giving his speech

Got to even meet minister Yoon Chang Yul, Deputy Chief of Mission from the embassy of republic of korea (seated on the right) during the launch as he extended his heartfelt gratitude the behalf of the embassy of the republic of Korea hoping this initiative may bond both countries (Malaysia & Korea) even more.
Compared to previous years Korean Film festival has always been supported by GSC but only for KL screenings but this year they have decided to expand to other states as well so those from outstation may get a chance to enjoy these exciting movies the Embassy of Republic of Korea had lined up for this year's Korean Film Festival. 

Movie titles for Korean Film Festival 2015
  • Confession of murder
  • The Thieves
  • Marriage Blue
  • The Front Line
  • My Paparotti
  • All About My Wife  <----(Highly recommended to watch! :D)
  • Man On The Edge
  • The King Of Pigs
  • Green Days: Dinosaur and I
  • Duresori: The Voice of East
Screening Dates: 20th August- 23 August 2015

Film screening locations:
  • GSC, pavilion KL
  • GSC, 1Utama PJ
  • GSC, Gurney Plaza Penang
  • GSC, CityONE Megamall Kuching
  • GSC, Suria Sabah Kota Kinabalu
The shows are all FOC, you can redeem your complimentary passes on www.koreanfilmfestival.com.my, www.gsc.com.my, My Maxis Mobile App, The Star Newspaper and Harian Metro (while stocks lasts).

For the full details please visit : www.koreanfilmfestival.com.my

Most recommended show to watch is "All about my wife" seriously a heartwarming comedy show (made me cry also!) about a young Korean couple who met in Japan (lol) during an earthquake and fast forward 7 years later when both of them were married and settled down back in Seoul, Korea but the love they had when they first met was close to non existent anymore. Resulting the husband who feels this marriage is nothing but a disaster with his wife presence as a constant nag.
Both of them were clearly unhappy but every time when the wife tries to talk to him (she is super vocal btw) he feels she is just nagging and complaining to the point he feels that he needs time alone AWAY from her voice.

But in the midst of all these "tired & drained" thoughts he actually forgot the very reason why he fell in love with his wife in the first place, because she was unique and very expressive. She was not afraid to speak her mind and her voice was something he loved till 7 years of hearing her talking non stop i could guess why he got sick & tired of it lol.

He tried many attempts to get away from his wife but all failed to the point he wanted to divorce her but was too much of a coward to do so, resulting him to confront this "weirdo" neighbour of his named "CASANOVA" to seduce his wife so that he could find a reason to divorce without making look like it was his fault (asshole dude =.=) and after a whole whirlpool of events when his wife actually fell for this Casanova guy, suddenly the husband realised what he has been missing all this while in the midst of his self centeredness that caused his relationship to fall.

This show made me realised being in a relationship we tend to take our partners for granted after our "honeymoon" period and we don't realised how our small actions can hurt our partners subconsciously. Remember to cherish them everyday like it's your last because you'll never know what will happen next in this relationship.

p/s: Thank you Embassy of the Republic of Korea for having me at the official launch! :)


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