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SHOPBACK: Get Instant Cashback with Rakuten

It’s Merdeka month and I bet you guys have noticed the insane amount of merdeka discounts being offered by almost every e-commerce shops you know like Rakuten, Zalora, Lazada, Groupon, Qoo10, Agoda, Foodpanda and even TAOBAO! Yes, even taobao is one of Shopback’s merchants, those who are frequent taobao shoppers like me who outsource wigs and other craft materials/ fabrics would find this deal very attractive :P  You have no idea about the countless nights most cosplayers spent searching taobao for materials and other cosplay related stuff lol but now at least whatever we purchase from taobao we get cash back in return. Woots! Win-win situation for taobao-shoppers.

Previously before I heard of shopback I seldom shop online (unless NEEDED) because I wasn’t getting anything for spending except maybe some occasional promotional vouchers from deal websites which I had to sendiri rajin search (more like korek kaw kaw) for it. Ever since I was introduced to shopback by my sis who is a major online shopaholic lol, I started shopping online more frequently too because shopback constantly updates me with discount codes and other ongoing promotions. The best part about shopback is, every purchase I made from the merchants under Shopback using their special links, I’ll earn back a percentage of my expenditure.

And the percentage varies from time to time and sometimes it can be more than 10.0% (seen 15.0% before)! The amount I spend each time, at least I am getting back in a form of ACTUAL cash rather than just loyalty points and the usual redemption stuff. Yes, the cash back works by accumulating in your account whenever a successful purchase is made using their merchant’s traceable links within 30 days. And the amount can be cashed out to be extra pocket or shopping money, it’s super convenient as they have options like bank transfer or paypal.
Shopback is available globally by the way, not only limited to Malaysia so if you are from other countries feel free to sign up to start earning your spent money :P That’s why they have the paypal option under their cashout details.

My usual favourite place to shop is Rakuten because it has everything I need under one roof, the variety for fashion is more compared to other similar multi categorized e-commerce shops I know of and for Rakuten you actually earn both ways with shopback. Meaning, you earn cash points in Rakuten with their Rakuten Super points program and also cash back on your shopback account.- That’s like double deals liao lol:D

Like you noticed my latest OOTDs were from Rakuten & Zalora got them all with discounted coupons under Shopback.

Click here to get the best coupon and promo code from Rakuten. The promo codes can get you extra savings when you shop, in shopback it’s all about saving and getting the most out of your online shopping experience lol which we all need so badly ever since the value of our currency shrunk so badly *sobs* USD1 is now RM4!!

Rakuten’s super point program where you earn back points from your purchase that can be used for future purchases from and on some days their super point earnings are doubled! That’s when Shopback comes in, they notify you whenever rakuten or any other of their supporting merchants are having promotions like that so we don’t have to sign up for so many separate online deal websites that constantly spam our emails every 2-3 hours lol. I understand that can be seriously frustrating having your inbox spammed multiple times in a day and having to clean it or it will bury our important mails.

So if you are planning to purchase anything from online, do check out shopback’s merchant list to see whether you are eligible for a potential cashback k? Full list of merchants under shopback can be found here: https://www.shopback.my/all-stores
The list is insanely long, means its good news! Almost every online store worldwide can be found under their list. I  am also a frequent shopper on Zalora (fashion), and Luxola (beauty) which so happens to be merchants under shopback as well which gives me more reason to spend at ease because I know I am actually getting back some money instead of just spending XD Wish they had spotlight or Kamdar under their merchant list lol since these 2 fabric stores are the place I actually spend the most, every damage confirm RM200+ liao :P

If you want to learn more about Shopback, you can watch this intro video:

So convinced enough to join shopback now guys? :P
I am also giving you guys your first RM5 cash if you sign up on shopback using this link, click here to join today: http://shopback.my/r/wHPdHS :)
As they say sharing is caring, start shopping & earning today.



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