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Bonded Prisoner

That was the name of the garment i designed/made for Diesel's "Design a Jeans" competition last week :-)
Dedicated 2 days straight 48 hours without sleeping just to complete this lol

When all the recycled Jeans from Diesel first arrived at TAR College, we were all damn semangat to join lol :-P
And unpicking the whole entire jeans is indeed time consuming (took 1 whole day just to unpick the stitches @_@)
This is where is all starts ;-)

And end result?
It was worth it :-) Really happy with the outcome, though i nearly went crazy and snapped at one point lol
Doing this seriously need hell lotsa of patience :-P
Thank you for all the likes on facebook and thank you to all the photographers who approach me to do a shoot with my garment.
But unfortunately, the garment has been submitted for judging and it is now property of Diesel Malaysia :-( Means i won't be getting it back babes!

I feel abit sad upon submitting it actually lol :-P So sayang to let it go...all the tears, blood (prick my fingers so man times lol) and sweat..

But i was amazed with my coursemates's creations as well :-) Imagine you give us fashion design students a pair of old jeans and 1 week. We give the jeans a total make over that is beyond expectation lol! 
My juniors scare me the most though oTL they lagi hardcore than me T__T

Now everything submitted and ready to be judge,
I pray at least get in to top 100 finalist >.<  Doesn't matter if i win or not, as long i get in finalist I'm more than content already :-)
Remember me in your prayers as well guys! :-)

Please excuse my tired naked face~ Weeee~ :D





Jessying said...

very very nice creation there, most importantly something really wearable!!! wow 2 days ? unbelievable.. you are very talented & hope you got into the top 100 or win the contest! Good Luck

Arisa said...

Jessying : haha, didn't turned out exactly like the sketch, but oh well..still satisfied :-P Thank you so much dear! :-)I'm keeping my fingers are crossed >.< *hugs*

CY said...

I think that's a good skill you have there...might have to get you to design clothes for me one day... muahahahah

umm.. but size 14 (Australia)...

maybe you should start advertising your skill.

Arisa Chow said...

haha can can :) wait one day~~ XD if you want anything customized just let me know :)

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