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Giveaway Results! #2

Unfortunately the previous winner did not respond to my email and blogpost :-(
So as stated in my terms and conditions,
"5.Winner who doesn't claim the prize/respond to email within 24hours will instantly be forfeited and prize will proceed to the next potential winner"

The prize will be awarded to the next potential Winner! That is .....................*drum roll please :D*

Tammy Miu from http://www.plusizekitten.com/! :-)
Congratulations Tammy! 
RM100 shopping voucher from Le Ann Maxima awaits you! 

And i hope that you will find that dream dress of yours only at Le Ann Maxima 
Please reply here in this post (comment below) & email (that I've sent to you) to claim your prize.
Thank you!






bruno said...

wah so unlucky

bruno said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arisa said...

Bruno: lol :-(
To be fair to others, rules have to be followed :-)

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