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Review | KLAIRS Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer

Hey peeps, i am back finally with a new cosmetic product review and i know it has been awhile since i did reviews beauty products, gotta be picky these days to only review the ones that actually catches my attention like this particular tube of concealer by KLAIRS.

As you guys have known that i previously own and use Klair's Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream in my previous beauty tutorial on my everyday look and briefly also featured this little guy.
All i can say about this concealer is, it's the first darn liquid concealer that actually covers something lol as most liquid based concealers from my experience are not so good in terms of coverage.
Works well for eyebags but not scars nor pimples but for this guy it seems to do a good job in covering my small pimples and acne scar on the lower part of my jaw.

Won't say it completely erases it but at least enough to blur it out before i top it off with my foundation and loose powder.

It comes in a cute tube barrel almost like a lip gloss (can also be used as a lip concealer!) with a slanted tip for hard to reach areas like around the nose where most blackhead scars are.
Have to admit i love the the way it's packaged, sleek and black like all their other products and as for the texture it's creamy like base instead of fully liquid type.
This kind of of concealers is easy to blend with fingers, you don't need a fancy concealer brush or sponge to blend it out evenly.

Why should you consider this concealer?

  1. Lightweight, easy to take a long for travels
  2. Doesn't cake up
  3. Easy to blend without any tools
  4. Doesn't irritate blemishes/ sensitive skin
  5. Hydrates instead of drying & crack after long hours

So if you are looking to forgo your full face foundation/ bb / cc cream routine for a natural look (minus scars & blemishes), try optioning for this product, you won't regret this.
It does lasts up to 8 hours if you can keep your hands from touching your face all the time, unlike me who tend to rub and scratch my face, so end up i have to touch up again after 2-3 hours lel.
But do take note if your acne scars are really deep, i don't think this product is suitable to provide the coverage you need as it is more to a natural coverage than a heavy one.

Tip: Highly recommend to use this concealer with their Blemish cream for a complete even coverage :)

This is just concealer alone without any foundation or powder yet, and no beautifying filters. 
Just normal lighting. It might appear fair to some people so do use your foundation to even the color out to avoid weird patches all over your face lol.

Priced only at RM60 (original price: RM78) for a limited time, exclusively available on Natta Cosme: Klairs-Creamy-Natural-Fit-Concealer
Get free postage with purchase of RM70 & above!

For other Klairs products and many other unique Korean and Japanese beauty brands feel free to visit www.nattacosme.com

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