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Mobile2go’s biggest branch in PJ

Mobile2go has recently opened its 2nd yet biggest branch in SS2 PJ, there are 2 floors filled with all sorts of mobile phone brands and mobile accessories. This has got to be the biggest independent mobile store I’ve ever visited in the entire PJ area, best part is that they have reserved parking slots around their compound for customers to park without having to park along the roadside illegally and worried about their cars being fined/ tolled away despite it being a short visit.

I really do find it a serious relief for Mobile2go to finally open its branch here in PJ area because not only that they have a good reputation, I do not have to drive all the way down to jammed up areas like KL if I were to ever need to get my phone fixed, purchase a new one (regardless phone/ accessories), it’s true when they say PJ people will find every reason to avoid KL and KL people would find every reason to avoid PJ as well lol. Parking and traffic is really terrible in the city, so if can at all cost save yourself the headache and get your mobile needs at Mobile2go!

Also another great news, their 3rd branch (Olike Premium Store) is opening at The Mines this month as well, but as mentioned PJ’s branch is still the biggest among the 3 branches :P 

Who is Mobile2go?

If this is your first time hearing about them, here is a brief introduction: 

Mobile2go is your one stop store for smart phones, tablets and other mobile accessories with promised unbeatable best prices in the market. 

You are able to test out the units in their showrooms before making a purchase, and if you have any inquiries their trained staffs will help you out as much as possible, even recommending products to suit your needs.

Inside their store, you’ll find the top floor reserved specially for most mobile phone brands like Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, Huawei (my phone brand yay), Sony alongside with brands that I’ve never seen or heard before (maybe I’m too outdated lol) like Infinix and Meizu! If you are wondering why I did not mention everybody’s favourite affordable XiaoMi brand yet it’s because their counter has been specially placed on the ground floor. It’s the first ever largest “Mi Zone” found in Malaysia so you can find all the latest Mi products first hand displayed there. 

If you are constantly stalking Mi Phones, then you would like to schedule a visit to Mobile2go every time there’s a news of its release in Malaysia lol.

Checking out their mobile accessories 

Available Online Too!

Another great news, for those who barely have time to go out shopping, you may even shop directly from your work desk (just make sure tak kena kantoi by boss la lol) just visit their shop on Lazada, check out their list of items on their e-store – G STORE 

They have a very good star rating online with the title of Southeast Asia Top Merchant under their belt so that their customers know that they are a reliable and trusted e-seller on Lazada. Despite them being on different sales platforms, their service is still kept top notch to ensure their customers receive only the best from them.

I personally prefer to shop online these days unless they are items that needs to be tried (like clothes), not only it’s easier for me since I hardly have time to go physical shopping it’s also the feeling of receiving a “surprised parcel” like it’s Christmas everyday lol. 

So hope you guys found this post useful!
For more details please visit their official website: www.mobile2go.com.my 

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