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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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AirAsia's Travel 3Sixty 100th Issue Celebration

What a blast i had last Friday and before i go about rambling i would like to once again congratulate 3Sixty magazine for their amazing milestone in releasing their 100th issue.
If you are a frequent Airasia flyer, you would be going "All ready reached 100th?" as they have being a main collaborator in supplying all of AirAsia's in-flight magazines since it was established in 2007.
Though i've only flew with AirAsia less than 4 times but i could tell very much how they have improved in every issue from their contents and layouts giving customers a whole new experience by just leisurely browsing through.

Despite Airasia being a low-cost airline that doesn't mean they stinge on quality, in fact i do find their service quite enjoyable with the reading materials provided onboard is enough to keep on entertained throughout the whole trip. You'll be surprised how one same magazine can be read a coupled of times on a 6 hour flight (i did this for my Japan trip lol) but yet still find it engaging altogether.

kinda paiseh (embarrassed) that i arrived kinda late that night (fashionably late ok!)as it was raining heavily all over and imagine having to head to the heart of Kuala Lumpur (held at Marini's on 57, yes it's located on the 57th floor hence the number) and getting Uber/Grabcar was a real b*tch despite it being a 2.5km distance from my place to the nearest lrt. Show how bad the jam was that no one wants to get stuck in it, as usual i would have walked but in high heels and full make up plus it's raining heavily?
I rather spend the extra 10 bucks to get myself to the train station lol.
Call be kedekut, but with RM10 for just a short distance like 2.5km i would rather save it for a meal and burn some calories :-P

But thank god i was just in time for the announcement that In conjunction of their 100th issue achievement, there will be a special themed contest called " Invite Travel 3Sixty" to give an opportunity for readers to invite 3Sixty's editorial team down to their hometown to cover it as a featured story in their upcoming issues. How amazing is that, your hometown gems getting publicity outreach to not only in Malaysia but also internationally.
To learn more on how you can participate to make your beloved hometown proud, please visit their website: Travel35sixty.com (jgn tak visit tau!)

Extra info: They also have a digital copy to download for reading on their website, so you can view their 100th e-issue there.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/travel3sixty |  www.facebook.com/AirAsiaGo

Fafa sayang from my Cyber colors glamour girl search 2011 reality TV show days.
Back then we were all so young haha!

Quite enjoyed myself that night because we had good company, familiar faces to mingle around with. Not to mention old friends we haven't seen in awhile all reunited under one roof with a great view of the city center. Really Airasia, thank you so much for the invitation and hopefully we can work closely together for future projects :) *hints hints*

You guys just reunited me and an old friend from my modelling days, whom is now working for Airasia as a stewardess for the past 2 years. Looks like you guys took care of her quite well too, she seems really happy with her life and i too am still debating whether i should apply to be part of the cabin crew or not before i get too old lol.

With Evelyn and Rane trying to test out my HTC DesireEYE duo front lighting for a #wefie.
Please note that we were in a club and it's super duper dark. Our only light source was the bar and the stage lol. Turned out fine, still looks good too.

Since i started writing about my recent travels, i realized how much of joy it brings me to share my experiences and discoveries through my blog. And also it's because of the tremendous amount of support and feedbacks from my dear friends that really motivated me to strive for the better. It's really refreshing to get insight from other countries in their ways of living, keeps one constantly pondering about life ;)
Last time i contributed to a travel magazine but i wasn't sent out into the field at all, imagine how much guilt i felt giving travel tips and all without having first hand experience to back my writings up. That was one of the reasons why i decided to stop, but hopefully i'll get to travel and write for a living to inspire others too some day!

P/S: Travelling helps alot in my line of fashion too, new ideas and concepts all starts churning while i was in Japan 2 months ago and till today i feel rejuvenated all over again. Guess that's what they meant by we creative people constantly need a change of scenery/ environment to produce great things lol. But seriously, can i just live in Japan permanently? haha.

My OOTD for the night, recycled my #TokiChoi outfit from my Japan trip and spruce it up a lil with some accessories

2 piece set (grey)| Toki Choi
Kimono Belt| Zalora
Cat Clutch| Inspired from EMODA
Statement necklace| Cotton On (bought for RM5)
Heels| Lazada (have this in black too lol)

Friday night's make up, decided to go for gold and ash green to look more matured than my usual "kawaii" look lol. Ignore my fake lashes as they were falling out at the end of the event.
But hor..kinda regret i left 15 minutes too early because for the first time in forever my name was actually called out during the lucky draw but i wasn't there :(
Fml, unlucky sial wei../oh well

At least while enjoying the cooling city night while waiting managed to get a beautiful shot of the KL Twin tower, can't even remember when was the last time i even bothered to view my own city as attractive, we tend to take things for granted once we get to accustomed to it lol. Shot completely with my HTC DesireEYE without any editing, just placing watermark.

And of course can't stop admiring this beautiful red coat by Burberry on their window display,
I am totally a coat kind of person but sadly out country is too hot and humid to even the thinnest jacket haha. Anyways not something i can afford also :P
So just admire it with the glass between us lor.

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