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Centa Svelte Slender Jelly [Review]

New slimming brand products on the market shelves might have capture your attention just like me but seriously there aren't usually many PROPER reviews about them. That's the most frustrating part, i believe as a blogger it is our part to share to the world about what we find interesting, the knowledge (or rants) we have is not meant to be kept to ourselves.
Imagine how many others out there could benefit from our blogs with a simple yet informative sharing but hardly any of us do that these days anymore unless they are paid advertorials.
Paid to basically sugar coat stuff (-_-) please la people, have some sense of integrity in yourself.

Okay, enough rant but yea those were my 2 cent thoughts when i first googled about Centa Svelte Slender Jelly when i first saw them selling in Guardian and Watsons.
Slimming jelly products was a trend first started by the Taiwanese and soon spread to all over the globe with many brands coming out with the own version and the usual claiming "very effective" during their marketing campaigns. Which is no different from this brand that i am going to blog about today-Centa Svelte.

I try not to bash brands as they are just trying to make business but when i don't get what's all the hype about and yet the product itself isn't as effective as claimed and raved that's where i would make a say. Those who don't like my honesty can please click the "X" up on the right corner of your browser before things gets ugly :)
Don't want any keyboard warriors trying to act macho on my blog okay?
Upon googling this brand like many other slimming products you find in our local pharmacies are lacking of REAL testimonials and reviews hence how are the rest out there who are new to this kind of stuff can to decide what is the most effective product to purchase for their weight management needs?

Many might say that i do not need these kind of products since i am already considered "slim" but the truth is i am not slim enough for my ideal weight goals which is to be 45kg (currently 50kg).
I do not rely solely on slimming products as that doesn't usually work, they are supposed to act as enhancers or boosters to aid your slimming journey.
Not a miracle fat melting pill that's gonna make you drop 20kg over night or over the next 1 month.

The only way for your fats to melt away is to have a proper balanced diet plan combined with a workout schedule. Yes, groan and roll your eyes all you want but hate to break the ol'news again that EXERCISE is important in order to lose wight.  
Though there are so many good food out there waiting to be consumed but if you are really serious about losing weight, then it's about time to commit and be discipline.

Okay..enough rattling and time to focus on the product. 
Bought this from Guardian since they were having a promotion about RM5 off it's original price and extra 2 sachets on top it's original quantity (20 sachets), so in total there was 22 sachets here that's a 1 week+ supply. To be exact 11 days if consumed twice daily before meals as per recommended.

I kid you not when i say this product is rather pricey for that amount, paid RM79 (original around 80+) and it only lasts you less than 2 weeks.
For slimming products to take effect and more obvious results usually i would advise to test it for about 1-2 months before deciding the next step.

Centa Svelte Slender Jelly contains 3 main famous ingredients commonly use in weight loss products, i am pretty sure you guys are familiar with it too- Acai Berry, Garcinia Cambogia &  L-Carnitine
But these products have not exactly proven to be 100% effective aside from research claims, so don't get your hopes too up just yet.

About ​​Sv​​é​lt​e
​​Sv​​é​lt​e Slender Jelly focuses on maintaining weight loss. It’s portable too, making it a slimming​ ​solution edible anytime, anywhere!​ ​Boosted with our exclusive Max Effect technology lasting up to 24 hours, +CENTA helps you achieve the figure you want in just 3 steps. So start ​​burning body fat, stop ​it from forming and reduce those hunger pangs​ ​with ​​​​Sv​​é​lt​e Slender Jelly today!
Available in Acai Berry flavour at Watsons and Guardian stores nationwide.
Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 12g (per sachets)
Serving Per Pack: 20 sachets
Per Serving 12g
Energy 4.1kcal
Carbohydrate 2.63g
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Dietary Fibre 1.6g 
Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Young Honey Orange Extract, Acai Berry Extract, L-Carnitine, Purple Tea

According to their advertised information claiming that this product actually helps to block fats from forming and at the same time aids in burning fats without disrupting your daily activities.  Truth to be told, i don't find this product near where effective at all aside from the appetite curbing section.
Well, it tells us to drink 400-500ml after consuming a sachet before each meal, which will obviously make you full (duh!) drinking that amount in one sitting. That's equivalent to one average size mineral bottle. 
It is very convenient to carry around especially if you are "on the go" kind of person who is always out and about not having time to seat down for meals like me.
One sachet and a bottle of water is enough to make you full TEMPORARY, please girls (and guys) this ISN'T A MEAL REPLACEMENT
The fullness will only lasts about 1-2 hours, enough time for you to find a place to eat a proper meal which is crucial because skipping meals will only make your metabolism slower.

After completing this 11 days, nothing much has changed (still same measurements) despite me taking care of what i eat and exercising. Not much results (close to none), maybe need to consume longer to see it's effectiveness but don't have the budget to repurchase lol. Yes, bought out of my own hard earned money and not sponsored ok! Yet i still take the time to review it as i think it's worth sharing about in case you guys were also considering to get this.

Weight Loss tips:
  1. Eat frequent in small portions throughout the whole day (determine your calorie intake)
  2. Never skip breakfast!
  3. Apply this method: Morning eat like a king, a prince at noon and a pauper at night.
  4. Chose healthier snacking alternatives like fresh fruits
  5. Try to avoid these: Processed & packaged, Instant meals, Fried food
  6. Aim to exercise 3-4 times a week, challenge yourself weekly by increasing your weights 
  7. Don't only rely on cardio, have a mixture of exercises
  8. Walk more, park further and use the stairs (for office workers)
  9. Don't deprive yourselves from your favorite food, occasionally reward yourself  with them but in smaller portion.

Taste wise, it's actually quite delicious like a normal sweet jelly. If you are having a sudden crave for sweet stuff in the middle of the day then you can reach out for this sachet as it only contains 4.1kcal and 0% fat content.

Summary of Review:
  • Not so effective (can't tell for long term, since i have not experimented)
  • More of a guiltless sweet treat than a weight loss product
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Provides temporary solution for hunger pangs (about 1-2 hours)
  • You don't crave much for sweet food throughout the day
  • No side effects
  • Expensive stuff

Will I repurchase this product in the future?
Not as a weight loss product but as an expensive sweet treat if i have the luxury to spend on it again..

Centa Svelte not only has this slender jelly but also another type but that's for skin, apparently that helps in giving consumers a more brighter and healthier glow. As usual, not much actual reviews around, so i can't say much about that product nor this slender jelly. Hope this review helps you on deciding your future purchases whenever you hit the "diet" section in Watsons or Guardian.

Website: http://centa.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/centamalaysia

If you guys are looking for more effective products you can read my past reviews like this #Teatoxing method: Skinnymint Journey
My healthy recipes can be found in this archive: Arisa's Food Experiments

Disclaimer: This review is based on my own conducted experiment out of curiosity and not sponsored by Centa Svelte or any 3rd party company. Results may vary from different individuals, best to consult with your doctor/ pharmacists before consuming.

P/s: Maybe i should start considering on proposing to reviewing all weight loss brands in Malaysia lol just joking! Well, if i am being paid to review product, why not right? :-P


  1. i also realised that most of the slimming jelly is from japan/korea,
    and this one is formulated from Switzerland, look promising..
    but quite expensive without any effect...

    1. Yea, that's why i fell for it also lol. Looks promising but no results and yes expensive product for not even a one month supply.

  2. I read that Acai Berry is good for slimming. However the formula is supposed to be consumed at a certain amount based on body weight or something.. I forgot exactly what it is. Maybe you need to take this for a longer period to see the result?

  3. Interesting post and thanks for the honest review. Sometimes looking for a good weight management product can be tricky especially when we don't know if it works properly and they sure aren't cheap

  4. slimming jelly eh?.. was just reading about collagen jelly, i think these sweet bites are all the rage now eh

  5. Wow looks interesting! But too bad it doesn't show visible effect! I guess tea detoxing is more effective, but some I believe that it depends on body type also! =D


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