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My Triumph’s #FindTheOne Journey & Giveaway

Warning this post is NSFW as it’s all about the cleavage *winks* ;) 

Been humming “Find The One” song nonstop lately, ever since I’ve gotten my long overdue new lingerie set that I’ve been dying to get from Triumph’s A/W 15 Collection. It was a totally love at first sight moment when I first tried it on doing the official launching of Triumph world’s biggest aim to fit 50,000 women across Malaysia which you can read about here.

And I couldn’t believe my dream has finally come true to, not only I have just #FindTheOne but also now am proudly the owner of their latest forever young series. My choice was definitely the Triumph Maximizer Sexy Cushion that comes with their advance technology of memory cushion which acts as a support that moulds according to the wearer’s bust form as it lifts and shapes the bust. The 2nd favourite choice of mine is their Asia’s no.1 best seller push up collection- Aqua bra which seriously wish I didn’t have to choose because I love their entire Magic Cleavage collection!

I got myself a matching dainty & lacy hipster panty. Also available in G-string but that one too itchy for me lol. 

No, the Aqua bra I am wearing is not made by marvel’s aquaman (how I wish hubby Jason mamoa made it for me lol) it’s actually a bra made with unique paddings that contains a ratio essential oil and gel that instantly gives your bust a natural push up by 2 sizes! And I am not talking fake looking push ups where you boobs are positioned too high up and fake looking, these are the ones that looks so natural that you’ll look in the mirror and say that you were born with such beautiful cleavage *yums*.

Yes, look at my plunge in the middle of my chest people! It’s a rare sight to behold, my very well-known airport track is now a bukit-bakau* (Hills) XD I upgraded from a B cup to C cup thanks to Triumph’s Magic Cleavage collection.

Caring for this bra is rather tricky though, like all inner garments it has to be carefully taken care of from hand washing to proper dry hanging methods and storing. By doing so you lingerie’s can last a long time without losing its shape and functionality. Will do a demo video for this bra when im free ok?

Of course, not just let my 2 favorite bras get all the limelight! Shall introduce their new 2nd edition Magic wire, an innovation that provides women the ultimate support of an underwire bra but the truth is this bra is wireless. Not a single metal to be found underneath the cups and yet it works better than a wired bra amazingly. I pretty much love this range too since their A/W15 collection is in teal and silver (hinting my Christmas tree theme this year). See? Semua pun I suka, that’s what I meant when I’m having lingerie fetish at the moment lol.

Nah!! Who needs fake silicon boob inserts to get nice rounded busts? Just find the perfect fitting one and you can save yourself thousands of bucks (from surgery & maintenance) which can be used to pamper yourself with more of Triumph’s beautiful and vast lingerie collection that caters to every kind of women’s needs. Lol. Someone please pull me away from Triumph store, because I can’t stop ogling over all their lingeries and I was just there last week! XD

Going in a Triumph store, confirm you won’t leave empty handed as their expert in-store fitters will help you find the right one which will make you jump for joy over the comfort and perfect fitting. You can bid goodbye to your old uncomfortable grandma looking bras and say hello to fashionable yet comfortable ones from Triumph at less than RM250 a set of bra and matching panty of your choice. Bras are definitely something you would want to invest on as they play an important role in contouring your body, maintaining its youthful curves and of course support you both physically and mentally (every women is sure to go nuts when they accidentally walk out of the house without a bra lol and I’m one of them).

Researches proven that our bust ages faster than our initial biological age, so without a proper diet and caring it will age drastically despite you just being in your 20s. It’s never too young or old to start getting a good bra, but it’s always best to start early as prevention is better than cure and in boob cases there is no cure but only to “correct”. That’s why aside from just about cleavage in this Forever Young Collection there is a section catered to specific needs like these called the “Shape Sensation”.

3 stages

1. Support to prevent (stage 1)

2. Support to Maintain (stage 2)

3. Support to Correct (stage 3)

Here was what my friendly bra fitter dumped me with, tons of bras from every collection in the whole boutique as I couldn’t decide which to choose, sorry I’m too fickle ;) Tried’em all a total of 9 bras and had a hard time shortlisting only 2 sets *hnngggg*, it’s okay I swear that I will come back for the rest of you guys!! I promise k? Lolwut/ drama queen

So you guys now understand why my recent obsessions with lingerie? Hope I manage to poison you boys and gals too ohoho~
Guys, to make a girl happy and feel sexy just get her a lingerie set from Triumph la confirm both of you will go to bed happy :P And for girls if you need to reward yourselves form the year end bonus, get a new bra to celebrate the occasion!

If you are not too sure of your current measurements, let the experts help you for this Malaysian-wide “Find the One” fitting campaign. Valid till 31st December 2015.

Now for the big surprise! If you guys loved the bras I modeled earlier, then this is your lucky day because in courtesy of Triumph Malaysia and my blog- arisachow.com, we will be selecting ONE lucky winner to win a set of Triumph Bra collection worth up to RM1000.
Complete a few easy steps by simply answering 2 questions and share the video from my Facebook page: HERE  ← Click me to win!

1) How many times has Fred The Frog appeared in the video?
2) What is the name of Triumph’s latest campaign?
3. Like Arisa Chow​ & Triumph International Malaysia​ - Facebook Page
4. Like, Share & comment this video on my page with the correct answer & #FindTheOne
5. Make sure the posting is made public for us to view.
6. Ends on 30th November 2015, 11.59pm

Triumph is here to welcome you with open arms!
Visit your nearest triumph outlet today.

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