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Budget Christmas Dress Ideas

Gosh, a few more days to december and less than 40 days to 2016 already! The annual question pops in my mind "what have i been doing all year?" =.=
That reminds me i have yet to start with my comicfiesta'15 costume and haven't even done any progress at all, procrastination much and here i am thinking of what kind of dresses should i wear for Christmas and New year lol.
Year end parties, celebrations and gathering all require a girl to look her best right? And the million dollar question everyone of us face when it comes to this season is "what to wear"
As a girl i am sure you are guilty of asking yourselves what to wear daily even with a wardrobe full of clothes lol i know that well because i am one of them too XD

Not much festive clothings can be found at this time of the year from Asian brands, winter clothings yes but that's not we are looking for to wear at parties right?  That when i've decided to source internationally and came across this fashion website called www.promtimes.co.uk that focuses solely on cocktail dresses, evening wear and prom dresses with a large variety of designs, colours and sizes to offer!

And the best part about their website is they ship internationally which covers almost every known country on the map, and if you would like to double confirm your country's shipping availability feel free to check their website under [SHIPPING].
So i can finally buy dresses from UK and get it shipped here to Malaysia or any other countries for free with minimal expenditure of £200.

Looking at all the designs from each category is enough to make one spoilt for choices, and as a person who rarely visits European e-commerce sites i am definitely having a hard time deciding on my dresses. But instead of listing them all here i would leave it to your browsing pleasure on their site. My main selection today would be on budget dressing, yet looking like a million dollar just like all my other fashion posts that focuses on looking fashionable without burning a hole in your wallet/ bank accounts.
Think i'm pretty good at doing that, should collaborate with fashion bloggers around the world one day to do a budget fashion reality channel source from our own respective country lol.

Here are my picks, they are all below £50 which is affordable especially since they are cocktail dresses and getting them at that price is already a big STEAL!
The designs i've selected are quite versatile for any occasion, so you don't have to worry about wearing them just once and chucking them aside.
And remember some accessorizing and styling wouldn't hurt, so don't be scared to explore ways on how you can re-wear your purchase as many times as possible without people noticing it's actually the same dress worn previously lol.

Emerald green colour is always a timeless classic and it never gets old, looks good with almost every skin tone whether fair or tan. Try pairing this gorgeous piece with smoldering red hot lipstick, diamond chandelier earrings and red pumps to get you in the mood for Christmas. It's flowly silhouette that drapes on to every curve perfectly, who could ask for a more feminine dress than this.
It also available it other colours like burgandy, grape, royal blue and many more, have your pick HERE

If you prefer something that accentuates your curves (whether you are thin or curvy) then this dress cutting would be up your ally, some ruching around the waist and hips to give this dress some extra volume and texture. This colour is something that would go well with diamonds of silver pairings, and did you guys know that the most important and alluring part of a women are her collarbones? Yep, and this dress definitely flaunts it! If you like this piece visit this link.

Last but not least, for those girly girls out there who want to look like a princess for a day and you can't get anymore girly with puffy tulle tutu skirt that easily makes one look like she's done ballet all her life lol! Love the small touches on the back where the strings are sequined just like the waist. This dress would look great on flat chested girls like me who needs a lil' help on the bust area haha :P So who wants to play cupid for christmas party this year, make sure you don't forget your mistletoe tied to your bow and arrows ok? Lol. If you like what you see here, then by all means get your own princess-y dress here

More dresses under £50 click Me!
Well if you have more to spare and would like something more detailed compared to the generic prom dresses i've selected above you can browse these categories: 

My only wishlist from PromTimes, please send me this as a Christmas gift (UK6) okay? Haha! 
Much hugs and kisses all the way from Malaysia, pretty please *winks* ;)
Seriously, looking at this piece itself i can imagine all kind of concept photoshoots to go with it and this is definitely a head turner piece.


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