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KATE Malaysia Warehouse sale 2015 (KANEBO)

It isn't exactly just KATE cosmetics, generally brands by Kanebo Japan. Wished i had visited this place yesterday on their first day since i was eyeing their eyebrow shadow palette which was selling for only RM20 (frigging cheap!) but unfortunately sold out yesterday itself too :-(

Today my visit was a brief one before i headed to office, didn't know Menara AmFIRST was like 1km walk away from my office *derp*.
Date: 4th-6th November 2015Time: 10am- 6pMLocation: Menara AmFIRST 1, Jalan 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Located opposite the famous love hotel- Lisa De Inn, this office building can easily fool anyone haha, but once you walk inside you'll be able to see the warehouse sale area.
If you are familiar with Kanebo Japan then you would know all the daughter brands under it like KATE, RMK, Lunasol, Freshel & etc.

There isn't much like a usual HUGE warehouse sale, but this i find rather small and there wasn't much selection to begin with.
Certain items would have already been sold out by today but i can confidently say that there will be stocks to last until tomorrow as they are rationed.
But if you can't find a certain shade, then chances they are really out of stock for it already.

For KATE the most worth it item to get is their liquid to powder foundation but sadly the lightest shade left is OC-C (i wanted OC-B for cosplay! T_T)
But there are ample amount of medium to dark shades, so if you are tan skin or looking to cosplay tan skin characters then go for this!

Most MFG (manufacturing date) for the products here are 2013-2014, by default unopened cosmetics has a shelf life of 5 years from their MFG date, once open best used within 1 year.

It's just a small room with tables arranged in a large square displaying all products & their samples.
I went at 10am, so there wasn't much people but can't say for lunch time lol.

Quite worth it to restock or try out Kanebo products if you are new to them, no need to go Japan to buy :P
Because all the prices offered in this warehouse sale is basically the same in Japan or even lesser!
Hard to come across these prices in Malaysia especially after the import & tax fees, the only place you can get them is in Japan itself la lol.

  • KATE Tokyo: RM20- RM40
  • Freshel skincare/ make up remover : All items RM20
  • RMK: RM85 onwards (gift sets)
  • Lunasol: RM45 onwards

To view more on the items and exact prices of KATE products you can view my friend's post here:
KATE pricing.

But all items won't exceed RM100 each, so you can shop at each get a few stuff before hitting RM100. The most expensive item i think would be RM90 and that's just gift sets, individual items are priced much lower.
The minimal total to use credit/debit card is RM100, any lesser has to be paid by cash. So don't say i didn't inform you guys ya ;-)
But you'll easily hit RM100, so don't worry haha.

More updates or future sales follow KATE Malaysia on Facebook!

My damaged itself already RM170+ *ouch* 
but they were things i needed since i use make up almost everyday, so have to swallow abit la >.<

P/S: Not paid nor bribe to post this up, just sharing the good news and don't hate me for emptying your wallets XD tee hee~



  1. You very funny la. XD I want to go but wallet ~~ T^T

    1. i try to be :) yea, i also was hesitant at first but needed to restock so no choice just go lor. So this month eat grass till next pay comes in :(


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