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#Markets17 & 5th Anniversary Celebration

Markets by Jaya One is back for the 17th time in a row since they started 5 years ago, marking it's final installment for the year 2015. Who else over here is panicking like me because we have yet to shop for Christmas presents and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!
If you guys are not familiar about Markets bazaar by Jaya One, you can read my previous post about it here. Hope that would at least give you guys a gist of what to expect for this weekend's Markets!

Date: 12th &13th December 2015   
Time: 11am-7pm 
Location: The Square Jaya One (not the school)

Time really ain't gonna wait for any of us, just a blink of an eye a week has gone by just like that.
This also reminds me, i apologize for the sudden week long hiatus due to last minute work projects which i can't wait to share with you guys :D
It's been so long since i last did something this crazy, not slept for 6 days straight trying to finish sewing everything lol.

That's why i am in dire NEED to visit Markets17 this weekend to do my last minute Christmas shopping yo! Why i love attending bazaars like these because you can expect no shortage of exciting vendors ranging from the latest fashion clothing and every installment there are new refreshing vendors making their stand in the bazaar scene for the very first time.
More reasons to visit them for every single installment because you'll never know what to expect from them lol.

Those of you who want to make Christmas experience a lil different this year, can start by ditching the mainstream commercialized overrated gifts and try getting them something unique yet wallet friendly at the bazaar! There are just so many hidden gems here, all you need to do is keep a sharp lookout for them and who knows you might score yourself something irreplaceable!
Many of the artisan goods sold here are of limited quantity, carefully handmade with love by local talented aspiring entrepreneurs, by purchasing from them you are also supporting their local business in a way :)

Handmade artisan foods also one of the main highlights you can find here at Markets by Jaya One :D 

What more can be more satifying to put a smile on an artists's face whenever someone purchases their works! I can understand that feeling very well, maybe one day i'll make a few designs to be sold in upcoming markets installments next year :P
Will you guys support my works if i were to do so? lol.

Don't worry about it just being about food and fashion finds (that's usually the bundle i hit first as i am a fashion thrift shopper lol), as they have many other stuff to offer like baby section (cute clothes & handmade toys!), handcrafted arts and craft, artisan beauty section, DIY booths and even live band performances to keep you guys entertained as you go around shopping.

As this installment is slightly special than their usual other markets installments because it's their 5th anniversary so there will be mouth watering homemade food from over 100 specially curated vendors. Sponsored by Shopee Malaysia, this last installment of the year is upping the ante by featuring new thrills such as car boot sales by Honda Malaysia, freebies giveaways by Yelp and various other contests.

So, it's a shop and win time for you guys!

Activities & Highlights

1. Mystery Goodie bags up for grabs!
Also for the first 800 early birds who arrive at the bazaar will be receiving exclusive goodie bags consisting with myriad of items when they register at the registration booth situated in front of the The Morning After café. So upon arrival search for this cafe, sign up & claim your goodie bag!

 2. Free FOOD giveaways
Foodies will not want to miss out , as there will be free food giveaway sessions by selected food vendors running at different hours throughout the two days. Keep a sharp lookout for the signs on participating vendors.

3. Catch Three Octaves Live Performance
Get ready to soak in the carnival-like atmosphere as Three Octaves, one of the finalists in
the aforadio’s Undiscovered Finals 2015 Competition will be performing at Markets 17, amongst other performances by young aspiring artists. 
4. Snap your OOTD & WIN
Apart from that, fashion-savvy shoppers can take this opportunity to show off their eye-catching outfits in the Outfit-of-the-Day (OOTD) Contest to stand a chance to win surprise Christmas gift boxes from CubeCrate Malaysia. Make sure to hashtag #MarketsOOTD!

Last but not least i understand the frustration of having to find parkings in busy places like these, so save yourself the hassle and grab a ride via #GrabCar and enjoy RM8 off each trip of to & fro from Jaya One this weekend. Available to use for both days, just key in this promo code: ‘GCMARKETS’

Download your Grabcar app here:
Can't wait to see you guys there this Saturday! I'll be dropping by around 4pm to do some shopping :)
For more details and latest updates, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/themrkts.


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