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MAI Dark Mocha Slimming Coffee [Review]

I am back with another review on slimming products and this time it comes in a form of a beverage, to be exact coffee. Who here drinks coffee on a daily basis as their morning routine before anything else?
I know quite a number of friends who actually can;t live without the caffeine that comes from the coffee lol, without it they are barely functional.
I used to be like that till i tried switching my morning coffee to tea instead like skinnymint morning tea which pretty much does the job in giving me an energy boost. You can read my Skinnymint journey here.

Before you guys roll your eyes again about me always trying to loose weight (according to people i'm already slim enough, right.) but let me be clear that this review was done out of curiosity and i volunteered myself to be a guinea pig. Like all slimming products, there is bound to be someone who reviews them first to help make your purchase decision and comparison much easier no?
Imagine the frustration every single time you see a new promising product in the market but not so convinced as there isn't any proper reviews that can just be googled.
So thank me (my blog) for being a source of information whenever you need to find out about new stuff especially beauty & health related aside from just fashion  ;-)

Going back to instant coffee reminded me very much of my college days where i solely rely on it to keep me awake throughout the whole night trying to get assignments done or whenever i needed to work my night job which ends around 3am & classes is at 8am.
Such nostalgic feeling lol.
Those who don't really like instant coffee taste might find this a bit hard to drink, but with a proper mindset anything is possible. Anyways, this isn't JUST COFFEE, it could be your next holy grail for your fitness journey!

Easy to prepare and drink, that's one thing i like about Mai Dark Mocha Coffee and this beverage works well by keeping you full for about a solid 5-6 hours before your next hunger pang strikes. Recommended to be drank in the morning during breakfast, from my experience it has always kept me full till after lunchtime around 3-4 pm and from there i would maybe have a fruit as a snack which is enough to last me till dinner at 6pm.
Though this drink isn't designed to be a meal replacement but somehow it works that way for me, could be different for others but the main purpose of this coffee is to curb your cravings making sure you don't snack unnecessarily throughout the day.

Let's face it, those of you who work office jobs standard 9-5pm would tend to snack mindlessly without even realizing throughout the whole day and not even reaching your minimal exercise quota of the day with such sedentary lifestyle. Hence the weight gain but MAI Dark Mocha formula prevents that from happening because of their special fat prevention ingredients such as the Brindle berry famously known by it's scientific name- Garcinia cambogia, Belgian Dark Cocoa, Premium Arabic Beans and Safflower Oil Extract.

Ingredient & function/Benefits:

  • Brindle berry (Garcinia cambogia): Renown as body slimming magician, scientifically proven that this fruit does contribute a percentage to weight loss that's why it's used in many slimming products that are consumed orally. Being a natural plant source it doesn't pose an harmful effects on the human body.

  •  Belgian Dark Cocoa: We have all read some where about how having a small portion of dark chocolate occasionally can help boost our metabolism, making us burn more calories. Heck even Victoria Secret nutritionists swears by this and by doing so it helps one curb with their sweet tooth cravings, rather than deprive them of it. Cocoa also contains polyphenols that helps with blood circulation and combats with cell-oxidation. Now you know why the Mayans worships cocoa beans lol.

  • Premium Arabic Beans: Selected one of the finest top-notch beans to ensure a quality product is produced. Caffeine has multi-benefits and one of it is definitely boosting metabolism. In addition the thermic effect by caffeine stimulates the burning of fat under the epidermis preventing the synthesis of fats to be formed.

  • Safflower Oil Extract (CLA): A healthy type of fat extracted from a flowering plant called safflower usually cultivated as a vegetable oil. This type of oil prevents the storage of unnecessary fats throughout the body as it fuels your body with the proper healthy fats needed for the body to fully function. Also helps eliminate stubborn belly fats and prevent the body from hitting a rebound state (double the weight gain) once they are off this coffee.

Like all slimming supplements, one is required to have a proper diet and exercise routine to see actual results, and this i kid you not does drop numbers on the scale and makes your pants feel slightly less tighter despite you looking the same in the mirror.
I only drank this for a week instead of a month (supposed to be 30 days) but i could already feel the difference before and after this short experiment.
Can imagine if i started drinking this daily for 30 days straight i might actually achieve my weight goals of 45kg before new year! Time to restock on more boxes lol.

This is the first time i am actually enjoying the taste of coffee without me worrying whether i would put on weight or not lol, if you read the ingredients behind your instant coffee you would notice alot of them has tons of sugars and all sorts of unnecessary ingredients that contributes to its high calorie count. You can even find palm oil in it, ugh.

There are some important information you need to know before starting any weightloss program, make sure to consult your dietitian or doctor if you are unsure which program suits your lifestyle or needs.
Mai Dark Mocha Slimming Coffee is NOT suitable for :
  • Pregnant ladies and those who are currently breastfeeding.
  • Intolerant towards caffeine
  • Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases

My results before & after 10 days. Not water fluctuations or anything, weighing is done at the same time for accuracy. I monitored it everyday to see any changes, so far the consistent weight was 48.1kg. I indulged abit more than i should during this period (opps!) but that didn't really affect my overall result because of the exercising and coffee.

Results & Effects:
  1. Loss about between 1-2kg  within the first 10 days
  2. No side effects, bowel movements were normal (no diarrhea)
  3. Caffeine effect lasts about 2-3 hours before it wears off

  • Tastes abit bland as it is unsweetened but bearable
  • Don't put too much water or it will taste too diluted, half a cup of water is enough
  • Definitely a product I would repurchase near future!


For faster and more obvious results try exercising (swimming/ run/ gym/ yoga) at least 30 minutes a day with a good diet intake while going on a 30 day MAI Dark Mocha Slimming Coffee program :)
I can confidently assure you'll loose at least 4-6kg in a month if you keep at it.

Price: RM86 (10 sachets per box)
Available for purchase at MAI Canteen

**Disclaimer: Though the product is sponsored for reviewing purposes, this does not affect my judgement as I have tried & proven it myself :-)

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