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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Markets17 @ The Square, Jaya One (Recap & Hauls)

Another fruitful weekend yet to date, this was the craziest i've ever done really lol, 4 events in one day! Makes me wonder how some bloggers so "gung ho" to cover so many events in one day lol but really now i do see the difference and convenience of owning a car, totally helped alot in getting from one place to another in a short period of time.
Compared to public transportation, time is within your control and i do admit i kinda miss having full control over my timing but with public transport it's hard to predict unless it's a cab (extra costs).

Thank you so much Jessy for allowing me to follow you all the way since we were heading the same direction anyways haha! Should carpool more often as it saves the environment too, and i honestly don't mind chipping in for petrol/ tol /parking if it means being on time for blogging events lol. It's really hard to be there on time with buses & walking, not to mention feeling all gross and sweaty..ew. With public transport, most of the time it's either you are super duper early (1-2 hours) or you are super duper late and there is no such thing as "ngam ngam on time" lol fat chance of that happening.

Attending Markets seems to be somewhat an annual thing for me right now, because l know Jaya One will never fail to surprise me with something new.It could be a different concept, like for example this 17th installment it's based on the car-boot concept sale thanks to the collaboration with Honda Malaysia and it was held outside at the square area of Jaya One instead of The School.
Before i start, just adding a disclaimer that all photos are taken with my #HTCDesireEYE. It's one of those days when i needed my digital camera the most for events and i forgot to take it out ==;;
Well my handphone camera did quite a good job if i might add :P

So sharp & vibrant, so me likey lol. Not being bias :-P

Fashion Picks

Honestly i enjoyed this setting more compared to the previous Markets as the open air concept is more spacious, allowing Market-goers to browse leisurely without feeling suffocated. Plus vendors gets better angles to display their goods allowing passer-by to catch a teasing glimpse of a certain product that immediately lures them in like a fish to a worm bait lol wtf :-P

That's what happened to me at the bundle store vendor called SEESAW KL! So many stuff i would love to get from them as they have vintage, one of a kind finds and best of all these items are new and not preloved. From my knowledge bundle shops usually take in rejects from brands or factories that didn't pass the quality inspection.The most common case of rejections are wrong label size, no labels, slight dirt patch and maybe stitching not neat but other than that it's actually still usable lol, so why waste right? These are the kind of place you guys should keep a look out for if you are into budget fashion finds like me ;-)

Bundle stores are not exactly easy to come across, other alternatives that offer a wider range of latest trendy clothes with a wallet friendly prices can check out Peep Boutique (personal fav!) and Hook Clothing (use my code to get 10% off your purchase online- "arisa_chow") as they have all the clothes you need to look like you know everything about fashion from the way you dress lol and all of it under RM50 could easily get you 2-3 pieces.

As for accessories to complete your look, try precious & colours for cute hairbands, clips and ties! All of them are carefully hand picked and brought directly from Korea.

Food Section

Food selection this time is not to be messed with, the amount of vendors serving delicious mouth watering artisan style foods makes one question whether they need insurance for "food coma" or not lol. Seriously no joke and every one of them smell and tastes so good, i obviously didn't eat all la but at least tried their testers which was irresistible with cute signs saying "eat me or try me" 😋

Cold pressed juices are definitely in from the health trend, bumped into 2 booths that offers unique fruit concoctions of their own secret recipes!
Like Juus (www.juus.my) and S Juicer Cafe, i honestly couldn't decide which i like better because both of them are all natural freshly cold pressed juice prepared daily to maintain their nutrients. But i found out alot more about S Juicer Cafe as the founder himself was there to explain and demonstrate the specialty of their juices. And found out something new too, never mix their Fireball (contains ginger) with Citrus because you'll get a funny garlic after taste in your mouth haha!

Before juice-jumping, always cleanse your palate with water to neutralize it lol and Juicer cafe is also the one and only place that offers Walnut milk. Every health freak would have heard of "Almond Milk" as it's one of the common substitutes for lactose intolerant people, but walnut milk is something new. It apparently contains more nutrients and it's highly concentrated making it a good substitute for meals if you are trying to watch your weight.

#MoriSausage seems to enjoy his "oat" treat lol.

Speaking of foods, i took the liberty to drop by AwesomePawsome learn more about their 100% natural animal food products since having a stubborn cat around the house isn't easy to please and hopefully with their treats Mori can stop being an asshole for once -_- sigh.
My cat is going through a rebellious adolescent phase right now, and i am trying hard to not kill him but i can bet he'll kill me first before i can lay my hands on him lol.

Beauty Selections

Browsing through the whole stretch of Markets17, it was a real challenge not to stop by every booth without wanting to purchase something from it lol, the challenge is real bro.
Saw some familiar brands like Josh Lee Fragrances, local perfumer who creates fragrances based on Malaysian heritage as inspiration, he made one based on my heritage (Baba & Nyonya!) Feeling so touched that my heritage is being immortalized in a form of a fragrance lol.

Think CRNailz was the one and only booth in Markets who was offering express manicure services but sadly as i was rushing off didn't manage to drop by :-(
Well,at least manage to get their all natural & gentle skincare products called Smeeka which i can't wait to try them out at home.
P/S: They have bath bombs specially for foot too!

For Christmas month, you can find Claire Organics in Cubecrate!
This is also my favorite car boot decoration among the rest, the arrangement is spot on! A real visual Merchandiser must be at work here ;)

And last but not least, a beauty box worth subscribing to and that is Cubecrate.com.my! It's been ages since i subscribed to one and last time all these monthly beauty subscriptions used to be the hot topic among beauty lovers. Cubecrate's concept is about a box (duh!) with mysterious random products (can be food, beauty, misc) selected by cubecrate team, carefully packaged and delivered to your doorstep monthly. Makes a great surprise gift for your girlfriends too! If you liked to receive mystery gift boxes monthly then head over to their website to subscribe at only RM25 a month.

Since I've been getting a lot of "aiya, missed this markets because didn't know" let me smack your head please lol. I always update on my blog, but you guys never subscribe to my posts *sobs* that's the reason why you don't get any notifications la :-(
Anyways go follow them on Facebook so you won't have to miss out on all the good stuff!
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