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MISSHA Malaysia Official Launch

Before Markets17 i was here at the MISSHA official launch of their very first flagship store opening in Malaysia in Sunway Pyramid, congratulations MISSHA Malaysia!
Those of you who follow beauty guru-s on youtube, blogs and facebook or any other social media platforms would be well familiar with the name of the trendy Korean beauty brand that houses almost everything you need from different range types of skincare to all shades of cosmetics. Just as i was eyeing and bought my very first MISSHA stick blusher on Althea.kr, now only this brand opens in Malaysia lol. Oh well, next time no need to wait for shipment, i can instantly get my hands on their new arrivals once they are in-stores.

Can you also believe that some of their items have already sold out during the official launch itself? Quite a number of items that i can't even remember'em all but they are definitely stuff i was eyeing when i was there lol. One minute i was trying a tester and turned around for another the previous product is already gone. Lesson learnt, like something? Grab it and dumped into your shopping basket first, don't leave it unattended for even a sec lol.

Since i came with Jessy (yes we were glued together for a day lol) and she already visited MISSHA a few days earlier to take photos and try out the products i could see her looking so relaxed while i was stressing out trying to take photos around the store, and i couldn't even selfie properly without the awkward stares from public. Felt kinda sad at this point of time but oh well..we arrived late anyway and the doors were already opened to public.

My knowledge of MISSHA brand is very limited as i just found out about them recently thanks to althea for introducing their latest cream blusher & contour sticks that is duo headed (colour & brush). That was when i did some googling around and found out alot of people swears by:-

Make up:

  • M Perfect cover BB cream
  • 4D Mascara (honestly i found their other mascara more to my liking than this)
  • M Magic cushion

  • Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (Time Revolution range in general)
  • Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask (Snail range in general)

As you noticed on all the online beauty raves has always been about their skincare compared to their cosmetic range so for this visit i've decided to give come of them a mini swatch fest (not test lol).

Glam Art Gloss has a sheer glossy finish and not so pigmented

If you prefer a glossy strong lip finish then i would suggest for you to try out Chiffon Painting Rouge range. The colours are super vivid and it leaves some stain on the skin too lol.

What i love about MISSHA is that each range released has their own type of unique packaging design that makes you wan't to buy it just for the packaging only lol, trust me i wasn't the only one with that dilemma that day. Packaging is really (REALLY, i said it twice!) attractive, but not the function you were looking for and the one you were ACTUALLY looking for doesn't have an attractive packaging than the one you don't need haha.

Thanks Grace Myu for helping with this shot.
Me trying out their MISA Geumsul Vitalizing BB Cake, gives a super flawless finishing as the texture is thick and consistent when applied with their application compact sponge. Does a perfect job in covering very bad acne/pimple scars without needing concealer.
Available in 3 shades, in a dainty princess looking design lol

So don't say i didn't warn you girls when you can actually spend up to one hour there just swatching and being torn between your needs and wants over MISSHA products lol. So bye boyfies or husbands for the next 1-2 hours while your girl walks into heaven ;-)

Sadly i didn't manage to snag any hauls to be featured for this post as the skincare range i needed wasn't in stock, gotta wait till their next shipment arrival next month, January 2016 :)
If you are new to MISSHA and keen to try, speak to their in-store beauty consultants! They are well trained and equipped with the knowledge of MISSHA products, all ready to answer any of your inquiries.

For the most part, MISSHA Malaysia carries almost 80% of the range offered by the brand just maybe a few shades and products may be unavailable (temporarily) due to insufficient stocks but keep a look out as they will be bringing them in slowly over the next few weeks.
Since they are located in Sunway Pyramid,  LG1.39 (facing the ice skating rink).

Also now with the jolly Christmas month ahead, MISSHA Malaysia is offering awesome in-store promotion deals for their worldwide best seller range and some freebies to go along with it. Can't exactly remember what are the other requirements for member applications aside from purchasing RM200 & above (valid till 31st Dec), but you may inquire in-store at the cashier. All i know there will be future exclusive member promotions or you'll be the first to get notified about their in-store sales/ promo.

MISSHA member application: Purchase RM200 & above to be entitled for membership. Valid till 31st Dec 2015.

  • Get a FREE Missha Candle Set with purchase of RM100 and above
  • Get a FREE Time Revolution Clear Toner (125ml) worth RM49 with every purchase of Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive (150ml).
  • Get a FREE Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule (10ml) worth RM40 with every purchase of Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule (50ml).
  • Get a FREE Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask (1 sheet) worth RM25 with every purchase of Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream (47ml).

Make sure to follow MISSHA on their social media platforms to get updated on their activities :)
Instagram: @MisshaMYLove
Facebook: www.facebook.com/misshaMYlove


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