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[Pregnancy Safe Manicure] Gudetama Nails by CRNailz + Giveaway!

Back with another post and i think this blog will soon be posting majority about pregnancy stuff lol, but no harm just updating an extra info for my non pregnant readers out there who might one day be mothers themselves right? :)
Heck, i always used to say that i never wanted to be a mother (or if i do, i would rather adopt instead) but things caught me by surprised so best to just accept and go on with life lol.
So this time round I've decided to team up with these trusted talented ladies from CRNailz & Smeeka (met them through a friend, Elle) who does house calls for manicure & pedicure session which can be a good option for mothers who are in confinement but would like some simple pampering like a hand & foot spa or just plain lazy ones (like me *ahem*) who prefers to get pampering done within the comforts of my own home. See I have a valid reason too lol!
Jing handles the manicure & pedicure meanwhile Shan handles the hands & feet spas.

Also if it wasn't for Markets at Jaya One, i wouldn't have gotten to know about Smeeka's handmade products, if youa re a regular Markets goer then you might probably bump into them a few times already because their booth is know of their express manicure & spa sessions.

You wouldn't believe that both Jing & Shan are self taught artists of their own profession, and they are seriously passionate & good at what they do. Honestly i do prefer to support small scale business run by people who are actually honest in growing it with their own efforts rather than big ass organizations who doesn't give a rat ass whether their service is good or bad as long they get to charge you extra high because they are providing "professional service" (my butt).

Jing is the founder & artist of CRNailz for some of you blur people who still don't get what i'm writing up to here lol and Shan is the crafter of Smeeka skincare products. Both these ladies are really fun to chat with which made my whole spa & manicure session a pleasant one rather from my previous experience from these renown beauty parlors where they don't even squeak a single sound throughout the whole session (boring wei).

This was seriously relaxing, helps to soften my hard cuticles & moisturize my super dry hands.
Sometimes i wonder if i have guy hands or ladies lol? Guess some genetic inheritance can't be changed, wait till you see my feet if i do not take care of it *shudders*

Smeeka sells made-to-order products 
So if you would like artisan soaps, spa bombs or body scrubs, 
drop them a message on their Facebook page here: SMEEKA

So i guess i am done with the basic introductions and let's go into the more informative & technical (not so la) ones about PREGNANT LADIES & MANICURES.
Before you aunties go so high & mighty about your so called knowledge, hold your horses as no one asked for your old wives wisdom here ok?
Please shove it somewhere else instead and don't waste my breathe trying to argue with you guys, i would rather save it for gym panting lol wtf.

For first time expecting mothers you might already have googled about things you can't eat (best avoid) or things you can't do but there is so many outdated variations these days all over google search that you can't even find a proper & reliable source. Heck even Wikipedia isn't all accurate as you (as public) can edit & contribute to the information there as well. So get what i am trying to say here?
For hair dyes & bleaching while pregnant (not so in-depth) I've already blogged about my most recent experience HERE, so you guys can check if you are curious.
As for manicure i had no idea we aren't supposed to be doing at all even though it's just on the surface of our nails that's not even going to seep through our skin but there are exceptions based on the type of nail polishes used.

Brace yourselves on the incoming information 

Ever heard of the term "3 FREE" or "5 FREE" nail polishes? If you did and do not know what i even means, get ready to be schooled lol.
These nail polishes are basically labeled according to the amount of  supposedly harmful ingredients ( to preggie moms) removed from the nail polishes, but you'll be surprised that not all manicure/ pedicure parlors offers this kind of options as they are using commercial nail polishes like OPI or China Glaze, or not surprising at all the manicurist themselves don't even know the existence of these terms lol.

Smart asses might just say "don't do manicure lor like that", we'll some of us just want to look beautiful so there's no harm to it especially now with modern technology, most things are achievable without compromising much. Also everything around us consists of chemicals unless you live in the jungle and use leaf to brush your teeth la. Even the food you consume has chemicals in it, the air you breathe in daily has toxic gases, your face-wash also has chemicals and the list goes on and on, so before you bluntly throw your "smart assumptions" around, think first before speaking. That my friend can save you a hell lot of trouble, just by keeping your mouth shut unless you have something proper to say.

Excuse my messy table lol

  • Which is better? "3 FREE" or "5 FREE"?

Obviously 5 free would be a better choice compared to 3 free as said above the number indicates the amount of harmful chemicals that's been excluded from the nail polishes. Heard from Jing there is also "10 Free" nail polishes available right now but doesn't seem legit based on the ingredient label lol so we'll just stick to "5 Free" option for now.

  • Where can i get 5 FREE nail polishes?
The thing about these nail polishes because they are usually homemade by indie beauty community, it isn't something that's available off the shelves. probably overseas you might easily find these in one of your homemade artisan markets but here, it's a NOPE unless someone brought them in & sold locally la. There are a few known 5-free Australian indie polishes like Picture Polish, I-Scream Nails & Miss Ashleigh (fell free to google) which are the ones used by CRNailz.
Even not pregnant ladies can use them as lesser chemicals in a product is always better than more right?

  • How about gel nails? I've seen Cheesie doing it frequently throughout her pregnancy 
Well there are a few types of gel nails and not all gel products are derived from the same place so that i can't say much about it or where Cheesie did hers. However Japan is known for doing gel nails rather than normal manicure as it lasts longer, less maintenance (until removal) and beauty products that are made there has very strict health guidelines to follow, that's one of the reasons why i rather use Japanese products rather than any random brands outside. I have a few other Japanese friends who was once mothers and they still dyed their hair & did their nails during their pregnancy so i don't see what's all the fuss about. Everything in moderation is the key. It's not to say that i visit the salon everyday to get my hair done lol wtf. 

  • Does CRNailz have gel manicure?
Yes they do, in fact they mastered the gel manicure skills from Japanese nail artist sensei-s themselves, even though their specialty are their beautiful self taught ombres (check out their album), you can also get nail art done like my Gudetama nails! It's a special request by the way :-P
This is the first time i actually got nail art done on my nails, usually it's just one color or ombre so i am really excited lol, everyday i look at them and it puts a smile on my face because it's just so pretty!

 Gudetama everything!!


To book CRNailz services, feel free to contact them via their Facebook page: CRNailz
As mentioned they don't have a physical store as they are a mobile beauty service, so let them know which location you would like them to meet you at and they'll come to you.
Each location has different transportation charges, but it's still way affordable without needing to go through the hassle of driving out, hitting bad traffic & finding parking lol.


Steps are pretty straight forward and simple, and to participate head over HERE
There will be 2 winners who will be walking away with Mai/Pedicure session worth RM100 each!

 All you have to do is post a selfie with a simple caption "why you need a nail makeover for Raya?"
Don't miss out this opportunity to celebrate your Raya with beautiful customized painted nails :)
Best of luck!



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